Sybil Shainwald ’76

Sybil Shainwald has been in the forefront of the women’s health movement since its inception. Through groundbreaking and passionate advocacy, she has advanced a deeply personal commitment to social justice and women’s rights.

She has pioneered in many areas of women’s health. Her efforts have resulted in winning landmark cases against the pharmaceutical industry and the successful litigation of thousands of cases involving drugs and devices harmful to women and their children worldwide. In addition to ongoing diethylstilbestrol litigation, Ms. Shainwald is now suing over other defective products from corporate America such as defective birth control pills, LapBand surgery, vaginal mesh, Mirena IUDs, Fosamax, and Boniva.

Ms. Shainwald was instrumental in changing the statute of limitations in New York State to a discovery statute thus transforming the practice of mass torts.

In addition to advocacy in the courtroom, her writings and testimony before the FDA and Congress have had a significant impact in raising the awareness of the national consciousness on crucial women’s health issues.

Ms. Shainwald has received numerous awards for her advocacy, including the President’s Medal from New York Law School and the Dean’s Award from Columbia University.