Message from the Dean

2013-July-NYLS-President-018-rev-cropNew York is the most dynamic city on earth. There has never been a better place to learn and practice law than here. For more than 120 years, New York Law School has helped fuel this engine for the world with its talented graduates and professors.

We established our roots in Lower Manhattan in 1891, and have remained an integral part of the City’s legal landscape ever since. Our location in the heart of the City’s legal, government, and financial districts provides students with unmatched opportunities to gain valuable practical experience and build the foundation for a meaningful and successful career. Simply put, New York Law School is a vibrant, diverse school that has given opportunities to countless students to reach their goals in every sector of the economy.

Since its founding, New York Law School has been committed to the highest ideals of the legal profession. From the outset, the Law School welcomed a diverse population of students—men and women from all races, ethnicities, religions, and nationalities. New York Law School’s early trustees and faculty reflected the Law School’s commitment to the values of civic engagement and civil rights. We have long benefited from a proximity to, and partnership with, New York City’s legal, government, and financial centers, and more recently, its emerging tech corridors. These connections are the key to our future. And what happens in New York City—in law and business, in media and tech—matters everywhere.

There are common threads in every New York Law School story: the drive to serve others; the commitment to constantly improve, innovate, and redesign; the desire to reach beyond our most hopeful dreams; and the quest for continued knowledge and perfection. You will see these common threads in action—in the work of our academic centers; in the profiles of our alumni, students, faculty, and staff; and in the descriptions of our innovative educational program. This is New York. We are New York’s law school!