NYLS Strategy

A Letter from Dean Anthony W. Crowell

2013-July-NYLS-President-018-rev-cropTo the New York Law School Community:

As my first year as Dean and President, and the 2012–13 academic year, come to a close, I am gratified that New York Law School’s community has been able to accomplish so much. The Law School’s Board of Trustees, faculty, students, alumni, staff, and friends have been unflaggingly engaged and supportive of implementing changes that will take us where we need to go. And we have developed a Strategic Plan to move us forward and make those changes a reality.

The legal profession has been the subject of incredible scrutiny in recent years, as has legal education. We are all aware of the media coverage focusing on a scarcity of jobs, growing debt loads, and declining applications. This scrutiny, however difficult, is healthy. It signifies the relevance of lawyers in our lives. Everyone, whether they have been to law school or not, has a vested stake in the development and strength of the legal profession because lawyers are the guardians of our democratic process and of a well-functioning society.

Since its founding in 1891, New York Law School has been committed to the highest ideals of the legal profession. From the outset, the Law School welcomed a diverse population of students—men and women from all races, ethnicities, religions, and nationalities. New York Law School’s early trustees and faculty reflected the Law School’s commitment to the values of civic engagement and civil rights. And the Law School has been nothing if not resilient.

New York Law School, like many law schools, is facing challenges today. But we are confronting ours head-on and we are uniquely situated to adapt to the new reality of the job market and the profession. We have long benefitted from a proximity to, and partnership with, New York City’s legal, government, and financial centers, and more recently, its emerging tech corridors. These connections are the key to our future. And more than ever, we have forged alliances with trustees, alumni and friends, adjunct faculty, and employers to ensure that our students and graduates have access to critical networks among firms, businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and professional organizations, to create a reliable pipeline of job opportunities.

New York Law School’s proud history of nearly 125 years, innovative academic programs, influential scholarship, commitment to diversity and equality, prime location, and bright future are among the many reasons that We are New York’s law school!

It is against this backdrop that we proudly share New York Law School’s Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan focuses on five areas:

icons_academics Academic Excellence and Innovation

icons_career Career Success

icons_intellectuallife Intellectual Life

icons_community Community Engagement

icons_operations Operations

In each area, we have laid out our top goals and priorities. And we have spent the last year formulating the best paths and methods to achieve them. The Strategic Plan reflects the wisdom and efforts of many members of the New York Law School community, and I am confident its implementation will ensure that the Law School continues to be recognized as an influential leader and innovator in legal education and scholarship.

I hope you share my enthusiasm for this vision for New York Law School and join me in realizing it.

Anthony W. Crowell
Dean and President