2015-2016 Dispute Resolution Team Executive Board and 2015-2016 Dispute Resolution Team

Dispute Resolution Team

The New York Law School Dispute Resolution Team is a student-run co-curricular program that represents the Law School in competitions based on alternative dispute resolution methods and lawyering skills. Competitors gain experience in client interviewing, client counseling, negotiating, mediating, and arbitrating in a variety of practice areas.

Students may gain membership to the team by successfully competing in one of two annual competitions: the Intramural Negotiation Competition (held during the spring semester), or the Summer Write-On Competition (held before the commencement of fall semester). The Dispute Resolution Team’s Executive Board and its Faculty Advisor, Professor Kris Franklin, oversee the team’s activities. Students may earn academic credit through membership, which requires active involvement in competitions, training, and mooting of fellow teammates.

Recent News

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 NYLS Dispute Resolution Team Executive Board

President – Laura Rion
Vice President – Patrick Crisp
Competition Chair – Nicole Juliano
Secretary & Chair of Alumni Relations – Alexandra Rockoff
Senior Editor (FALL) – Christina Davidesko
Senior Editor (SPRING) – Evan Rosenberg
Training Coordinator – Amanda Seelmann
IM Competition Chair – Jessica Bibby
IP Competition Chair – Melanie Schulman


2016 Fordham National Basketball Negotiation Competition (April 2016)

Tavonia Davis and Brian Cavanaugh placed 3rd in the National Basketball Negotiation Competition hosted by Fordham Law School, which was held over the first weekend of April. The team was coached by Yanniquegail Coleman and Alexander Eaton, with Alec Rubenstein acting as an advisor. The competition was attended by thirty-six teams from around the country.









7th Annual Intramural Competition (March 2016)

Congratulations to the finalists and semifinalists of this year’s 7th Annual Intramural Competition:
Finalists: Jessica Bibby & Sean Doddy (Winners) v. Stephanie Torres & Rebecca Ruffer.
Semi-Finalists: Shamila Ahmed & Kayla Fonseca; and Tarrian Ellis & Jessica Slater.









Also, the following students have accepted invitations to join the 2016-17 Dispute Resolution Team:

Daniela Abadi
Shamila Ahmed
Brenda Alejo
Sabrina Ball
Jessica Bibby
Sarah Close
Courtney Cremeans
Christina Davidesko
Sean Doddy
Tarrian Ellis
Kayla Fonseca
Jessica Haimowitz
Sophie Heinlein
Stephanie Itkin
Frank Moceri
Evan Rosenberg
Rebecca Ruffer
Melanie Schulman
Jessica Slater
Juliana Thibaut
Stephanie Torres

InterNational Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR) (March 2016)

Competitors Nicole Juliano, Nyati Sangani & Laura Rion, with their coach Ronald Cosme, earned recognition as “Best New School” in the InterNational Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR) competition held in Chicago in March. Teams participated from across the country and all over the globe.

NYSBA/AAA Arbitration Competition (November 2015)

Competitors Eric Benzenberg, Laura Rion & Ron Cosme, together with coaches Alex Eaton and Alec Rubenstein, put forth an outstanding performance in the NYSBA/AAA Arbitration Competition on November 13th and 14th (2015). In this highly-competitive event our team advanced to the finals and achieved a second place finish.

The team also offers special thanks to Adjunct Professor Paul Marrow, whose expertise was instrumental in getting the students ready for this competition.

DRT AAA team

From left to right: Alexander Eaton (coach), Eric Benzenberg, Laura Rion, Ronald Cosme (competitors), Alec Rubenstein (coach)











Northeastern Invitational Tournament (October 2015)

The NYLS Dispute Resolution Team competed among 14 school at the 2015 Northeastern Invitational Mediation Tournament from October 8th-10th (2015). All of the students who competed worked enormously hard to hone their skills in preparation for the competition, and the following NYLS students came away with honors:

Best Individual Mediator – 1st Place Anthony Sears

DRT Northeastern Anthony Sears

Anthony Sears








Best Mediator Team – 2nd Place Alexandra Rockoff, Trevaughn Luncheon, and Niyati Sangani

DRT Northeastern Trevaughn Luncheon

Trevaughn Luncheon





DRT Northeastern team

Competitors from left to right: Niyati Sangani, Anthony Sears, Nicole Juliano, and Alexandra Rockoff

DRT Northeastern team 2

From left to right: Colin McGeough (coach), Trevaughn Luncheon (competitor), Darley Maw (coach), Alexandra Rockoff, Nicole Juliano, Anthony Sears, and Niyati Sangani (competitors)











10th Annual International Commercial Mediation Competition (February 2015)

As a first-time participant, New York Law School’s Dispute Resolution Team took Quarter Final placement at the International Chamber of Commerce’s 10th Annual International Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris. Darley Maw 2L and Colin McGeough 2L distinguished themselves among 66 entrants from six continents to end up among the top eight teams. This accomplishment is practically unknown from a first-time entrant to the Competition, and the NYLS team attracted such attention that many observers attended their later rounds to watch their skills. At the beginning of the Competition, F. Peter Phillips—the Team Coach and Director of the School’s ADR Skills Program—was invited to make a presentation at the “World Mediation Café” on the use of mediation to address corporate/community conflicts. Colin Wall, a member of the Competition Committee, inscribed a collection of role-plays: “To New York Law School—What a fantastic first performance!” Colin McGeough admitted, “I can’t believe what a fantastic experience this was!,” and Darley Maw wrote from Paris, “We cannot wait to go back to school and tell as many people as we can how important investing in this competition is.” The team’s participation was made possible by special support gratefully received from Edward Jones Inc., Jim Tricarico ’77, and William G. Hall. To read more about the Competition, click here.

DRT Chamber of Commerce Paris

Darley Maw and Colin McGeough










2015 Fordham National Basketball Negotiation Competition

Dispute Resolution Team members Bulent Can class of 2015 (second from left) and Alexander Eaton rising 3L (third from left) of the Dispute Resolution Team won the 2015 Fordham National Basketball Negotiation Competition. Alex Eaton was named Best Advocate in the competition.

The team was ably coached by Amir Amirov class of 2015 (far left) and assistant coach Trevaughn Luncheon rising 3L Evening (far right), and supported by their E-Board advisors Michelle Skalrud and  Janelly Landa, both class of 2015. Congratulations not only to these students, but to everyone on the team who worked hard to prepare them.









Intermural and Intramural Dispute Resolution Competitions

Teams of Association members represent New York Law School at competitions throughout the country. In the 2015-2016 academic year Team members expect to participate in at least the following competitions outside and inside NYLS:

  • Tulane National Basketball Arbitration Competition
  • INADR’s Chicago International Law School Mediation Tournament
  • Transactional LawMeet
  • Fordham National Basketball Negotiation Competition
  • International Chamber of Commerce’s International Commercial Mediation Competition
  • Intellectual Property LawMeet
  • ABA Negotiation Competition
  • Northeastern Invitational Mediation Tournament
  • Tulane Law School National Baseball Arbitration Competition
  • NYLS Intramural Negotiation Competition

New York Law School Dispute Resolution Team 2015-2016 Executive Board

Colin McGeough, colin.mcgeough@law.nyls.edu

Vice President
Alec Rubenstein, alec.rubenstein@law.nyls.edu

Competition Chair
Alexander Eaton, alexander.eaton@law.nyls.edu

Senior Editor
Isioma Chukwuani, isioma.chukwuani@law.nyls.edu

Training Chair
Darley Maw, darley.maw@law.nyls.edu

Host Competition Chair
Ashley Pomes, ashley.pomes@law.nyls.edu

Host Competition Coordinator
Joseph Chung, joseph.chungl@law.nyls.edu

Secretary & Chair of Alumni Relations
Laura Molina, laura.molina@law.nyls.edu