NYLS congratulates our Dispute Resolution Team for winning twice in first place and once in third at the INADR Invitational Mediation Tournament at Northeastern.


Dispute Resolution Team

The New York Law School Dispute Resolution Team is a student-run co-curricular program that represents the Law School in local, regional and national lawyering skills competitions. Competitors gain experience in client interviewing and counseling, negotiation, mediation, and arbitration in a wide variety of subject areas. Students gain membership to the Team by successfully competing in the Law School’s Intramural Negotiation Competition held annually each spring, or through exceptional achievement in a writing competition held in the fall semester. The Dispute Resolution Team’s Executive Board and its Faculty Advisor, Professor Kris Franklin, oversee the Team’s activities. Students may earn academic credit through membership and active involvement in Team competitions and training. Students who have completed one semester towards their degree are eligible to compete for membership, but students who are placed in the Comprehensive Curriculum Program may not participate as Team members until their second summer of law school.

Recent News

Roger Schneider 3L, Andrew Heymann 3L, Yusra Matari 2L, and Jaclyn Schianodicola 2L won prizes at the American Bar Association’s Client Counseling Competition on February 8-9. The two teams were coached by Mike Villacres 3L.

Intermural and Intramural Dispute Resolution Competitions

Teams of Association members represent New York Law School at competitions throughout the country. In the 2013-2014 academic year Team members expect to participate in at least the following competitions outside and inside NYLS:

  • University of San Diego Law School National Sports Law Negotiation Competition
  • ABA Northeast Regional Negotiation Competition
  • ABA Arbitration Competition
  • National BALSA Negotiation
  • Tulane Law School National Baseball Arbitration Competition
  • Education Law Client Counseling Competition
  • ABA Mediation Competition
  • NYLS Intramural Negotiation Competition

New York Law School Dispute Resolution Team 2013-2014 Executive Board

Emily Barile, emily.barile@law.nyls.edu

Vice President
Lee Kaplan, lee.kaplan@law.nyls.edu

Competition Chair
Alexis Gruttadauria, alexis.gruttadauria@law.nyls.edu

Intramural Chair
Scott Haggmark, scott.haggmark@law.nyls.edu

Jacqueline Lamer, jacqueline.lamer@law.nyls.edu

Senior Editor
Kevin Khilall, kevin.khilall@law.nyls.edu

Training Coordinator
Michelle Kremer, michelle.kremer@law.nyls.edu