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The New York Law School Moot Court Association is one of the largest and most successful student-run moot court organizations in the nation. Through national competition and our own rigorous mentoring program, members develop well-honed appellate oral advocacy and brief-writing skills. Members compete in a variety of competitions, ranging topically from criminal procedure to tax, family law, constitutional law, and entertainment law. The Association has participated in competitions across the country, including Washington D.C., Buffalo, Chicago, Malibu, San Diego, and New York City.  Since 1992, the Association has won over 80 first-place honors.

The Spring 2014 edition of the Moot Court Association newsletter – the MCA Docket – is available here. The Fall 2013 edition is available here.

2016-2017 Moot Court Association Members

Brenda Alejo

Gabriella Ali-Marino

Waleed Amer

Catherine Ball

Monique Baptist

Jessica Brenner

Paul Cacciuttolo

Evgenia Chaverdova

Danielle Cipollina

Patricia Desalvo

Samantha Dunac

Jordan Eyal


Christopher Fernandez

Christina Fiore

Kimberly Gay

Kiera Guzzo

Isabel Hernandez

Milvelys Hernandez

Patrick MacDonell

Daniel McKenna

Ryan Medler

Marissa Monteiro

J.D. Naphor

Nicole Niermeyer

Kevin Pack

Stefano Perez

Ashlyn Rich

Christina Rizzolo

Diandra Romero

Andrew Ruggiero

Alison Snyder

Christin Spinelli

Levi Stoep

Shanaye Sweet

Fumiko Takada

Jacques Zelnik

2016-2017 Moot Court Association Executive Board

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The Charles W. Froessel Intramural Moot Court Competition

Eligible students gain admission to the Association by competing in the Charles W. Froessel Intramural Moot Court Competition. The Froessel competition is one of the most demanding and rigorous intramural competitions. In the Froessel competition, teams of two students compete against each other. After registration, teams are given a fact pattern based on constitutional law, which contains citations to the leading cases on the issues presented. The teams, however, are not limited to a closed universe and are both encouraged and expected to do additional research.

Each team is given approximately one month to research the issues and submit an appellate brief. Once briefs are served, two preliminary rounds of oral arguments are scheduled. Students progress to advanced rounds based on a combination of their brief and oral scores. At the competition’s conclusion, awards are presented for the Best Preliminary Round Advocate, Best Brief (Petitioner and Respondent), and Best Team. Each of the four student advocates who advance to the Final Round will also receive an award for their outstanding achievement, while one advocate is selected as the Best Final Round Advocate. An additional six students receive the Morris Orland Moot Court Award for Excellence in Written and Oral Advocacy.

Following the Final Round, the Association’s Executive Board will invite Froessel competitors to become Moot Court Association candidates. In the fall, candidates for membership must complete a comprehensive written and oral advocacy skills training program to prepare them for the rigors of national competition. Upon completion of this program, candidates are granted full membership status and compete nationally in the spring.

The Annual Robert F. Wagner National Labor and Employment Moot Court Competition

In addition to the Froessel competition, every spring the Association hosts the Annual Robert F. Wagner National Labor & Employment Moot Court Competition. The Wagner Competition is one of the nation’s largest student-run moot court competitions and the only competition dedicated exclusively to labor and employment law. The Froessel and Wagner competitions attract attorneys from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania to act as judges. Past Final Round judges have included U.S. Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, former U.S. Solicitor General Kenneth W. Starr, and David Boies of Boies, Schiller & Flexner. Final Round judges from our own faculty have included former Dean Richard Matasar, Professor and former ACLU President Nadine Strossen, and the Honorable Gerald Lebovits.

The Moot Court Association receives enormous support from the New York Law School Faculty and Administration, including our faculty advisors Professor Susan Abraham, Professor Nadine Strossen, and Adjunct Professor Peggy Leibowitz. Without their help, and the help and support of the entire New York Law School community, our success would not be possible.  We honor the Association’s fine tradition of bringing national recognition to New York Law School.

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