The New York Law School Moot Court Association thanks NYLS Alumnus Brian Schrader ’98 and BIA for their generous support of the 2014-2015 competition season.


The New York Law School Moot Court Association, a student honor society, hosts the Charles W. Froessel Intramural Moot Court Competition and the Robert F. Wagner National Labor & Employment Law Moot Court Competition. Since 1992, the Association has won many first place honors in intermural competitions.

Competitions in Spring 2014 include:

(Additional photos from Spring 2014 Competitions can be viewed here)

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George Washington National Religious Freedom Moot Court Competition – February 7 – February 8

Team 1:
Competed with Distinction
Victoria Gionesi and Pekhna Singh
Coach – Emily Barile

Team 2:
Competed with Distinction
Aruna Chittiapa and Michael Forsette
Coach – Alex Noble

Faculty Mooters – Profs. Frank Munger and Ari Waldman

The 6th Annual Charleston School of Law National Moot Court Competition – February 7 – February 8

Competed with Distinction
Michelle Murray and Alisha Sibigtroth
Coaches – Raymond Queliz and Elona Kukaj

Faculty Mooters – Profs. Brigitte Amiri, Ed Purcell and Nadine Strossen
Alumni Mooters – Katie Blackmer, Geoff Bleau and Jessica Richardson

The 9th Annual NYU Immigration Law Moot Court Competition – February 22 – February 24

Competed with Distinction
Leopoldo Guerra and Natisha Matthews
Coach – Areal Allen-Stewart

Faculty Mooters – Profs. Melynda Barhart, Lenni Benson and Brandt Goldstein

The 26th Annual Domenick L. Gabrielli National Family Law Moot Court Competition at Albany Law School – February 27 – March 1

Albany Family Law CompetitionQuarter-Finalists
Robert DeMono and Rebecca Medina
Coaches – Nathalie Gonzalez and Brooke Schwartz

Faculty/Staff Mooters – Profs. Carlin Meyer and Stephen Newman, and Lisa Grumet
Alumni Mooters – Geoff Bleau and Vanessa Craveiro

The 22nd Annual Duberstein Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition at St. John’s School of Law – March 1 – March 3

Competed with Distinction
Joseph DeBlase and Naveed Fazal
Coach – Mark O’Neal

The American Bar Association National Appellate Advocacy Competition – March 6 – March 8

IMG_4529Competed with Distinction
Eighth Best Oralist- Joanna Drucker

Ariel Cabral and Joanna Drucker
Coach – Michael Ricchiuto

Alumni Mooters – Danny Costello, Deena Crimaldi, Frank Mazzaferro and Joanna Wine


The 30th Annual Cardozo/BMI Entertainment and Communications Law Moot Court Competition – March 6 – March 9

Catherine Brunetto Jackie GuzmanQuarter-Finalists
Catherine Brunetto and Jacquelynn Guzman
Coach – Camellia Mokri

Faculty Mooter – Prof. Richard Chused
Alumni Mooters – Nyasha Foy, Bindu Nair, Nick Penkovsky and Amanda Ross


The 21st Annual John J. Gibbons Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition at Seton Hall Law School – March 21 – March 22

Antonio Brian XavierSemi-Finalists and Best Petitioner Brief
Xavier Martinez and Brian Noel
Coach – Antonio Perrotto

Faculty Mooters – Profs. Susan Abraham (Faculty Advisor) and Sadiq Reza
Alumni Mooters – Addya Bhowmick, Vanessa Craveiro and Hanoch Sheps.
Special thanks to Manhattan ADA Amy Hare

The 17th Annual Federal Bar Association Thurgood A. Marshall Memorial Moot Court Competition – March 27 – March 28

Evan Bane and Jennifer Jimenez
Coach – Lily Ockert

Faculty Mooters – Profs. Susan Abraham, Stephen Ellmann, Ed Purcell, Sadiq Reza and Rebecca Roiphe

The 4th Annual Billings, Exum & Frye National Moot Court Competition at Elon University School of Law- March 27 – March 29

Competed with Distinction
Khalil El Assaad and Jason Charet
Coach – Ali Jaffery

The 39th Annual Irving R. Kaufman Memorial Moot Court Competition at Fordham Law School – March 28 – March 30

Competed with Distinction
Michael Durnin, Jeffrey Liu, and Gafar Zaaloff
Coach – Byron Lewis

Faculty Mooters – Prof. Jeffrey Haas (Faculty Advisor) and Adj. Prof. Julian Swearingin

The Evan A. Evans Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition at University of Wisconsin School of Law – March 28 – March 30

Best Oralist- Matthew James
Matthew James and Julie Nociolo
Coach – Kate Baxter

The 16th Annual Herbert J. Wechsler Criminal Law Moot Court Competition at SUNY Buffalo Law School – March 29 – March 30

Shana Kat VeronicaSecond Place Team
Shana Pettinato and Veronica Przygocki
Coach – Katerina Kurteva

Faculty Mooters – Profs. Anna Cominsky and Dan Warshawsky (Faculty Advisor)
Alumni Mooter – Gabrielle Venito
Special thanks to Manhattan ADA Amy Hare


The 1st Annual Touro Law Center’s National Moot Court Competition in Law & Religion – April 10 – April 11

Touro 1Team 1:

Best Brief and Semi-Finalists
Jamie Kwasniewski and Khushbu Patel
Coaches – Garrett Baldwin and Joam Alisme

Team 2:

Third Best Brief and Quarter-Finalists
Jack Ferreri and Richard Ibarra
Coach – Andrew Heymann



Competitions in Fall 2013 include:

The 6th Annual Emory University School of Law Civil Rights and Liberties Moot Court Competition – October 11 – October 13

Team 1:
Nathalie Gonzalez and Elona Kukaj
Coach – Garrett Baldwin

Team 2:
Emily Barile and Lily Ockert
Coach – Julie Nociolo

The 13th Annual Leroy R. Hassell, Sr. National Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition at Regent University – October 18 – October 19

Competed with Distinction
Andrew Heymann and Brooke Schwartz
Coaches – Gregg Settembrino and Matthew Ullman

The 20th Annual Burton D. Wechsler First Amendment Moot Court Competition at American University – October 18 – October 19

Competed with Distinction
Alex Noble and Mark O’Neal
Coach – Matthew James

The 32nd Annual International Moot Court Competition in Information Technology and Privacy Law at John Marshall University – October 23 – October 26

Camellia Mokri and Areal Allen-Stewart
Coach – Ali Jaffery

The National Health Law Moot Court Competition at Southern Illinois University – November 1 – November 2

Competed with Distinction
Joam Alisme and Kathryn Baxter
Coach – Joanna Drucker

The 31st Annual Chicago Bar Association Moot Court Competition – November 14 – November 16

Bryon Lewis and Michael Ricchiuto
Coach – Ariel Cabral

The 64th Annual New York City Bar Association Moot Court Competition – November 20- November 21

NYC Bar Competition 1
(L-R) Catherine Brunetto (Coach), Raymond Queliz, Katerina Kurteva, and Antonio Perotto