The clinics at NYLS give students an invaluable opportunity to develop practical legal skills while learning to advance fairness and equity in the law.

TLC Prosecution Clinic


Students will learn about issues pending before the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) and will have the opportunity to attend meetings of the Commission.

TLC Prosecution Clinic

The TLC Prosecution Clinic is a one-semester course (Fall or Spring) in which students will prosecute violations of NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) rules and regulations under the direct supervision of experienced TLC attorneys.

Students will:

  • work with the TLC attorneys and investigators to investigate and prepare cases for hearings
  • appear on the record for all purposes, including adjournments, settlements and hearings
    conduct hearings
  • engage in all necessary and appropriate related activities.

All student work will be performed at TLC’s offices or before administrative judges of the Office of Administrative Hearings and Trials (OATH) and will be conducted under the terms of and in compliance with the NYLS student practice order.

Students will devote two full days per week at the TLC during the fall and spring semesters. The program will begin with an intensive training program taught at the TLC during fieldwork times. A seminar will meet once weekly in the evening at NYLS for one hour and forty minutes.

The seminar will include a combination of:

  • case rounds
  • skills training
  • substantive law and procedure
  • ethics and professional responsibility as necessitated by the students’ case work
  • consideration of existing policies and procedures and proposed systemic reforms.

Students should expect to devote 20 hours per week to the course, including fieldwork and the seminar.


“As a third-year law student, I was able to do almost anything that a licensed attorney at the TLC was doing.” – Sylvia ’14

“I would recommend the TLC clinic to any law student who is serious about getting real work experience. At this clinic, you will be trained by seasoned attorneys who will mentor you.” – Christine ’14

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Instructor: Adjunct Professor Sherry M. Cohen
Prerequisites:Evidence (3Ls only)
Co-Requisites:Evidence (2Ls only)
1 Semester Course in Fall or Spring Semester
Course Description:TLC Prosecution Clinic
To Apply to the TLC Prosecution Clinic, please visit the OCEL Application Information Page