The clinics at NYLS give students an invaluable opportunity to develop practical legal skills while learning to advance fairness and equity in the law.

Mediation Clinic

Mediation Clinic (3) (CLC751)

Adjunct Professor Mary Jo Eyster

This is a one semester clinic. Students are assigned readings in mediation and related lawyering skills areas. Following an intensive thirty-hour training session held at the beginning of the semester, including simulated mediation exercises, Clinic students conduct actual mediations in the New York Small Claims Court. They also have the opportunity to observe arbitrations in Small Claims Court and mediations in other contexts. Students must complete journals on their mediations, have regular tutorial sessions, and meet weekly as a group. The intensive front-loaded thirty-hour training session for Clinic students takes place over the first four weeks at the regular class times plus mutually arranged times that are convenient for all Clinic students; usually on Fridays. The Small Claims Court mediation work is on Tuesday mornings, 9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Grades will be based on student performance in simulations and in actual mediations, the quality of the journal entries, class participation and on a written take-home final exam. Enrollment is limited.