"Now more than ever, gaining meaningful experience while in law school is critical to ensuring you can be as well-prepared as possible to enter and compete in the job market, no matter what your goal.”
– Dean Anthony W. Crowell

OCEL Application Information

An Office of Clinical & Experiential Learning (OCEL) Application is required for students interested in enrolling in any Clinic and Advocacy of Criminal Cases. Students should log in to the NYLS Portal under Student Resources > Academics for more information and to view the OCEL Application Information Packet. We hope to have a clinical or experiential learning course that will help prepare you with the skills necessary to practice competently in your field of interest.


Date Location Event/Description
March 22


Events Center (W202) OCEL Open House
March 22


[apply on the Portal] OCEL Application Period Begins
Interview Period Begins (for select Clinics)
April 18


[apply on the Portal] Deadline for student application submission extended to April 18 at 9:00AM
April 19 [posted on the Portal] Placements Posted

Students: Please log in to the NYLS Portal for more information and to apply online.
Student Resources > Academics > Office of Clinical & Experiential Learning