NYLS faculty with expertise in many different fields of law teach in our upper-year clinical and experiential learning programs.

Clinical and Experiential Learning Faculty

Building on the first-year Legal Practice courses, the Law School offers a rich array of programs that can broaden students’ abilities to perform core lawyering tasks. These opportunities include clinics, some based at NYLS and some at law offices off-campus; externships and workshops; project-based learning courses; upper-class writing electives; skills competition teams; and simulation courses. These courses offer the opportunity to learn experientially, by practicing skills from interviewing to oral advocacy in simulation contexts by experiencing the work of outside law offices and judicial chambers as externs, and by working directly on cases and other legal matters with faculty guidance and feedback in our clinics. These are courses in skills, but they are also courses in legal reasoning and analysis, which you will have the chance to practice and refine in the context of each legal problem you address. These courses also acquaint you directly with different areas of practice and may be of real assistance in your job search.

Experiential learning is the lynchpin of all of our curricular efforts to teach professional skills and prepare our students for the practice of law. Placing students in roles as lawyers has proven to be one of the most effective ways to achieve that goal. Whether it is counseling a client or making a presentation to a law firm, when the student is asked to perform as a lawyer would, the learning sticks. The student must know the law, but must also know and appreciate the context in which that law is to be applied. That is the essence of experiential learning.


Full-Time Faculty

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