Project-Based Learning allows students contribute to legal projects in multiple contexts—from website writing to client representation to developing policy and more.

Project-Based Learning Courses

Project-based learning classes are a form of curricular offering at NYLS, aiming to combine legal theory and practice. They cover a range of subjects and challenge students to develop both their legal knowledge and important skills, from client representation to project planning and collaboration. Classes are small, and the students in them, with close guidance from a faculty member, work together on a project with concrete, real-world significance—from creating a website on a legal subject to developing policies for a board of education’s policy manual to co-drafting an amicus brief (with many other possibilities as well). These year-long courses are offered for 2, 3, or 4 credits and on a pass-fail or graded basis, as decided by the professor.

How to apply: Admission will be by permission of the instructor. Typically, the application will ask for a one-paragraph statement of interest, and you’ll also need to submit your résumé along with it. Particular project-based learning teachers may have additional steps, such as an in-person interview, as part of the application process. The OCEL Application will be available online starting March 21.

Project-Based Learning Courses

* Courses indicated with an asterisk require an OCEL Application (available online starting March 21nd)

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