Diversity and Inclusion

Dear Prospective Students,

The decision to attend law school is one of the most important you will make. It signifies the first step to your career as a lawyer and the beginning of a life-long commitment to the challenge of being a professional. As you sort through the many options you will have, it is critical to evaluate each program on its merits, to compare each school to the attributes you are seeking, and to find an environment for your education that most fulfills your dreams.

New York Law School is proud of its unique history as a school of opportunity. From its founding, it has been an incredibly diverse school, serving new citizens of our city, providing an intellectual home to working students, and seeking to find students from widely varying backgrounds to add depth and vigor to this community. We are a real part of a vibrant, fast-paced urban community. Our students are activists, volunteers, and committed individuals with a taste to try new things. I ask you to investigate our program and contact us to discuss further the opportunities here for you to study law.

I hope to welcome you personally some day at the law school.

Good luck in your search.

Adam W. Barrett, Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid