2017 Graduating Class : LL.M. in Taxation

Graduate Degree Program Options

Combined J.D./LL.M. degrees and other options for New York Law School J.D. students

There are four ways for NYLS students to complete a graduate degree at New York Law School.

Accelerated J.D./LL.M. in Taxation Program.

The Accelerated J.D./LL.M. Program is designed for qualified New York Law School J.D. students who would like to pursue a post-J.D. (Master’s) LL.M. degree on an accelerated basis.

Students in the Accelerated Program complete the J.D. degree in the typical timeframe, but include an additional 6 or 7 credits in their J.D. program of study. Following receipt of the J.D. degree, students typically complete the LL.M. in a single final semester. A reduced tuition rate is applicable to the post-J.D. studies. Most students will need to enroll in one summer term during the J.D. years to complete the additional credits on time.

For more information please visit: Accelerated J.D./LL.M. Program

NYLS Advanced Studies Program. Through the NYLS Advanced Studies Program, J.D. students who successfully complete certain upper level tax courses at New York Law School may receive advanced standing credit toward their LL.M. in Taxation.  With advanced standing, students who are pursuing an LL.M. degree in the typical two to four post-J.D. semesters will be able to complete their degree requirements more quickly. To be eligible for the Advanced Studies Program, students must begin their graduate program in taxation within 5 years of completing their J.D. degree. A maximum of 6 advanced standing credits may be awarded. Advanced standing credits may be counted toward the required number of credits for the LL.M. degree or applied to reduce graduate tuition, at the student’s option.

For more information please visit: Advanced Studies Program.

NYLS Recent Graduates Program. New York Law School alumni who begin an LL.M. in Taxation degree within two years after the year in which they graduate from the New York Law School J.D. program will be eligible for reduced tuition throughout their graduate studies. The tuition rate for the Recent Graduates Program will be 50 percent of the regular tuition. Students in the Recent Graduates Program may also participate in the Advanced Studies Program.

For more information please visit: Recent Graduates Program.

Graduate Studies. New York Law School’s LL.M. in Taxation graduate degree program is open to qualified lawyers who hold a J.D. degree from an ABA accredited law school or an equivalent foreign law degree. Graduate degrees may be completed on a full or part-time basis.

Visitors Program for J.D. Students. Qualified students who are enrolled in a J.D. program at another law school may, with the permission of their home institution, spend a summer or one or two semesters visiting at NYLS. Visiting J.D. students may participate in the New York Law School Advanced Studies Program and earn advanced standing credit toward an LL.M. degree at New York Law School.