New York Law School encourages students to explore and apply for all applicable scholarships. The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid makes every effort to inform students of scholarships administered by New York Law School and external scholarships as they become available.

We suggest that you apply for any and all external scholarships if you meet the eligibility requirements; receiving an external scholarship could reduce your alternative loan borrowing. Remember, the less you borrow, the less you’ll have to repay.

Please note that the scholarships listed are awarded by entities outside of New York Law School. While NYLS has researched the validity of the referenced sources we would like to remind you that it is imperative to perform your own due diligence before submitting information or applications to these or other organizations. Good luck with your search for scholarship funding!

External Scholarships

We encourage you to look outside of the law school for scholarship opportunities.  The following is a list of online search engines that you may use to begin your search (the search engines are free).

In addition, we will post external scholarship opportunities as they become available:

ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund – Deadline March 1, 2014. Awards $5,000 of financial assistance annually to each scholarship recipient attending an ABA-accredited law school. Twenty awards will be made to incoming first-year students (across the nation) and may be renewable for two additional years (totaling $15,000). The scholarship is meant to encourage and enable students who would not otherwise have the financial ability to attend law school and recipients are selected based on their qualifications and not the law school to which they plan to apply. Please be advised that the ABA may not begin accepting applications for this scholarship fund until later in 2013.