Two-Year J.D. Honors Applicants

Fast-Track Your J.D.

  • Two-year students at NYLS earn their J.D.s in 24 months.
  • Every admitted student receives at least a $50,000 scholarship, reducing the cost of a traditional J.D. by a third.

Embark on an Intensive, Rewarding, Academic Program 

  • The program is year-round and academically rigorous, but it has been carefully constructed to allow time for a challenging and varied law school experience.
  • Two-year students can participate fully in important co-curricular activities, such as Law Review, the Moot Court Association, and the Student Bar Association, as well as in clinics and other experiential learning opportunities.
  • Two-year students can immediately affiliate with one of NYLS’s six academic centers:
    • Center for Business and Financial Law
    • Center for International Law
    • Center for New York City Law
    • Center for Real Estate Studies
    • Impact Center for Public Interest Law
    • Innovation Center for Law and Technology

Learn from the Best

  • NYLS’s faculty members are thought leaders in their fields and champions for their students. They have testified before Congress, appeared in international media, and traveled the world to share their ideas. Learn more about individual faculty members at

Develop Professionally from Day One

  • Academic planning and professional development are seamlessly integrated at NYLS. Every two-year student works with the Two-Year J.D. Honors Program Director of Advising to discuss class schedules, set career goals, explore internship and post-graduation opportunities, and address individual advising questions.
  • Required coursework includes professional development skills workshops on topics such as writing effective cover letters and resumes and developing a network.
  • NYLS strongly encourages and supports relationship building. Two-year students are invited to frequent job fairs, networking events, and recruitment programs throughout the year.

Bridge-to-Practice Fellowship: The Office of Academic Planning and Career Development will work with each two-year student who is interested in a post-graduate fellowship to identify an opportunity that furthers the student’s career goals at a law firm, company, non-profit, or government agency.

An Accelerated Curriculum

New York Law School’s curriculum targets growing sectors of the economy:

Two-Year J.D. Honors Program students take the same required courses as regular NYLS students but on an accelerated schedule, including during the summer. Like other NYLS students, two-year students are encouraged to enroll in clinics, electives, and externships.

 YEAR 1 (Credits)
One-week course: Introduction to Legal Reasoning (2)
Spring Semester
Contracts (4) • Criminal Law (3) • Legal Practice I (4) • Torts (4)
Elongated Summer Semester
Advanced Legal Methods (2) • Civil Procedure (4) • Legal Practice II (4) • Legislation and Regulation (1)

Fall Semester
Constitutional Law I (3) • Property (4) • Electives from the regular J.D. curriculum, including clinics* and experiential learning classes/Upper-level required courses (9)

* Some clinics will not be available because of prerequisites or New York State practice order requirements. A list of available clinics will be provided with registration materials.

 YEAR 2 (Credits)

One-week course: Course options forthcoming (2)

Spring Semester
Constitutional Law II (3) • Electives, including clinics* and experiential learning classes/Upper-level required courses (13)

Summer Semester
Electives/Upper-level required courses (5) • Externship (3)

Fall Semester
Electives, including clinics* and experiential learning classes/Upper-level required courses (16)

Total: 86 Credits

Upper-Level Required Courses
• Corporations
• Evidence
• Introduction to the Multistate Bar Examination
• Introduction to the Multistate Essay Examination
• Professional Responsibility
• Writing Requirement

Plus, two to three of the courses below:
• Commercial Law
• Criminal Procedure: Investigation
• Family Law
• Wills, Trusts, and Future Interests

Please note: The curriculum is subject to change.

Join Our Exceptional Community

Candidates for admission to the Two-Year J.D. Honors Program should have strong academic credentials and preferably at least two years of work experience. They may be required to interview.