Two-Year J.D. Honors Applicants

In January 2015, New York Law School began offering a two-year J.D. honors program. The program takes the 86-credit traditional NYLS three-year curriculum and offers it over a period of 24 consecutive months. Candidates for admission to the program are expected to possess very strong academic credentials or to have completed at least two to three years of meaningful professional work experience.

The cost of the program is no more than two-thirds of that of a traditional J.D. at the Law School. Because New York Law School’s two-year program is an honors program, admission automatically comes with at least a $50,000 merit scholarship covering the 24-month, 86-credit program for all enrolled students. New York Law School is the first law school in the nation to reduce the cost of tuition for an accelerated program by a third.

New York Law School’s accelerated program takes the traditional curriculum and compresses it into a two-year span, while still allowing students to get the benefit of clinical and experiential learning along the way. In addition, the program is designed to allow students to participate fully in important co-curricular activities such as Law Review and moot court. The program focuses on key growth sectors of the City’s economy—including business and financial services; and government and public interest—so students receive the skills and training needed to enter the workforce at a competitive advantage.

New York Law School also guarantees postgraduate fellowships to all two-year honor students through partnerships with firms, companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

For more information about the program, please contact our Office of Admissions:

T: 212.431.2888
Toll-Free: 877.937.NYLS