From time to time, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills Program offers special lectures, breakfasts, or other informal events to introduce topics and speakers of interest.


“Resolving Cross-Border Commercial Disputes Through Mediation:  Challenges to Quality”  A group of in-house counsel who serve on the Board of the International Mediation Institute will discuss their experiences and learnings from seeking non-judicial resolution of disputes with companies in jurisdictions outside the United States.  Representatives from Shell, Hess, General Electric and others are expected to speak.  May 28, 2014, 8:00 – 9:15 am.  CLE offered.  More details to come.


“Current Trends on Commercial Litigation and Its Alternatives”  Delaware Vice Chancellor Donald F. Parsons offered observations on recent trends in matters before the Delaware Court of Chancery, and discussed that Court’s arbitration program, which was recently struck down by the Third Circuit, casting doubt on the ability of courts to fashion alternatives to litigation.  Click here for an audio of the Vice Chancellor’s presentation. Click here for a summary of the Vice Chancellor’s presentation, prepared by ADR Program Associate Ryan Nicolosi.

“Mediating Human Rights Disputes in an International Context”  Caroline Rees, President of Shift Project and former lead adviser to the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on Business and Human Rights, offered a distillation of the work of the Special Representative and the challenges that international companies face when operating in environments where human rights violations may be alleged.  She showed a short film of a case study in which mediation was used to spark dialogue and reparation of a generations-old dispute involving indigenous people in rural Philippines.  The films and other resources are available here.