About Us

The mission of New York Law School Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills Program is to prepare students to intelligently anticipate, avoid, manage and resolve client disputes in an efficient and commercially rational manner, while also providing education, training and resources to the legal and business community of which the School is a part.

Read about the ADR Skills Program in a recent issue of the NYLS Alumni Magazine.

For students, the Program emphasizes skills and actual experience in negotiating, drafting, mediating and arbitrating deals and conflicts ethically and creatively.

For the legal and business community of New York City and the surrounding region, the Program offers a catalog of CLE programs available at the School or at the site of a company, firm or agency.  It further serves as a resource center and a convening facility for speakers, guest lectures, and special events for deal negotiators and conflict managers.

The ADR Skills Program boasts a battery of courses taught by experienced and distinguished scholars and practitioners.  An Advisory Committee comprising some of the most renowned figures in the legal, business and ADR community guides the Program to ensure that its activities address the immediate practical needs of the legal and business marketplace.

The New York Law School ADR Skills Program distinguishes its content by emphasizing clinical and experiential, not just doctrinal, training.  Graduates holding a Certificate from the Program are better equipped than others to engage in negotiation, mediation and arbitration with real background and confidence.