Alumni Association

The mission of the New York Law School Alumni Association (“NYLS AA”) is to support and promote New York Law School, its students and alumni by:

  • Collaborating with the Law School on events and initiatives to recruit students and engage alumni.
  • Mentoring students and recent graduates on professional development, and
  • Providing financial support to the Law School.

NYLS AA membership extends to all graduates of the Law School. The NYLS AA seeks a
talented and diverse group of alumni to serve on its Board of Directors and, in that capacity, to dedicate substantive time and effort in a leadership role to further the NYLS AA’s mission.

Term of Service

Directors are elected to an initial term of one year and may be eligible thereafter for reelection to
a term of two years. There is no stated term limit.


Directors must be a NYLS AA member and have demonstrated:

  • An ongoing commitment to the Law School.
  • Active involvement in Law School and NYLS AA activities, and
  • A high standard of professionalism.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a Director include:

  • Attendance at all NYLS AA Board meetings, which may be by telephone but preferably in-person. Board meetings are held in the evening at the Law School and are typically scheduled for September, November, February and June.
  • Attendance at the NYLS AA Annual Meeting, which is held at the Law School, typically on the Saturday morning of Reunion Weekend in April.
  • Participation in events and activities sponsored by the Law School or the NYLS AA.
  • Serve as an advocate and ambassador for the Law School.
  • Serve as a resource for the Law School community, including faculty, administration,staff, students and alumni, on matters within the Director’s skill set, experience and expertise.
  • Provide advice, support and feedback to the Law School on implementation of the
  • Strategic Plan and on other matters related to increasing Alumni engagement and enhancing the Law School’s visibility and reputation; and
  • Providing financial support to the Law School at a minimum level of $100 per year.


September 2016 – June 2017

The New York Law School Alumni Association (“NYLS AA”) Board of Directors will meet at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room on the second floor of New York Law School, 185 West Broadway, New York, NY, on the following dates:

Tuesday September 13, 2016
Thursday, November 17, 2016
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Tuesday, June 13, 2017

All Alumni of New York Law School are welcome to attend Board of Directors Meetings. In accordance with its bylaws, the New York Law School Alumni Association  held its annual meeting of the membership on April 25, 2015, where a slate of nominated officers for one and two-year terms was voted on.  Below is the resulting list of the New York Law School Alumni Association Board of Directors effective July 1, 2015.


Hon. Marc J. Whiten ’84 President
A. Manny Alicandro ’12 Vice President
Pierre Ciric ’09 Vice President
Rory Clark ’08 Vice President
Steven Interrante ’13 Treasurer
Jarrod Perry ’11 Secretary

 Directors Renewed to 2017

Hon. Anthony J. Cannataro 1996
Lev J. Ekster 2009
Susan J. Flynn-Hollander 1985
Charlene Glover-Daniels 1982
Linda S. Green 2004
Jeffrey W. Halbreich 1966
Alyssa J. Held-Honig 1994
Jeremy E. Hollander 2005
James P. Pagano 1975
Nadine C. Johnson 1992
Jesse L. Kearney 2014
Heather K. Leifer 2004, 2012
Kira L. Polner 2000
Evan White 2005
Adrian Zuckerman 1983

Directors Renewed to 2018

Aréal Allen-Stewart 2014
A. Manny Alicandro 2012
E. Drew Britcher 1984
Chloe A. Aquart-Mentar 2013
Charlane Brown-Wyands 1992
John Clare 2012
Evan Clandorf 2009
Pamela Foster 2000
Kristin Grant 2013
Somya Kaushik 2013
Margaret T. Ling 1983
Dr. James Major 2011
Shana Ricchiuto 2015
Ilya Prokopets 2013
Brian Schrader 1998
Marta Sisco-Izak 2010
Guy R. Vitacco, Jr. 1988

Incoming Directors to 2017

Joam Alisme 2014
Arminda Bepko 2004
Suzanne Bettis 2014
Hallie Cunningham 2015
Frank DiSpirito 2009
Michael Forsette 2015
Martin Krezalek 2008
Jonathan Reinstein 2012
Param Sahni 2013
Steven Sedereas 2009
Johnny Thomas Vasser Jr. 2011
Justin Xenitelis 2006

Past Presidents

Paul L. Porretta 1995                2013-2015
Steven B. Shapiro 1984                2010-2013
John J. Reddy, Jr. 1979                2007-2010
Edward H. Held 1966                2005-2007
Telesforo Del Valle, Jr. 1982                2004-2005
Lawrence H. Silverman 1977                2002-2004
David W. Shipper 1982                1999-2002
Martin A. Danoff 1960                1997-1999
Basil F. O’Connor 1975                1995-1997
Kathleen Grimm 1980                1993-1995
Frank Irizarry 1978                1991-1993
Stanley B. Doyle, Jr. 1949                1989-1991
Hon. Ernst H. Rosenberger 1958
Richard M. Flynn 1957
Hon. Francis T. Murphy 1952
Martin L. Baron 1955

Honorary Directors

Charles M. Balistreri 1977
Dr. Lisa Judy Chin 1996
Hon. Manuel P. Cofresi 1986
Peachetta S. deFreitas 1993
Michael Gaschler 1989
Steven S. Greenberg 1971
Michael T. Hourihan 1980
Hon. Joseph M. Lauria 1972
Harris Gordon Miller 1982
Jason A. Oshins 1991
Sherwood A. Salvan 1969
Eric M. Yee 1995