Hire a NYLS Student or Graduate

No matter what recruiting needs you have, the Office of Career Planning is prepared to help you identify students or graduates most suited to your needs. Our Symplicity job database can facilitate finding the best candidates. It allows you to specify your hiring criteria and the candidate application materials you require, and determine the manner and the time frame in which you will receive materials from interested applicants.

To register as an employer on Symplicity, contact us by phone at 212.431.2345 or by e-mail at career@nyls.edu. You will then be able to complete an employer profile and post your open position.

You can submit your jobs online by clicking the NYLS Job Posting button on the left side of this page or by contacting us at 212.431.2345 and speaking with a member of our employer relations team.


 “NYLS is our favorite place to recruit. I find that NYLS graduates possess more knowledge, practical skills, and training than those from other law schools, and as a result, they come to us ready to make significant contributions to our firm.”

Adam Leitman Bailey
Founder, Adam Leitman Bailey P.C.