Center for New York City Law

Center Events

CityLaw Breakfast on Friday, August 28, 2015.  

“The Planning Initiative of Housing New York.”




CityLaw Breakfast on Friday, September 11, 2015 Dean Anthony W. Crowell will moderate a panel on:

The City’s Lawyers and September 11th: A Breakfast Roundtable Discussion.
Panelists (positions in 2001) – Jeffrey D. Friedlander, Law Department; Steven Fishner, Criminal Justice Coordinator; Marjorie Landa, Law Department; Bryan Grimaldi, Mayor’s Office; and Florence Hutner, Law Department

Center Updates

cityadmin A free research internet library of New York City administrative decisions. Search more than 80,000 decisions from 26 NYC agencies.
citylaw A 24-page bi-monthly journal providing an overview of the City’s regulatory developments by reporting on administrative, legislative, and judicial decisions.
CITY-Cityland-Transparent-GIF CityLand provides in-depth coverage of land use applications undergoing public review in New York City. We focus on the major players, including the City Council, City Planning Commission, Board of Standards & Appeals, and Landmarks Preservation Commission, and report on related legal challenges.