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North America


TX Abortion Law Unconstitutional Undue Burden
Source: Los Angeles Times


A federal judge in Texas has ruled that two key provisions of the state’s 2013 anti-abortion law would restrict access to abortion so much that it would operate as “a complete ban” on the procedure. Judge Lee Yeakel said that allowing the law to stand would create an “unconstitutional undue burden” for many women.


Fast Food Workers Plan Civil Disobedience
Source: New York Times

“Prepared to take arrests” in their quest for a livable wage, fast food workers are planning civil disobedience during upcoming strikes. Organizers have called for a walk-out and have enlisted support from a union of home health care workers. Workers are hoping for a $15 minimum wage.



Tai Brokers Scam Cambodian Migrant Workers
Source: The Bangkok Post


Thai police arrests 190 Cambodian migrant workers after being duped by local brokers. The immigrants were told that 200 workers were needed for work in factories and were charged hefty sums for entry into Thailand. After receiving payment, the Brokers abandoned the workers in an open field.


Chinese Police Open Fire on Tibetan Protestors
Source: BBC News China

Chinese police opened fire on Tibetan protestors injuring ten people. The crowd was protesting the detention of a village leader who was arrested for objecting to the harassment of female dancers forced to perform by senior state officials. The incident went unreported by Chinese state Media.


Latin America


Colombia Makes Steps toward LGBTI Equality
Source: Colombia Reports

Despite backlash concerning the issue, Colombia’s Constitutional Court recently decided that sexual orientation cannot be used as a discriminating factor in denying second-parent adoptions. The recent decision only concerns adoptions where the children are biologically related to one of the parents, but is viewed by LGBTI advocacy groups as “a historic step” toward full equality.


Forced to Leave their Homes in Guatemala
Source: BBC News


Orthodox Jews have left their homes in a Guatemalan village after a dispute with the indigenous population. The indigenous community argues that the Jewish community tried to impose their faith on their community. The Jewish community says they have received threats from the indigenous and have decided to leave in order to avoid conflict.



Ebola Outbreak in Western Africa
Source: AllAfrica

The Ebola virus has spread throughout Western African, particularly in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone where it has claimed more than 1300 lives since January. Several states on the African continent have closed their borders to the affected countries and banned flights coming therefrom in order to prevent the virus from further spreading.


Ugandan campaign combats teen pregnancy
Source: Vanguard


A Ugandan sex-education campaign launched by the Health Ministry and the UN Population Fund hopes to prevent teen pregnancy and reduce maternal mortality rates in the country. The program provides adolescents with free contraception and seeks to educate local communities on the rights of children. The Ethics Ministry has criticized the program for encouraging premarital sex.




Protection Lacking for Britain’s Domestically Abused
Source: The Guardian


The United Kingdom has yet to ratify the Istanbul convention which requires governments to adopt measures addressing domestic and sexual violence. According to statistics, at least a dozen women die everyday in Europe due to domestic violence. Ratifying the convention would ensure that sexual assault victims in the UK receive adequate medical care as well as financial, housing and employment assistance.


Ukrainian Separatists Violate the Laws of War
Source: Human Rights Watch


Pro-Russia insurgents are reportedly violating the laws of war by seizing and destroying medical equipment intended for the sick and wounded in Ukraine. Insurgents also stormed into hospital wards and threatened medical staff to procure treatment for their injured. Two medical personnel were killed as a result of explosive attacks on hospitals.

Middle East


U.N. Workers Taken Hostage

Source: Al Arabiya News



Syrian rebels took more than 40 U.N. peacekeepers from the Golan Heights last week. The majority of the peacekeepers are from Fiji serving under the U.N. Disengagement Observer Force (U.N.DOF). A U.N. negotiation team is currently working on the demands being made by the rebels in exchange for the peacekeeper’s release.


Plans for Land Grab Potential For More Conflict
Source: L.A. Times


Israeli officials announced plans to appropriate 990 acres of West Bank land under future peace agreements with the Palestinian government. Palestinian officials have slammed the move and warned that it would further escalate tensions between Israelis and Palestinians.


Central Asia


Migrant Trafficking Into Europe
Source: The Hindustan Times

Thirty-five people from the Indian subcontinent were found crammed in a shipping container bound for the UK. One of them was already dead upon arrival while others were afflicted with severe dehydration and hypothermia. British officials expressed concern over the living conditions that must prompt so many people to emigrate from the Indian subcontinent.


Women’s Human Rights in Gujarat
Source:The Times of India


The Gujarat State Human Rights Commission (GSHRC) reported a 300 percent increase in the number of alleged violations of women’s human rights from 2007 to 2011. The Commission further related that between 2010 and 2011, around twelve thousand instances of crime against women were reported in the state, of which 300 were murders.



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