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North America


Bankruptcy Judge Won’t Stop Water Shut-offs
Source: Detroit News

A federal bankruptcy judge has refused to stop Detroit’s water shut-offs, saying he lacked the power to issue the six month moratorium requested by residents, and that the city needs the funds. Judge Steven Rhodes went on to state that there is no right to water service for Detroit residents.


Analyzing Costs of Arizona’s Death Penalty
Source: KTAR News

The State of Arizona has nearly 120 people on death row. The average length of time someone spends incarcerated prior to execution is over 20 years. The cost of housing a death row inmate is one-third higher than an inmate in the state’s general prison population.



Chin Farmers Tortured by Burmese Army
Source: The Irrawaddy

Human rights activists accuse the Burmese Army of detaining and torturing six Chin farmers for their alleged ties to Chin rebels. The Chin farmers were reportedly detained for nine days and questioned under threat of torture. Their release was conditioned on them pledging in writing to discontinue any further contact with Chin rebels.


Thailand Detains Academics Discussing Democracy
Source: Bangkok Post

Thai officers detained several students and academics after organizing a pro-democracy seminar in violation of a martial law ban on political gatherings. The seminar went ahead as scheduled despite the army’s request for its cancellation. No charges were filed and all detainees were released after being subject to an “attitude adjustment” session.


Latin America


Leaders from Peruvian Indigenous Community Killed
Source: The Peruvian Times

Four prominent leaders from a Peruvian indigenous community were killed by illegal loggers on their land. Illegal logging has flourished over the past few years. This activity has made it difficult for the indigenous communities to gain title to their land and evict the loggers from their property.


El Salvador’s Ban on Abortion is Unsafe
Source: BBC News

El Salvador is one of seven countries in Latin America that has an absolute ban on abortions. Women in El Salvador who have an abortion under any circumstance could be sentenced to jail. Amnesty International wants the El Salvadorian government to decriminalize abortions for any reason.



African migrants flee to Europe
Source: AllAfrica

The number of migrants attempting to flee Africa for Europe has drastically increased over the past year. Many African migrants have washed up on the Libyan shore. Survivors of the trip attributed the deaths to a mass drowning at the hands of traffickers.


Political thugs attack Ekiti judge
Source: Vanguard

Political thugs entered the Ekiti State High Court, where they moved in and beat up a high court judge. The attack has caused the Chief Judge, Justice A.S. Daramola, to close all of the state courts in Ekiti pending the placement of sufficient security in the courts.




Tortured Tamils Deported From United Kingdom
Source: The Guardian

Tamils seeking asylum in the United Kingdom (UK) are being deported in droves despite evidence of physical torture by Sri Lankan security forces. After a decisive defeat in 2009, the Tamil Tigers still endure branding, sexual assault, and other forms of torture. The UK maintains, however, that only those without a real need for sanctuary are being deported.


Asylum Seekers Beat at Bulgarian Border
Source: Human Rights Watch

Syrian refugees seeking asylum by venturing across Turkey and into Bulgaria have been forcibly turned away at the Bulgarian border. There have been several reports of border police beating asylum-seekers caught on Bulgarian soil. Asylum-seekers are stripped of their possessions, beaten, and forced out of the country.

Middle East


Human Rights at Risk in Turkey
Source: Al Arabiya News

Human Rights Watch recently reported that Turkey is facing a major human rights rollback. Under President Erdogan, the country has seen an increased intolerance to public protest, where approximately 5,500 citizens have been put on trial for their involvement in protests. Additionally, curbs in judicial and media freedom are plaguing the country.


Of Bombs and Borders
Source: AlbaWaba News

US air strikes have begun in the ISIS ruled territories in Syria without authorization from Damascus. The area of the air strikes is located in northern Syria, which closely borders with Turkey. The turmoiled region is also subject to attacks from IS, which has led to a mass migration of 150,000 refugees into Turkey.


Central Asia


Human Rights Violations in Pakistan
Source: The Dawn

8,648 cases of human rights violations have been reported in Pakistan within the last twenty-month period. These include 860 honor killings, ninety incidents of acid burning, 344 instances of rape/gang rape, and 260 religiously motivated killings.


Human Rights Awareness in Schools
Source:The Times of India

The Shijavi University in Kolhapur India is starting a program to sensitize students to various human rights issues. The program was created with the support of the National Human Rights Commission who offered financial awards to universities who implement programs designed to spread human rights awareness among students.


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