Externships after London

(1) Will London students be able to start an externship once the London program ends?

  • Yes. Because the London program ends in late-June 2018, students will be able to pursue, if they choose, their own summer externships upon their return from London.

(2) Will the London program find externships for students?

  • No, the London program will not be responsible for finding externships.
  • Students must find their own externships.

(3) As a London student, am I required to do an externship when I return to the United States? (I already made other plans which don’t involve any externships.)

  • No, you are not required to do an externship.

(4) How can London students find their own externships?

  • London students can find their own externships through Symplicity and on their own initiative.
  • While London students will be responsible for finding their own externships, the London program will also alert London students to opportunities from Professor Ronald Filler who is the Director of the NYLS Graduate Program in Financial Services Law.
    • His placements (specifically in the area of corporate and financial services law) will be very limited in number, and London students are strongly advised not to depend on him for summer work.
    • Any announcements on possible placements from Professor Filler will occur sporadically (without any set schedule) throughout the spring semester.
    • Students who, on their London applications, indicate an interest in an externship will get automatic emails concerning opportunities from Professor Filler.
    • Many of these positions will include an interview with your potential supervisor.
    • Professor Filler is currently collecting resumes for a post-London externship at a major law firm. The deadline to submit a resume for this specific opportunity is February 28, 2018.
  • Professor Lenni Benson (who will co-teach International Human Rights and Migration and Refugee Law in London) is also willing to assist students in securing a position, specifically in the area of immigration law.
    • Interested students should contact Professor Benson directly.
    • Please send your full resume and a statement of interest to Professor Benson by February 20, 2018.

(5) Can London students receive academic credit for their summer externships?

  • Yes, once London students find their own externships, they can get 2 credits for the externship. How? By enrolling in the Law Office Externship (LOE) Program or the Judicial Externship Program, both of which require a minimum of 140 hours at a placement during the summer. London students are responsible for enrolling in the LOE Program and Judicial Externship Program.
  • On the other hand, if Professor Filler finds an externship for London students, they must:
    • Enroll in “International Corporate and Financial Services Law” in London;
    • Work a minimum of 168 hours at an externship beginning on June 18, 2018, and ending in mid-August; and
    • Enroll in his 2-credit summer externship seminar (You cannot opt out of his seminar. The London program will enroll you in his seminar automatically.)

(6) Are London students required to get academic credit for an externship?

  • No, London students are not required to get academic credit for an externship.
  • If an externship offers, for example, monetary compensation for an externship, a London student can choose to accept such pay.
  • A London student may also simply decide to forgo credit for the externship.
  • But there is one exception. If Professor Filler finds an externship for a London student, and if that London student then accepts the externship, that London student must enroll in his 2-credit summer externship seminar. (You may not opt-out.) In this particular case, the London program will enroll the London student in Professor Filler’s 2-credit summer externship seminar.

(7) Where can I find more information on the Law Office Externship (LOE) Program or the Judicial Externship Program? Also, how exactly do I apply?

  • For an overview of both programs, please click here.
  • For instructions on how to apply, click here. (This link goes to the NYLS Portal: Career Resources tab > Externships)

(8) How do London students get graded for the LOE Program, the Judicial Externship Program, and Professor Filler’s externship seminar?

  • Grades will be Pass-Fail.

(9) Will the Law School charge London students for enrolling in the LOE Program, the Judicial Externship Program, and for Professor Filler’s summer externship seminar?

  • No, the Law School will NOT charge London students for these programs.
  • Also, only students who complete the London program may enroll in these programs at no cost.

(10) Will the Law School count the 2 credits for the externship towards the 86 credits needed for graduation?

  • Yes.

(11) Can London students receive both academic credit and payment for an externship?

  • As a general rule, students cannot receive both pay and academic credit for an externship. They must choose one or the other.
  • But if you will receive funding for an externship through a third party, you can then get both academic credit and payment for that externship.