Diane Abbey Law Center for Children and Families


Welcome to the Diane Abbey Law Center for Children and Families.  The Abbey Center provides academic and professional opportunities for New York Law School students and faculty who are interested in children’s and family issues, including child welfare, education, matrimonial practice, adoption, juvenile justice, elder law, domestic violence, immigration, and mental health.  In addition, the Abbey Center hosts conferences and provides information for practitioners and members of the public.  The Abbey Center takes an interdisciplinary approach to the field of family law, with the goal of enhancing the quality of advocacy and services for children and families.

JustFamilies.org Blog

Abbey Center students maintain JustFamilies.org, a blog that focuses on children’s and family issues in New York.  These issues include traditional family law topics as well as education law, elder law, immigration, juvenile justice, and mental health.  Consistent with the school’s role as “New York’s Law School,” the goal of the blog is to bring the New York family law community thought-provoking articles and discussion on the current issues facing New York City’s families.

To go to JustFamilies.org, click here.