About Us

Our Mission

The Diane Abbey Law Center was founded in 2009 to ensure that children, and the families who care for them, receive the legal assistance and services necessary to ensure their safety, security and well-being.

The Abbey Center’s dual goals are to promote policies that benefit children and families and to facilitate our students’ entrance into family law-related practice and policy. The Abbey Center’s approach is holistic, recognizing that assisting children and families requires a basic understanding not merely of law, but also of social work, psychology, education, public health, and other fields.

Diane Abbey Law Center Approach

Students who affiliate with the Abbey Center engage in the following activities:

  • Participate in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum that provides a solid foundation for graduates to represent and serve children and families.
  • Work in placements with government, non-profit, and private practices that provide representation and/or services for children and families.
  • Complete Capstone projects that assist outside agencies and organizations in providing services for children and families.
  • Contribute to public discussion of children’s and family issues in New York through the Abbey Center blog, JustFamilies.org.

Through these activities students serve the community, while also preparing for successful post-graduate careers in family law-related practice areas.