Students and Student Resources

Join as an Abbey Center Associate Our 2014 membership drive will begin during the Spring semester, 2014.  New York Law School day students must apply in the Spring semester as a 1L.  Evening students must apply in the Spring semester as a 2L.  The Office of Career Services will notify students of information sessions about our written application process. If you are interested in applying and want more information or have missed the information session, please feel free to contact us.

Students who choose to affiliate are required to preform a minimum amount of specified course work, public service and volunteer hours at the Abbey Center.

2015-16 Graduates

Jennifer Bennett
Alyssa Defuria
Natalie Diratsouian
Danielle Edrich
Maria Luna
Yusra Matari
Mallory McGee (E)
Danielle Menendez
Jacqueline Moore (E)
Beth Rosner
Lee Tarr (E)
Lori Vergara
Lorraine Williams (E)

2013-14 Graduates

Michael Cabasso
Emily De La Vega
Janine Diljohn (E)
Nathalie Gonzalez
Aaron Graham
Susan Imam
Elana Loeffler
Melanie Murias
Shanthi Nandam
Katherine O’Gorman
Sabine Rospide
Michele Weinberger
Robert Wnorowski