Faculty News


Jacob S. Sherkow’s latest article “Myriad Stands Alone” was published in Nature Biotechnology. To read the complete article, click here.





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Alan I. Appel ’76 participated in the New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies Summer Institute in Taxation on July 24-25. Alan will discuss outbound and inbound investments as well as financing strategies and other structures that govern foreign investments in U.S. real estate. For more information, click here.


GLS Awards 2014Heidi K. Brown was honored with a 2014 Global Legal Skills Award at the Ninth Annual Global Legal Skills Conference at the Collegio di Giurisprudenza at the Universita degli Studi di Verona in Verona, Italy. To read more, click  here.




Michael Perlin was recently elected co-chair of the Disability Rights Interest Group of the American Society of International law. To read more about the American Society of International Law, click here.





Featured video: Houman Shadab discussing whether the recent ruling by the IRS will help or hurt the bitcoin economy with Lee Pacchia ’06. To watch the complete video, click here.





Ronald Filler was re-elected as a Public Director of the National Futures Association. He was also elected for the first time to the Association’s Executive Committee. The NFA is the futures and derivatives industry’s self-regulatory organization, similar to FINRA for securities firms. To read more about the NFA elections, click here.



Featured video: Arthur Leonard answers the question of whether the fight for marriage equality is approaching its end game. Watch the complete video here.




Spotlight on Publications

To view a complete list of faculty publications from 2013, click here.


Professor Emeritus Michael B. Sinclair’s newest book, Karl Llewellyn’s Dueling Canons in Perspective, examines the twenty-eight pairs of “dueling canons,” the sources from which they were derived, their historical use in case law and treatises, their intuitive and theoretical justifications, and, critically, their contrariety. It is now available from Vandeplas Publishing here.





Professor Ruti Teitel’s new book, Globalizing Transitional Justice provides an interdisciplinary analysis of political and legal developments that impact the broader social and cultural tendencies of our time. Published by Oxford University Press this May, Professor Teitel is also the author of Humanity’s Law, and Transitional Justice. Order your copy of Globalizing Transitional Justice by clicking here.



blecker_death of punishmentProfessor Robert Blecker’s book The Death of Punishment analyzes the supporting arguments for the use of the death penalty in the criminal justice system. Professor Blecker is a widely known death penalty advocate. Published by Palgrave Macmillian, the book will hit the shelves this November. Order your copy by clicking here.





LiberalismUndressedcovProfessor Jethro Lieberman has also been receiving great reviews for his book, Liberalism Undressed. The New York Law Journal praised the book as “Lieberman’s masterwork, a brilliant, provocative and mature product of decades of thought about some of the most fundamental issues of our time or any time. The book catapults Lieberman to the first rank of modern political and legal philosophers.”