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Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Broad Institute wins heated dispute over CRISPR patents” – PBS (2/16)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “How UC-Berkeley’s CRISPR license could limit innovation” – The Mercury News (2/16)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Gene editing patent ruling sways fortune of biotech hopefuls” – AP (2/16)

Lenni Benson mentioned in “Shira Scheindlin Tackles Immigration Challenges” – Above the Law

Adele Bernhard quoted in “Retrial set for woman freed by new shaken-baby evidence” – Democrat & Chronicle (2/16)

Jacob Sherkow  quoted in “Harvard and MIT Scientists Win Gene-Editing Patent Fight” – New York Times; Broad Institute scientist prevails in epic patent fight over CRISPR” – Washington Post; Berkeley Suffers ‘Knockout Blow’ in Gene-Editing Patent Fight With MIT” – National Law Journal; Broad Institute Wins Big Battle Over CRISPR Gene-Editing Patent” – NPR; A Nasty DNA Patent Fight Just Ended But Experts Are Still Confused” — Buzzfeed; UC Berkeley suffers setback in patent battle over CRISPR gene-editing tool” – San Jose Mercury; UC Berkeley suffers big loss in CRISPR patent fight: What’s next?” – LA Times; Disputed CRISPR Patents Stay with Broad Institute, US Panel Rules” – Scientific American; Broad Institute prevails in heated dispute over CRISPR patents” – STAT News; Patent Office Hands Win in CRISPR Battle to Broad Institute” – Technology Review; Broad Institute Wins Big Battle Over CRISPR Gene-Editing Patent” — WPSU; Broad Wins CRISPR Patent Interference Case” – Scientist; Gene editing patent ruling sways fortune of biotech hopefuls” – Phys.Org; Round one of CRISPR patent legal battle goes to the Broad Institute” – Science; An irreverant guide to winners and losers in the CRISPR patent fight” – STAT News; Harvard, MIT scientists win gene-editing patent battle” – NORCAL; Broad Institute Wins Big Battle Over CRISPR Gene-Editing Patent” – WBUR; Broad Institute will retain CRISPR patents, ruling says” – Tech (2/15)

Ari Waldman quoted “Can a prenup for sex tapes keep you safe?” – CNN (2/15)

Andrew Scherer’s Right to Counsel Initiative featured “Up For Re-Election, De Blasio Finally Bows to Push for Taxpayer-Funded Lawyers in Housing Court” – Observer (2/12)

David Schoenbrod quoted “DeVos Meets With Staff as GOP Proposes Terminating ED” – THE Journal (2/10)

David Schoenbrod quoted in “About That Bill Abolishing the Department of Education” – NPR (2/9)

Gerald Korngold quoted in “SU law school Dean Craig Boise: Ex-cop, classical pianist who had to learn to be black” – (2/9)

Jim Simon quoted in “When Presidents Think about Defying the Courts” – The New Yorker (2/9)

Nadine Strossen quoted in “The Death of Free Speech” – Observer (2/7)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Waiting for the CRISPR patent decision? Here’s what we know

Lenni Benson mentioned in “Group Turns To Big Law for Major Immigrant Rights Effort” – New York Law Journal (2/6)

Lenni Benson quoted in “Precedent for Trump’s Muslim ban exists from nearly a century ago” – Times of Israel (2/3)

Lenni Benson quoted in “Immigration double-down: New DOJ immigration memo targets asylum seekers and vulnerable kids, attorneys say” – Vice News (2/2)

Lenni Benson quoted in “Microsoft to feds: Please exempt our immigrant workers hit by travel ban” – ARS Technica (2/2) 

Doni Gewirtzman quoted in “Senators Flirt With Nuclear Option Over High Court Pick” – Law360 (2/2)

Doni Gewirtzman quoted in “Gorsuch Likely to Restore Scalia-Era High Court Balance” – Law360 (1/31)

Ari Waldman quoted in “Crisis Mode: What happens if Donald Trump refuses a federal court order” – Slate (1/30)

Lenni Benson mentioned in “Legal Impact of President Trump’s Immigration Ban” – ABC News (1/30)

Lenni Benson quoted in “No, Judge’s Order Did Not Actually Stop Officials From Enforcing Most of Trump’s Refugee Ban” – Law Newz (1/29)

Ari Waldman quoted in “Crisis Mode: What happens if Donald Trump refuses a federal court order” – Slate (1/30)

Lenni Benson mentioned in “Legal Impact of President Trump’s Immigration Ban” – ABC News (1/30)

Lenni Benson quoted in “No, Judge’s Order Did Not Actually Stop Officials From Enforcing Most of Trump’s Refugee Ban” – Law Newz (1/29)

David Schoenbrod featured in Rethink Executive Authority and Congressional Oversight” – Common Good (1/17)

David Schoenbrod featured in “Regulatory Reform: A new approach for the Trump era” – Weekly Standard (1/30 issue)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Politicizing the FDA: What the Trump Win Means for New Pharma Regulations” – Regulatory Focus (1/19)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Who owns CRISPR?” – Lab News (1/17) 

Andrew Scherer quoted in “Video Evidence Emerges as Weapon in Landlord-Tenant Fights” – Wall Street Journal (1/11)

David Schoenbrod quoted in “Blame the Unelected Bureaucrats” – Bloomberg BNA Beyond the Hill blog (1/9)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Why the Patent Battle Over CRISPR Matters (and Why It Doesn’t)” – Gizmodo (1/9)

Art Leonard quoted in “How One Texas Judge May Have Sealed The Fate Of LGBTQ Rights Under Donald Trump” – Huffington Post (1/6)

Stacy-Ann Elvy mentioned “Joint Center Convening of Top Tech & Race Professors” – Joint Center Blog (1/6)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Could Amgen’s Patent Victory Be Bad For Medicine?” – Forbes (1/6)

David Schoenbrod quoted in “Rep. Cramer to Trump: Combine EPA, Energy Into One Agency – Bloomberg BNA (12/28)

Robert Blecker quoted in “US capital punishment fall to 40-year low in 2016” – BBC News (12/21)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Hep C Drug Patent Dispute May Cost Gilead $7.6 Billion” – Infectious Disease Special Edition (12/20)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “As Its Rivals Team Up, Editas Buys Next-Gen CRISPR From Old Friends” – Exome (12/19)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “CRISPR Trial Heats Up in Favor of MIT and Harvard” – Vice (12/16)

Lung-chu Chen interviewed “The Past and Future of US-Taiwan Relations: A Conversation With Lung-Chu Chen” – The Diplomat (12/14)

Houman Shadab quoted “Blockchain’s Smart Contracts: What’s Smart, What’s Not” – FinOps Report (12/13)

Doni Gewirtzman, co-signer of an open letter to President-Elect Trump, was featured in “Legal scholars to Trump: Abide by Constitution” – USA Today (12/13)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “The Latest in the CRISPR Inventorship Battle” – Biotechniques (12/13)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “New Developments in CRISPR Patent Case” – The Scientist (12/12)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Billions at Stake: UC Berkeley’s Day in Court vs. Harvard/MIT Over CRISPR” – KQED Science (12/8)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Berkeley, MIT Clash Over Right to Profit From Gene-Editing Bonanza” – Inside Counsel (12/8)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “CRISPR Oral Arguments Recap, Cont’d” – The Scientist (12/8)

Jacob Sherkow mentioned in “The Thrilla in Virginia: The CRISPR Battle Comes to a Crispy Head” – Fortune (12/7)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Expected U. Cal. Victory in Gene Editing Dispute in Question” Bloomberg BNA (12/7)

Houman Shadab quoted “Financial Counsel Prepare for Blockchain Heading Into 2017” – Legal Tech News (12/6) 

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Dueling Gene Tool Inventors Take Their Fight To Court” – Buzzfeed (12/6)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “CRISPR court hearing puts University of California on the defensive” – STAT (12/6) 

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Who owns CRISPR — one of the most important genetic inventions of our time?” – The Verge (12/6)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Arguments Heard in CRISPR Patent Battle” – The Scientist (12/6)

Nadine Strossen quoted in “Justice Scalia, Originalism, Free Speech And The First Amendment” – Above the Law (11/22)

Adele Bernhard quoted and NYLS Post-Conviction Innocence Clinic featured “N.Y. Appeals Court Backs Accused Woman in Shaken Baby Murder Case” – Wall Street Journal (11/16)

Art Leonard profiled in “CityLaw Profile: Arthur Leonard, Professor, Author, Editor, Chronicler, Composer, Bassist” – Citylaw (11/16)

Anthony Crowell quoted in “For Law Students Upset About Trump Win, Schools Lend Support” – National Law Journal (11/10)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Oral arguments set to begin next month in major CRISPR patent case” – STAT (11/7)

Ross Sandler and David Schoenbrod mentioned “The fix is in with Baltimore’s pending consent decree” – Baltimore Sun (11/6)

Joanne Doroshow quoted “Medical Apology Programs: A debate about medical malpractice reform” – Personal (11/3)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Science Rewards Eureka Moments, Except When It Doesn’t” – NPR (11/2)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Here’s The Fine Print on Mark Zuckerberg’s Plan to Cure Disease” – Buzzfeed (11/1)

Robert Blecker quoted in “Garner Case Sets Dangerous Precedent at DOJ” – Observer (11/1)

Richard Beck quoted in “The real estate investors’ guide to getting past Uncle Sam” – The Real Deal (11/1)

Nadine Strossen quoted in “Governor Cuomo’s Misguided—and Illegal—Sellout” – The Observer (10/25)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Stop “Gene Spills” Before They Happen” – MIT Technology Review (10/20)

Robert Blecker quoted in “Prosecutors Set to Walk Through Details of Etan Patz Case Once Again” – New York Times (10/18)

Ronald Filler quoted in “FINRA Still Struggling to Diversify Arbitrator Pool” – Bloomberg BNA (10/18)

Robert Blecker quoted in “As More Americans Turn on Death Penalty, Some States Weigh Harder Stance” – NBC News (10/17)

Nadine Strossen quoted in “If Donald Trump Sues The New York Times, He Will Lose” – The New Republic (10/13)

Adele Bernhard quoted in “Anthony DiPippo: Acquittal fuels hope for co-defendant Andrew Krivak” – The Journal News (10/12)

Robert Blecker interview (15 mins in) “Death Penalty In Ohio” on “All Sides Considered with Ann Fisher” – NPR/WOSU Public Radio (10/6)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Dramatic twists could upend patent battle over CRISPR genome-editing method” – Science (10/5)

Richard Beck quoted “How to (not) pay taxes like a developer” – The Real Deal (10/4)

Adele Bernhard featured in “Krivak follows DiPippo in new trial bid in ’94 slaying of Putnam girl” – Journal News (9/30)

Lenni Benson and Danielle Medaglia ’98 share remembrances of Chief Michael Fahy ’98 “Lawyer-Turned-Firefighter Killed by Bronx Blast Was ‘Centered’ “ – New York Law Journal (9/28)

Nadine Strossen share remembrance of Chief Michael Fahy ’98 “A Solemn Salute from Firefighters for their Fallen Comrade” – NY1 News (9/27)

Andrew Scherer quoted in Low-Income Tenants’ Right to Counsel Closer to Realization” – New York Law Journal (9/26)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Spats, sniping and science: the rows behind the Nobels” – Nature (9/26)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “EpiPen price hike comes under scrutiny” – The Lancet (9/24)

Robert Blecker quoted in Briefe in die Todeszelle” — Die ZEIT (9/22)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Breakthrough Gene Technology Attracts Investors Amid Patent Dispute” – Wall Street Journal (9/22)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Titanic clash over CRISPR patents turns ugly” – Nature (9/21)

Ruti Teitel tweeted about by ‏@NurembergAcadem “The event titled ‘Transitional Justice-Post War Legacies’ will feature reflections by @rutiteitel & @bettymurungi, both notable legal minds.” – Twitter (9/20)

Ross Sandler mentioned in “The Right Man for New York’s Toughest Job” – Observer (9/20)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “The Promise and Perils of Sharing Your DNA” – Undark (9/13)

Nadine Strossen featured in “When you think of free speech, think of “45” — New book by Stephen Solomon explains why” – Concurring Opinions (9/13)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “In CRISPR patent fight, geneticist George Church may be called to testify” – STAT (9/8)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in  “EpiPen’s Dominance Driven By Competitors’ Stumbles And Tragic Deaths” – NPR (9/7)

Kris Franklin mentioned in “New Law Teachers Gather in Washington, D.C. to Hear from Experienced Faculty” – AALS News (2016)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Behind the EpiPen controversy are questions about patents granted to drugmaker” – St. Louis Dispatch (9/4)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “That Other CRISPR Patent Dispute” –The Scientist (8/31)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Kenyon’s Closure Follows Trend of Disappearing IP Boutiques in NYC” –New York Law Journal (8/31)

Deborah Archer’s oral arguments in the case of Fairley v. Hattiesburg, Mississippi before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, mentioned by public-interest attorney Danielle Lang on Twitter: Excited to watch @DeborahNArcher argue to protect black voters in Hattiesburg, MS from unlawful vote dilution. Click here for the Tweet. – Twitter (8/29)

Ari Ezra Waldman quoted in “Will Hillary Clinton be the One to Crack Down on Revenge Porn?” GantNews (8/26)

Ross Sandler in “Recognition for Lawyers“ – New York Law Journal (8/26)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “How Mylan, the maker of EpiPen, became a virtual monopoly” – Washington Post (8/25)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Mylan Ceo Says Epipen Price Increase Makes ‘The World a Better Place’ “ – Iquistr (8/25)

Art Leonard mentioned in “7th Circuit opinion highlights confusion over LGBT discrimination protection” – The Indiana Lawyer (8/24)

Art Leonard article “Texas AG Wins Temporary Halt to Obama Order Giving Trans Students Access to Bathrooms Nationwide” – Gay City News (8/23)

Jake Sherkow quoted in “Tighter Patent Rules Could Help Lower Drug Prices, Study Shows” – NPR (8/23)

Michael Roffer published an article, “Something Wicked This Way Comes: A History of Witch Hunts” – (8/22)

Jacob Sherkow mentioned in “ ‘Biocurious’ about biotech? Here are 10 must-follow Twitter accounts” – STAT (8/22)

Robert Blecker published a column in “Caster Semenya Did Not Cheat—But Where Does She Belong?” – Observer (8/20)

Art Leonard quoted in “Reactions Mixed on Transgender Bias, Religious Freedom Ruling” – Bloomberg BNA (8/19)

Jake Sherkow quoted in “Student Alleges His Team Didn’t Earn CRISPR Patent” – The Scientist (8/18)

Art Leonard’s published articles “Supreme Court Blocks Virginia Trans Boy’s Bathroom Access,” “Gay Jamaican Immigrant Gets Deportation Reprieve,” and “Texas Denies Trans Man’s Request for Legal Gender Change” – Gay City News (8/18)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Patents vs. Market Exclusivity: Why Does it Take so Long to Bring Generics to Market?” – Regulatory Focus (8/17)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Lies, damn lies, and CRISPR: the legal battle escalates” – STAT (8/17)

Robert Blecker published column “Sore Sport’ Solo Has a Point” – Observer (8/17)

Robert Blecker published column “Michael Phelps Is Not the World’s Best Athlete—Yet” – Observer (8/16)

Robert Blecker published column “Katie Ledecky Is in a Class by Herself” – Observer (8/12)

Anthony Crowell and Ross Sandler mentioned in “City’s Health Chief to Speak on Zika Virus” – Tribeca Trib (8/12)

Jake Sherkow quoted in “CRISPR patent fight: The legal bills are soaring” – STAT (8/12)

Deborah Archer quoted in “Court decisions show new approach to voting rights cases” – The Hill (8/8)

Adele Bernhard featured in “Brooklyn prosecutorial unit has unusual mission: Setting convicts free” – LA Times (8/5)

Ross Sandler featured in “New York Law School Salutes Professor Ross Sandler as the American Bar Association’s Recipient of the Jefferson B. Fordham Lifetime Achievement Award” CityBiz List (8/4)

Robert Blecker interviewed “Bloomberg Law: Delaware High Court Bans Death Penalty” (audio) – Bloomberg Law Podcast (8/3)

Lenni Benson quoted in “Halt On Juvenile Immigrant Visa Leaves Thousands In Limbo” – NPR (7/28)

Ari Waldman quoted in “Two people found guilty in Snapchat sexual assault case” – CNN Money (7/19)

Ari Waldman quoted in “Is it legal for Taylor Swift to sue Kim and Kanye?” – Vogue (7/19)

Ari Waldman mentioned in “Off Broadway Review: Daniel Radcliffe in ‘Privacy’ “ – Variety (7/18)

Ari Waldman quoted in “Did Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Break the Law by Recording Taylor Swift?” – Time (7/18)

Houman Shadab quoted in “Everything you need to know about the Ethereum ‘hard fork’ “ – Quartz (7/18)

Robert Blecker quoted in “Plays Brady Can Try If The High Court Takes On Deflategate” – Law360 (7/14)

Ruti Teitel’s blog post “Elie Wiesel and the limits of witness” – Times of Israel (7/11)

Art Leonard quoted in “Dems’ intervention in sexual orientation bias case ‘influential’ “ – Business Insurance (7/11)

Art Leonard’s articles “Federal Court Blocks Anti-LGBT Mississippi Law” and “Equal Marriage Rights Means Two Moms” – Gay City News (7/7)

Ari Waldman featured in “Recognition for Lawyers” – New York Law Journal (7/6)

Deborah Archer quoted in “Majority of LGBTQ Victims of Harassment by NYPD are Black, Hispanic: Report” – DNA Info (6/30)

Lenni Benson quoted in “NYC couple charged with running prostitution ring in N.J. motels” – New York Daily News (6/30)

Michael Roffer’s book reviewed in “Michael H. Roffer, The Law Book: From Hammurabi to the International Criminal Court, 250 Milestones in the History of Law” -Law Library Lights

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “How Jennifer Doudna’s Gene Editing Technique Will Change The World“-Bloomberg Businessweek (6/29)

Art Leonard quoted in “Democratic lawmakers back anti-discrimination lawsuit by HIV-positive employee” – CNN (6/29)

Art Leonard quoted in “Council quiet on Campbell” – Denton Record Chronicle (6/27)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Drug industry overstates impact of patent reviews on innovation” – Stat (6/27)

Robert Blecker’s op-ed “Banning the Russians: Shall the Righteous Suffer With the Wicked?” – Observer (6/23)

Art Leonard’s new article “Title VII Sexual Orientation Bias Claims Divide Trial Courts” – Gay City News (6/23)

Michael Perlin’s book chapter “ ‘My Sense of Humanity Has Gone Down the Drain’: Stereotypes, Stigma and Sanism,” has been published in Stereotyping as a Human Rights Issue 95 (Profs. Alexandra Timmer & Eva Brehms, eds., Intersentia Press, 2016)

Ari Waldman featured in “National LGBT Bar Association Announces Their 2016 “Best LGBT Lawyers Under 40” – The LGBT Bar (6/22)

Nadine Strossen mentioned/pictured in “FAN 113 (First Amendment News) “Abrams Court” Breaks with Tradition & Allows Cameras in Courtroom” – Concurring Opinions (6/22)

Deborah Archer featured in “2016’s Most Diverse Cities in America” – WalletHub (6/21)

Ruti Teitel featured in video recording of “The Trial of the Juntas: rewriting the history of international criminal law” – Facebook (6/21)

Deborah Archer quoted in “As Airbnb Grows, So Do Claims of Discrimination” – The New York Times (6/21)

Nadine Strossen featured in Newseum video “Pear v. United States” – YouTube (6/16)

Ari Waldman quoted in “Mass. congresswoman carving out niche as critic of online abuse” – The Herald News (6/19)

Ari Waldman quoted in “Muslim woman deluged by ‘hate tweets’ after helping Homeland Security panel” – Local News 8 (6/19)

Art Leonard’s latest issue of “LGBT Law Notes” is available

Nadine Strossen quoted in “How far would President Trump’s terror crackdown go?” – The Washington Post (6/13)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Two U.S. Academic Institutions argue about who invented CRISPR – Fremont Technology Time” – Albany Daily Star (6/12)

Robert Blecker’s article “Taking on ‘Take Him Out’” – Observer (6/13)

Art Leonard’s article “On Pride’s Eve, the State of Transgender Equality” – Gay City News (6/9)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Big Pharma bombshell: Judge finds Merck lied in patent trial, overturns $200-million verdict” – Los Angeles Times (6/9)

David Schoenbrod featured in “Study: Obama Administration Repeatedly Ignored Rulemaking Requirements” – Heartlander (6/8)

Nadine Strossen quoted in “Accommodation Not Discrimination” – Observer (6/7)

Stacy-Ann Elvy featured in “Stacy-Ann Elvy” – The New York Law Journal (6/7)

Ari Waldman featured in “Ari Waldman” – The New York Law Journal (6/7)

Jacob Sherkow has a new article concerning the CRISPR patent disputed published in The Biochemist. The article, “Patents in the time of CRISPR,” concerns opposition proceedings to CRISPR patents filed both here and in Europe.

Deborah Archer quoted in “Cell-phone videos backing up complaints to the CCRB” – New York Post (6/6)

Deborah Archer quoted in “Civilian Complaints Against Police Drop 7 Percent, City Says” – DNA Info (6/6)

Robert Blecker featured in “Cruel and Unusual” – WNYC (6/2)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Do Patents Promote or Stall Innovation?” – The Scientist (6/1)

Ruti Teitel article “The Project of Collective Memory – An Uneasy Connection to Reconciliation?” – ICTJ (6/1)

Lung-chu Chen mentioned in “Taiwan in Time: Taiwan’s last US ambassador” – Taipei Times (5/29)

Art Leonard quoted in “Bathroom lawsuit could send transgender rights to Supreme Court” – Reuters (5/27)

Art Leonard article, “Retroactivity of Supreme Court Marriage Ruling Weighed, Ducked” – Gay City News (5/26)

Robert Blecker featured in “Physics, Engineering Professors Admonish NFL’s Science, Support Tom Brady In Amicus Brief With Second Circuit” – CBS Boston (5/24)

Anthony Crowell quoted in “Law Grad Job Rates Inch Up in NY as Class Size Declines” – New York Law Journal (5/20)

Erika Wood featured in “Podcast: Felons and the right to vote” – Constitution Daily (5/19)

Erika Wood was interviewed by Jeffrey Rosen as part of the National Constitution Center’s “We the People” podcast.  The We the People podcast averages 400,000 monthly downloads (5/18)

Robert Blecker quoted in “Pfizer ban on lethal drug sales complicates executions in 20 states” – Fox News (5/17)

Michael Roffer ’83 featured in “AALL Names 2016 Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award Winner” – AALL (5/16)

Art Leonard’s article, “Resistance on Bathrooms, Marriage Sparks Flood of Litigation” – Gay City News (5/12)

Art Leonard’s article, “Conviction Nixed, But No Wrongful Imprisonment Suit for Poz Man” – Gay City News (5/12)

Art Leonard’s article, “75 Years for Poz Man’s Unprotected Sex With Gay Teen Upheld Man” – Gay City News (5/12)

Richard Chused quoted in “Is HBO Censoring the ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoiler?” – Corporate Counsel (5/10)

Art Leonard quoted in “The North Carolina Fight Could Be A Watershed Moment For Trans Rights” – TPM (5/10)

Jacob Sherkow article, “Protecting products versus platforms” – Nature Biotechnology (May 2016)

Art Leonard’s May 2016 LGBT Law Notes Podcast (5/7)

Art Leonard quoted in “APPEALS COURTS MULL TITLE VII PROTECTIONS FOR GAY WORKERS” – Westlaw Journal Employment (4/26)

Joanne Doroshow quoted in “Customers Could File Class Action Lawsuits Against Banks Under Proposed Rule” – ABC News (5/5)

Nadine Strossen featured in “Sparks Fly in Internet Surveillance Debate” – MeriTalk (5/4)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Drug Price Debate: Can An Obscure Supreme Court Patent Case Lead To Lower Prescription Prices?” – International Business Times (4/28)

Ruti Teitel mentioned in “Ethiopia: From Survivance All the Way to Reconstruction – the Oromo Pursuit of Equaliberty” – allafrica (4/22)

Nadine Strossen interviewed in “Banning Pornography is Demeaning to Women” – Spiked (4/29)

Ari Waldman quoted in “The dark side of livestreaming: Periscoping a rape” – CNN Money (4/29)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Scientists solve CRISPR’s ‘Energizer bunny’ problem” – Stat News (4/27)

Robert Blecker quoted in “Mark Patinkin: All the answers to your Deflategate questions” – Providence Journal (4/26)

Houman Shadab mentioned in “The blockchain revolution, smart contracts and financial transactions” – DLA Piper (4/26)

Robert Blecker quoted in “Tom Brady’s lawyers missed the point: his innocence” – The Washington Post (4/25)

Robert Blecker quoted in “Lawyers missed it: Brady’s innocent” – The Journal Gazette (4/26)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Turns out hedge funds have an incentive to control drug prices” – Marketplace (4/25)

Nadine Strossen mentioned in “Law forbids you from using Facebook — but, hey, you can use the Paula Deen Network instead” – The Washington Post (4/25)

Erika Wood mentioned in “Restoring Voting Rights to Former Felony Offenders” – City Lab (4/22)

Michael Roffer ’83 article “Five Times the Government Tried to Regulate Sin” – (4/22)

Ari Waldman quoted in “Why Would Anyone Film A Rape And Not Try To Stop It?” – Huffpost College (4/21)

Nadine Strossen featured in “Questions that concern of Nadine Strossen” – Haaretz (4/22) [This article is in Hebrew – your browser should allow you to translate it to English, and we will provide a translated version if and when one becomes available]

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Will CRISPR mushroom change the GM debate?” – Frontline Genomics (4/21)

Art Leonard did a live internet radio interview with the Michelangelo Signorile Program. The subject was the 4th Circuit’s ruling on transgender restroom access under Title IX, and its potential impact in the lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s H.B. 2. – SiriusXM Progress Radio (4/20)

Art Leonard’s article “Gay Gladiator Can Pursue Public Nudity Lawsuit” – Gay City News (4/14)

Michael Perlin featured in “‘Roast Busters’ case drives calls for sexual violence court” – Radionz (4/15)

Art Leonard’s article “In Virginia Case, Fourth Circuit Deals Blow to North Carolina “Bathroom” Provisions” – Gay City News (4/19)

David Schoenbrod blog post “Why Dilma got impeached and her US counterparts don’t” – American Enterprise Institute (4/19)

James Simon quoted in “When a Senator Passes Judgment on a Chief Justice” – The New York Times (4/18)

Andrew Scherer article “Right to Counsel in Housing Court: The Bottom Line” – Huffpost New York (4/18)

Jacob Sherkow featured in “PTAB Statistics From Spring BIO IPCC Meeting” – Patent Docs (4/17)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “What is CRISPR and what does it mean for genetics?” – Cosmos Magazine (4/18)

Deborah Archer mentioned in “Civilian Complaint Review Board Chairman Richard Emery steps down a day after he was sued over misogynistic comments” – New York Daily News (4/14)

Jacob Sherkow featured in “Bloomberg Best Special: What is CRISPR? (Audio)” – Bloomberg Radio (4/14)

Deborah Archer mentioned in “CCRB boss accused of calling female staffers ‘pussies’ resigns” – New York Post (4/13)

Deborah Archer mentioned in “Richard Emery, CCRB chair, quits amid controversy” – AM New York (4/13)

Deborah Archer mentioned in “Richard Emery, Accused of Sexist Remarks, Quits Police Review Board” – The New York Times (4/13)

Deborah Archer mentioned in “NYPD watchdog agency chief who used offensive words resigns” – Newsday (4/13)

Deborah Archer mentioned in “NYPD Watchdog Group Chair Richard Emery Resigns Amidst Scandal” – DNAinfo (4/13)

Deborah Archer mentioned in “Head of NYPD Watchdog Resigns” – The Wall Street Journal (4/13) [Subscription required]

Stacy-Ann Elvy featured in “Mount Vernon’s Stacy-Ann Elvy Gains Recognition As Legal Rising Star” – Mount Vernon Daily Voice (4/12)

Jacob Sherkow’s article, “Pursuit of Profit Poisons Collaboration” was published in the science journal Nature on Wednesday. The article discusses the CRISPR patent dispute and several conflicts of interest that may arise from universities’ involvement in the commercialization of research (4/11)

Nadine Strossen featured in “Critics say new policies can stifle free speech” – Albuquerque Journal (4/9)

Art Leonard’s April podcast published, LGBT Law Notes (4/9)

Art Leonard’s new article, “Defying the First Amendment, Mississippi Enacts “Freedom of Conscience” Law” – Gay City News (4/8)

Art Leonard’s new article, “District Court Finally Resolves Puerto Rico Marriage Equality Challenge” – Gay City News (4/8)

Andrew Scherer quoted in “How to Solve the Housing Crisis: More Lawyers – Bloomberg” (4/8)

Andrew Scherer mentioned in “Big Ideas. Locally Grown.” – New York Foundation (4/8)

Sadiq Reza article, “Divorce lies and litigation: curbing both with evidentiary hearings” – Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (4/7) [Subscription required]

Stacy-Ann Elvy, Ari Waldman, and Pei Pei Cheng-de Castro ’00 featured in “2016 Rising Stars” – New York Law Journal (4/6)

Anthony Crowell mentioned in “The Week Ahead in New York Politics, April 4” – Gotham Gazette (4/3)

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Jacob Sherkow quoted in “In CRISPR Patent Interference, Parties Argue Over What to Argue About” – GenomeWeb (3/29) [Registration required]

Ron Filler’s article, “The 7th Circuit and Sentinel —  Five Times a Charm!”, will be published in the April 2016 issue of the Futures & Derivatives Law Report.  This article analyses the five cases before the 7th Circuit involving the bankruptcy of, and the fraud committed by the principals of, Sentinel Management, a brokerage firm and investment adviser, and BNY Mellon, acting as the custodian bank for Sentinel.

Jacob Sherkow mentioned in “Two U.S. Academic Institutions argue about who invented CRISPR” – Albany Daily Star (3/28)

Joanne Doroshow was mentioned in “Directly Accountable: A stark Ohio case shows how tort reform harms victims of sexual assault” – Slate (3/28)

Houman Shadab was mentioned in “Make Elites Compete: Why the 1% Earn So Much and What to do About It”  – Brookings Institute (3/26)

The most recent edition of the Journal of Taxation and Regulation of Financial Institutions, edited by Houman Shadab, is now available online. The issue includes the article, “Endowed by the Crowd? Insights Into the New Wave of Crowdfunding and Its Viability,” co-authored by Ethan Silver ’02, and articles on management fee waiver arrangements for private fund sponsors and U.S. tax issues for foreign lenders (3/25)

Jacob Sherkow appeared in a special segment on Bloomberg Radio with business reporter Tom Moroney discussing the patent dispute over CRISPR, a breakthrough piece of biotechnology.

Robert Blecker featured in “NFL’s lawyer in Brady appeal is pressed to correct misstatements to Court” – NBC Sports (3/24)

Robert Blecker featured in “Clement calls attack on misstatements “procedurally improper and wholly unfounded” – NBC Sports (3/24)

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Robert Blecker featured in “NFL Lawyer Intentionally Misled DeflateGate Judges, New Letter To Court Alleges” – CBS Boston (3/21)


Michael Roffer ’83 book reviewed in “The Law Book: From Hammurabi to International Criminal Court, 250 Milestones in History of Law” – New York Law Journal (3/18)

Brandt Goldstein quoted in “Would-Be Asylum Seekers Are Stuck At Guantanamo Bay” – Buzzfeed (3/20)

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Robert Blecker featured in “Sally Jenkins: In Deflategate, who is the real cheater, Tom Brady or Roger Goodell?” – The Bulletin (3/3)

R.B. Bernstein had an article published on Oxford University Press’s Academic Insights for the Thinking World blog titled “John Marshall, the lame-duck appointment to Chief Justice.”

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “A billion-dollar patent fight over gene editing hits the court” – Stat (2/25)

Nadine Strossen featured in “Former ACLU president slams liberals for waning support of free speech: ‘It really appalls me’” – The Washington Times (2/24)

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Nadine Strossen quoted in “Former ACLU president blames liberal faculties for erosion of free speech on campuses” – Campus Reform (2/23)

Houman Shadab quoted in “Blockchain Has Stolen Much of Bitcoin’s Spotlight”— Bloomberg  BNA (2/23) [ATTACHED]

Andrew Scherer quoted in “Can a Co-op Board Say “Don’t Feed the Birds”?” – Habitat (2/23)

Nadine Strossen featured in “Ex-ACLU president: Applaud Purdue speech policy” – JConline (2/22)

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Jacob Sherkow quoted in “These Women Helped Create CRISPR Gene Editing. So Why Are They Written Out of Its History?” – Tech.Mic (1/22)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “These Women Helped Create CRISPR Gene Editing. So Why Are They Written Out of Its History?” – Yahoo News (1/22)

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The December issue of Arthur Leonard’s “Lesbian/Gay Law Notes” is published. (12/3)

Nadine Strossen mentioned in “Second Circuit rules for accused ‘cannibal cop’.” – Washington Post (12/3)

Jethro Lieberman’s new blog, “Taking Offense,” is available. (12/2)

Andrew Scherer article published, “Community Preservation and Heritage Conservation in Downtown Yangon: Seven Lessons for Law and Policy” in “Building the Future: The Role of Heritage in the Sustainable Development of Yangon” – World Monuments Fund – (December 2015)

Nadine Strossen quoted in “free speech is under attack on the nation’s campuses with too few willing to defend it.” – Chronicles (11/30)

Robert Blecker featured in “Mark Patinkin: Science could finally take air out of NFL’s Deflategate claims” – Providence Journal (11/29)

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Nadine Strossen quoted in “Political correctness: In American colleges, education is an unsafe trigger word – Australian Financial Review (11/28)

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “US Judge Lets Michigan Transgender ID Challenge Go Forward.” – Gay City News (11/27)

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Robert Blecker mentioned in “SIMON SAYS: The Daily Show segment on death penalty is polluted with misunderstandings.” – The Daily Nebraskan (11/18)

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Robert Blecker mentioned in “SIMON SAYS: The Daily Show segment on death penalty is polluted with misunderstandings” – The Daily Nebraskan (11/18)

Robert Blecker quoted in “Execution rates in US drop to 24-year low” – Al Jazeera America (11/16)

Robert Blecker quoted in “Mark Patinkin: Goodell should punt but won’t let Deflategate go” – Providence Journal (11/10)

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Nadine Strossen quoted in “Troubling trend seen in campus protests.” – Portland Press Herald (11/15)

Robert Blecker quoted in “US executions hit 20-year low thanks to legal challenges, drug shortages and prosecution costs.” – Mirror (11/15)

Nadine Strossen quoted in “Amid student protests, some see erosion of free speech on campuses.” – Trib Live (11/15)

Robert Blecker quoted in “Executions in US slow as states take second look at capital punishment.” – Raw Story (11/15)

Robert Blecker quoted in “Death Penalties, Executions Slow As Capital Punishment Is Squeezed.” – Huffington Post (11/15)

Arthur Leonard’s new article published, “US Judge Embraces EEOC Equating of Sexual Orientation, Sex Discrimination” – Gay City News (11/12)

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Lenni Benson featured in “The Other Refugee Crisis” – (11/6)

Arthur Leonard’s monthly Lesbian/Gay Law Notes podcast for November is now available – (11/6)

Richard Sherwin’s article, “Too Late for Thinking,” has made the Top Ten list on the following SSRN journal and topic sites: Epistemology eJournal Top Ten,  PRN: Perception (Topic) Top Ten,  PRN: Philosophy of Perception (Topic) Top Ten and Philosophy of Mind eJournal Top Ten.  To read the article, click here. (11/6)

Nadine Strossen mentioned in “College students don’t need speech police.” – Press-Telegram (11/5)

Robert Blecker was featured on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show in a segment about capital punishment and a legislative vote abolishing it in Nebraska. To watch the segment, click here. (11/5)

Ari Ezra Waldman featured in “Cyberbullying victims unite in new campaign.” – MSNBC (11/3)

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Ari Ezra Waldman mentioned in “SXSW Organizers Schedule Online Harassment Summit.” – PC Magazine (10/30)

Arthur Leonard’s new article published, “NY Judge Finds False Claim Someone is HIV-Positive Defamatory.” – Gay City News (10/29)

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Brandt Goldstein and “Storming the Court” symposium featured in “Youthful Exuberance.” – Observer (10/20)

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Nadine Strossen featured in “How Sexual-Harassment Policies Are Diminishing Academic Freedom.” – The Atlantic (10/20)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted in “Dewey Mistrial Extends White-Collar Setbacks for Manhattan District Attorney.” – Wall Street Journal (10/20)

Andrew Scherer quoted in “You’re on candid camera: Toledano tenants bring alleged harassment evidence to court.” – The Real Deal (10/19)

Andrew Scherer and Menachem Kastner ’76 quoted in “Tenants in New York Press the Record Button in a Dispute With the Landlord.” – NY Times (10/18)

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Ari Ezra Waldman article, “For Tyler: How One Man Is Taking on Cyberbullies.” – The Advocate (10/8)

Tyler Clementi Conference and Ari Ezra Waldman featured in “L.A. LGBT Center Expands School Anti-Bullying Program Nationwide.” – Frontiers Media (10/7)

NYLS and Richard Marsico featured in “New High School Weaves the Law Into Lessons.” – New York Law Journal (10/6)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “New Protein Clouds IP Landscape for CRISPR.” – GEN News (10/6)

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Bass wins single victory at PTAB but questions remain who will lose the ‘war.’ – Inside Counsel (10/5)

Houman Shadab quoted in “Bitcoin Exchange Founded by Winklevoss Twins Debuts as Gemini.” – Bloomberg (10/5)

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Arthur Leonard’s article, “Trans Victory in Prison Rape Elimination Act Complaint,” was recently published. – Gay City News (10/1)

Michael Botein quoted in “NBC talks with Ch. 7 could bring shake-up to Boston TV.” [] (10/1)

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Robert Blecker published an op-ed, “Counterpoint: Why Illinois should reinstate death penalty.” – Chicago Sun Times (10/1)

Houman Shadab quoted in “US student loans provider SoFi raises $1bn.” [Financial Times] (9/30)

Ari Ezra Waldman blog entry, “The Anti-Privacy Activities of Anti-Choice Activists.” [PrawfsBlawg] (9/30)

Adjunct Professor Lucas A. Ferrara featured in “Nine Newman Ferrara Attorneys Make List of New York’s Super Lawyers, Rising Stars, and Top 100” [BusinessWire] (9/30)

Arthur Leonard’s latest blog entry was published online, “NYLS Impact Center Salon on Transgender Issues.” [Art Leonard Observations] (9/29)

Robert Blecker was interviewed on radio show Downtown with Rich Kimball on Maine radio station AM620 WZON, “New York Law professor Robert Blecker on deflate-gate’s ‘smoking gun,’ [AM 620 WZON] (9/29)

Arthur Leonard blog entry, “NYLS Impact Center Salon on Transgender Issues.” [Art Leonard Observations] (9/28)

Andrew Scherer’s letter to the editor, titled “Lawyers for Tenants,” was published. [New York Daily News] (9/27)

David Chang featured in “People on the Move.” [New York Business Journal] (9/23)

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David Chang mentioned in “Job Changes.” [Inside Higher Ed] (9/17)

Robert Blecker quoted in “A Possibly Innocent Oklahoma Death Row Inmate Caught a Break Hours Before His Execution.” [Vice] (9/16)

Houman Shadab cited in “CFTC Brings First Bitcoin Enforcement Action, Further Clarifying U.S. Regulatory Landscape for Virtual Currencies.” [Davis Polk]

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “How The US Subsidizes Cheap Drugs For Europe” [International Business Times]

Nadine Strossen Keynote Address: FIRE FSN Conference [Linkis]

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Houman Shadab quoted in “CFTC Settlement: Virtual Currency a Commodity.” [Bloomberg BNA]

Houman Shadab quoted in “CFTC Ruling Defines Bitcoin and Digital Currencies as Commodities” [CoinDesk]

New York law professor [Robert Blecker]: Deflategate ‘based on a tissue of lies’ [247Sports]

Former ACLU President [Nadine Strossen] To Speak At Constitution Event At WestConn In Danbury [Daily Voice]

First Peer-Reviewed Academic Bitcoin Journal, Ledger, Launches and Issues Call for Papers [Houman Shadab] [Bitcoin Magazine]

NY law professor [Robert Blecker] finds NFL’s ‘smoking gun’ in Deflategate [Boston Herald]

Kris Franklin featured in “Winning At Salary Poker: How to Negotiate Like a Pro” [Savvy]

Houman Shadab mentioned in “A Quarterly Academic Journal on Bitcoin Comes Into Existence.” [Coinfox]

Deborah Archer’s new article, “Stuck on Simple: The Challenge of Moving Beyond Diversity to Inclusion.” [The Huffington Post]

Robert Blecker mentioned in “Professor attacks NFL for Framegate and it’s glorious.” [WEEI]

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “Appeals Court Finds Transgender Mexican Refugees Entitled to US Protection,” published. [Gay City News]

Andrew Scherer’s letter to the editor, under the headline “Homeless in New York: Ways to Help.” [The New York Times]

Houman Shadab quoted in “Trust, Law Enforcement and Killer Apps: Consensus 2015 Morning Sessions.” [CoinDesk]

Houman Shadab quoted in “Visa, Nasdaq, Others Invest $30 Million in Bitcoin-Related Startup.” [The Wall Street Journal]

Robert Blecker appeared in a lengthy interview about Deflategate on “60 Minutes Sports.” It is available on Showtime On Demand.

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Genome Editing Writ Large.” [Chemical & Engineering News]

Ari Waldman and Arthur Leonard quoted in “Why Did the Feds Bust Rentboy?” [Vice]

Arthur Leonard’s podcast, “Lesbian/Gay Law Notes Podcast: September 2015.” [LeGal]

Robert Blecker’s article, ““DeflateGate, And The Patriots’ False Appearance Of Guilt,” was published in Cognoscenti, part of WBUR, Boston’s NPR News Station.

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Hayman Capital’s Kyle Bass Vows to Continue Drug-Patent Challenges.” [The Wall Street Journal]

Nadine Strossen, Jessica Richardson ’13, and Stephen Harding ’12  featured in “Former ACLU President Nadine Strossen will be the keynote speaker at WCSU’s Constitution Day.” [Ridgefield’s Hamlet Hub]

Robert Blecker quoted in “Brady, Goodell Don’t Reach Deal; Judge Will Rule On ‘Deflategate.’” [NPR]

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Drug-Industry Rule Would Raise Medicare Costs.” [The Wall Street Journal]

Robert Blecker’s new article, “DeflateGate, And The Patriots’ False Appearance Of Guilt.” [Cognoscenti]

Arthur Leonard’s article “As LGBT Groups Call For Decriminalizing Sex Work, Government Moves on” [Gay City News]

Ari Waldman quoted in “Ashley Madison Users Sue Over Data Breach.” [Bloomberg]

Lenni Benson and Safe Passage Project quoted in “Immigration Crisis Shifts From Border to Courts.” [The New York Times]

Adjunct Joseph Farelli ’94 quoted in “Economic Driver: NLRB Gives College Sports an Open Door for More Unionizing.” [Telegram]

Robert Blecker featured in “Law Professors Give Opinions on Tom Brady’s Appeal.” [Newsday]

Houman Shadab mentioned in “Next-Gen Prediction Market To Test Limits in D.C.” [Politico]

Arthur Leonard’s article “Baker Denying Gay Couple a Wedding Cake Loses Appeal” [Gay City News]

Arthur Leonard’s article “Nebraska Judge Throws Out Anti-Gay Adoption Foster Care Policy” [Gay City News]

Arthur Leonard’s article “Sixth Circuit: Marriage Ruling Irrelevant to Gay Equal Protection Claim” [Gay City News]

Arthur Leonard’s article, “Kentucky County Clerk Defies Federal Court, Then Wins Stay” [Gay City News]

Ari Waldman’s post, “What the Ashley Madison Hack Teaches Us About Digital Privacy Invasions.”

Anthony Crowell quoted in “JCOPE reviewers meet with commission critics.” [Politico New York]

Robert Blecker’s op-ed, “Who’s The Real Cheater In Deflategate?” [Law 360]

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Judge Rules Drug Companies Have Right to Market Non-FDA Approved Drug Uses: Unconscionable.” [Ring of Fire]

Anthony Crowell’s new article, “New York City Law Schools Give Students an Edge While Serving Many Needs.” [New York Law Journal]

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Obama-Appointed Judge Gives Potentially Breakthrough Ruling Giving Drug Companies the Right to Market Drugs for Uses not Approved by FDA.” [All Gov]

Marshall Tracht quoted in “A&P union battle expected in bankruptcy court.”  [lohud]

Robert Blecker quoted in Andrea Peyser’s column, under “The good life – for monsters”  [New York Post]

Robert Blecker quoted in “Death Penalty Ruling May Pave Way for National Abolitionists.”  [AP]

Houman Shadab quoted in “Institutional Bitcoin Exchange Gemini Prepares for Launch.” [Brave New Coin]

Alan Appel’s paper, “The Government Strikes Back— New IRS Notice Strengthens Anti-Inversion Rules,” published in the Journal of Taxation and Regulation of Financial Institutions, was recently listed on SSRN’s Top Ten download list for: Applied Accounting – Practitioner eJournal; CGN: Other Corporate Governance: Disclosure, Internal Control, & Risk-Management; ERN: Other Political Economy: Taxation, Subsidies, & Revenue; and PSN: Taxation.

Lawrence S. Feld quoted in “California Doctor Avoids Jail for Undisclosed Luxembourg Account” and “U.S. Court Sentences Paid for Undisclosed Offshore Accounts.”  [Tax Analysts]

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Federal Judge’s Ruling Bars FDA From Restricting Off-Label Marketing.” [California Healthline]

Lucas A. Ferrara quoted in “Dealing With a Possible Hoarder.” [The New York Times]

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “FDA barred from restricting company’s promotion of fish-oil drug.” [The Washington Post]

Stephen Ellmann’s appointment the Martin professor of law mentioned in Politico’s daily email.

Richard Chused mentioned in an article featuring his wife, “Elizabeth Langer brings paintings, drawings, collages to Chilmark library.” [MV Times]

Stephen Ellmann featured “Job Changes Information: Stephen J. Ellmann.” [Inside Higher Ed]

Stephen Ellmann featured in “Stephen J. Ellmann Appointed Martin Professor of Law at New York Law School” [citybizlist]

Robert Blecker mentioned in “The Pollard Pawn.” [Observer]

Ruti Teitel’s paper, “Humanity Bounded and Unbounded: The Regulation of External Self-Determination under International Law,” was recently listed on SSRN’s Top Ten download list for “Other Conflict Prevention, Management & Resolution.”

Houman Shadab quoted in “American Banker Conference: Lines Drawn in Blockchain Debate.” [Coin Desk]

Houman Shadab mentioned in “Winklevoss Twins Hoping to Nationalize their Bitcoin Exchange.” [News BTC]

The Charter High School for Law and Social Justice, founded by NYLS as a result of a partnership between Richard Marsico and the College of Mount St. Vincent,  mentioned in “Reflecting on his own education, Buery advises charter students.”  [Chalkbeat New York]

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “European Court Orders Italy to Create Same-Sex Partnerships” [Gay City News]

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “Federal Court Applies Labor Relations Statute to Trans Job Claim”  [Gay City News]

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “EEOC Says Gays Protected Against Employment Discrimination” [Gay City News]

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “Appeals Court Tosses Out City’s Adult Business Zoning” [Gay City News]

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “For the First Time, Wide-Ranging LGBT Equality Bill Reaches Congress” [Gay City News]

Houman Shadab mentioned in “Winklevoss Twins File Paperwork to Operate Gemini Bitcoin Exchange” [Reuters]

Arthur Leonard was interviewed on “The Michelangelo Signorile Show” about a recent EEOC ruling that discrimination based on sexual orientation violates Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Arthur Leonard’s new podcast: “Lesbian/Gay Law Notes Podcast: Summer 2015.” [LeGaL]

Arthur Leonard’s recent article, “US Court Refuses to Dismiss Transgender Professor’s Sex Bias Suit” [Gay City News]

Arthur Leonard’s recent article, “NYS Appellate Ruling Shows Dangers of Homemade Wills” [Gay City News]

Arthur Leonard’s recent article, “US Court Offers Lesbian Navy Vet Peace of Mind on Burial With Spouse” [Gay City News]

Arthur Leonard quoted in “Biden & gays celebrate at Wall Street event.” [Downtown Express]

Anthony Crowell quoted in “Getting in uniform.” [Chicago Daily Law Bulletin]

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “Transgender Challenge to NYS Medicaid Regs Survives Motion to Dismiss” [Gay City News]

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “Trans Inmate’s Sex Reassignment Suit Revived.” [Gay City News]

Robert Blecker featured in “Att döda i lagens namn [To kill in the name of law?]” in Sweden’s leading newspaper. [Dagens Nyheter]

Nadine Strossen’s participation in the American Constitution Society’s 2014-2015 Supreme Court Review conference is featured in “Strossen Speaks at ACS on 2014-2015 Term.”

Frank Bress quoted in “Cosby sex scandal deepens with drug admission.”

Arthur Leonard Out-FM interview featured in “Podcast: Analysis of Supreme Ct. Gay  Marriage Ruling.”

Nadine Strossen quoted in “K-12 Issues Within Broad Sweep of Recent High Court Rulings.”

Robert Blecker quoted in “Supreme Court decision adds to ongoing debate about lethal injection.”

Stacy-Ann Elvy’s new article, “A Postcolonial Theory of Spousal Rape: The Caribbean and Beyond,” was recently listed on SSRN’s Top Ten download list for State Formation & Transformation and Women, Law, & Human Rights eJournal. The article is published in the Michigan Journal of Gender & Law, Vol. 22, No. 1, 2015.

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “Court Says US Housing Law May Allow Sexual Orientation Bias Claims”  [Gay City News], is available

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “New York Court Rejects Challenge to Gay Man’s Will” [Gay City News], is available

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “Upstate Lesbian Co-Parent Denied Standing to Seek Custody” [Gay City News], is available

Arthur Leonard discussed the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision in a video entitled “Out Leadership: What’s Next After Marriage Equality?”  He appeared at the 2:24 mark. [Out Leadership]

Robert Blecker interviewed before and after the sentencing of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev [AP Radio]

Arthur Leonard is interviewed in “Rejoicing Over Historic Same-Sex Marriage Ruling, Cornellians Say Decision Is Only First Step.” [The Cornell Daily Sun]

Arthur Leonard is interviewed in “LGBT Pride Special Sun. June 28th noon-3pm” [Out-FM]

Arthur Leonard is interviewed in “New York played influential role in helping fuel gay marriage momentum” [WPIX]

Arthur Leonard discusses the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision in his article, “Justice Kennedy Focuses on Fundamental Right to Marry, Protected Liberty” [Gay City News]

Arthur Leonard discusses the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision in his podcast, “Lesbian/Gay Law Notes Podcast: Special Obergefell v. Hodges Decision Edition” [Le-GaL]

Andrew Scherer quoted in “Supreme Court Says Plaintiffs Can Challenge ‘Unconscious Prejudices’ In Fair Housing Case.” [International Business Times]

Andrew Scherer quoted in “The Supreme Court Walks a Fine Line on Race” [The Atlantic]

Andrew Scherer quoted in “The Other Disaster the Supreme Court Prevented Yesterday” [The Fiscal Times]

Andrew Scherer quoted in “Justices Uphold Broad Reading Of Bias In Housing Law” [Law 360]

Robert Blecker’s letter to the editor, “In Jail, Presumed Innocent.”

Michael Perlin quoted in “Attorneys for Colorado gunman to open defense case Thursday.”

Robert Blecker quoted in “Will he break his silence? Sentenced to death, what to expect from Boston bomber.”

Robert Blecker quoted in “Years of red tape between Boston bomber and execution”

Robert Blecker quoted in “Boston Bomber Will Get Chance to Break Silence at Sentencing.”

Robert Blecker mentioned in “Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates: Should We Abolish the Death Penalty.”

Jacob Sherkow quoted in “Editing the Software of Life, for Fame and Fortune.”

Houman Shadab mentioned in “Augur, Decentralized Prediction Marketplace, Launches Alpha.”

Houman Shadab mentioned in “Blockchain Workshop to Educate Financial Industry About Digital Currency.”

Houman Shadab mentioned in “Bitcoin Education for Financial Execs Through The Blockchain Workshop.”

Lenni Benson quoted in “Diplomacy could hold key to fugitive case.”

Robert Blecker’s testimony before the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee on the death penalty featured in “State House panel examines death penalty in Pennsylvania.”

Andrew Scherer quoted in “Feds Favor Private Over Public Housing Investment, Leaving Millions Out in Cold.”

Anthony Crowell featured in “Dean Limelight: Anthony Crowell, New York Law School.”

Arthur Leonard participated in a televised discussion about same-sex marriage and the upcoming Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges.  The segment was entitled “BK Live 6.9.15: Same Sex Marriage.”

Arthur Leonard participated in a webcast for the Cornell-Industrial & Labor Relations Scheinman Institute on what people in public education should know about LGBTQ legal issues.

Michael Perlin quoted in “Gunman’s mental illness a wildcard for Aurora theater shooting jurors.”

Nadine Strossen mentioned in “Brief of the Week: Another Sign Ordinance Case Awaits Supreme Court Action”

Arthur Leonard’s June podcast is now live.

Lung-chu Chen  quoted in “How the IDF Works to Prevent Civilian Casualties.”

The May/June 2015 issue of the Journal of Taxation and Regulation of Financial Institutions, edited by Houman Shadab, is now available online. The issue includes articles on bank liquidity regulations and target allocations in investment funds.

Robert Blecker spoke on BBC World Newshour in a segment entitled “Is America’s Death Penalty Dying?”

Robert Blecker quoted in “Will the UN Be the Next FIFA?”

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “Even With Marriage Equality, Parental Status Conflicts Persist.”

Robert Blecker quoted in “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the federal death penalty.”

Rebecca Roiphe’s review, “Are Prosecutors the Constitution’s Gatekeepers?,” of Russell Gold’s law review article, “Beyond the Judicial Fourth Amendment: The Prosecutor’s Role.”

Rebecca Roiphe’s interview about prosecutorial ethics, “The Power of the Prosecutor,” with host Joel Cohen and Fordham Law Professor Bruce Green, will be Talks On Law’s featured video of the week, is now available.

Arthur Leonard has a new faculty video interview with Lee Pacchia ’06 of Mimesis, about a recent decision issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on transgender rights.

Doni Gewirtzman’s new article, “Complex Experimental Federalism,” published in the Buffalo Law Review, was among the Top Ten most downloaded State Politics and Policy articles on SSRN over the last 60 days.

Allen Appel’s new faculty video interview with Lee Pacchia ’06 of Mimesis, about a recent spate of proposals from Republicans in Congress to change tax laws in the United States.

Arthur Leonard’s new article, “US Magistrate Refuses to Dismiss Gay Pilot’s Discrimination Suit.”

Richard Sherwin’s new op-ed, “Democracy’s missing meaning,” published.

Robert Blecker featured in “Debate Bigs Battle on UWS and Death Penalty Wins Stunning Victory.” [New York Observer]

Robert Blecker did a radio interview, “Blecker on Tsarnaev’s Death Penalty” [World Radio]

Howard Meyers’s letter to the editor, under the headline “Investors Must Pay for Services One Way or Another.”

Video of Robert Blecker’s appearance on “Fox and Friends” included in “Elisabeth Hasselbeck gripes that executions take too long: ‘Where’s the justice in’ letting inmates appeal?”

Video of Robert Blecker’s appearance on “Fox and Friends” included in “‘Fox & Friends’ hosts scoff at death penalty appeals”

Houman Shadab’s op-ed, “What itBit’s Banking Law Charter Really Means.”

Richard Sherwin’s new op-ed piece,  “Democracy’s Missing Meaning.”

Robert Blecker was interviewed live on BBC 5 and by Sputnik (the Russian news service) on 5/15 about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s death sentence.

Nadine Strossen quoted in “The Slippery Slope of Banning Controversial Ads.”

David Schoenbrod’s June 9 talk entitled  “Dishonest Congress, Dirty Air”  mentioned in “Vermont Law School Offers Free ‘Hot Topics’ Lectures on Environmental Issues.” [VT Digger]

Nadine Strossen quoted in “The MTA Should Not Derail Freedom Of Speech.” [Gothamist]

Arthur Leonard’s May Lesbian/Gay Law Notes podcast is now available.  It is a free on-line podcast lasting about 50 minutes, covering, among other things, the Supreme Court’s marriage equality hearing held on April 28.

Houman Shadab quoted in “New York Charters Virtual Currency Firm Ahead of Expected AML Rules” []

Houman Shadab quoted in “Feds’ Ripple Penalty Bolsters Fight Against NY’s BitLicense.” [Law 360]

Houman Shadab quoted in “What Ripple’s FinCEN Fine Means for the Digital Currency Industry” [American Banker]

Houman Shadab quoted in “BitBeat: Day After FinCEN Bombshell, Ripple Labs Addresses Concerns” [Wall Street Journal]

Ross Sandler’s post on the 20th Anniversary of the Center for New York City Law, “Thank You to All Who Make Our Work Possible.” [CityLand]

Robert Blecker quoted in “Pace of death sentences, executions slows in Virginia.” [Salon]


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