9/15/17- Alan Appel ’76 was a panelist at a joint meeting of the American Bar Association Section of Taxation and the Trust and Estate Law Division of the Section of Real Property, Trust, and Estate Law in Austin, Texas. His panel, held today, was titled “Hiding the Ball.” Alan’s presentation was mentioned in a TaxProfs Blog post.

9/14/17- Stacy-Ann Elvy participated in the Article 1 and 2 Uniform Commercial Code Joint Subcommittee Meeting at the American Bar Association’s Business Law Annual Conference today in Chicago, Illinois.

9/14/17- Howard S. Meyers was a guest panelist at the September 14 event “Fast Fashion Pitfalls,” where he discussed legal and ethical issues concerning supply-chain management in the fashion industry. The event was sponsored by NYLS’s Media, Entertainment, and Fashion Law Association.

10/17/17-  Nadine Strossen will join an expert panel at the New York City Bar Association event “The First Amendment: From Skokie to Charlottesville & Beyond.” Find more information on the event here.

9/19/17- David Schoenbrod will give a talk about his book DC Confidential: Inside the Five Tricks of Washington at the Cato Institute in D.C. on September 19.

9/06/17- Ari Waldman presented his latest research in a talk to the faculty at St. John’s University School of Law on Wednesday, September 6. The talk, “Designing With Privacy,” focused on Ari’s recent ethnographic work on how technologists fail to integrate privacy protections into the designs of new technologies and specific steps we can take to change that.

8/22/17- Alan Appel delivered a lecture for HAB Bank titled “FATCA: Beyond GIIN.”

8/15/17- Gerald Korngold spoke at an International Land Value Capture Research Symposium in Cambridge, Massachusetts, held August 15 to 17. His topic was “Legal Foundations and Regulatory Frameworks for Value Capture in the U.S.”

8/11/17- Jacob Sherkow presented a talk, “Form Follows Function–in Patent Claims” to the 2017 IP Scholars Conference (IPSC) hosted at Cardozo School of Law. IPSC “brings together intellectual property scholars to present their works-in-progress in order to benefit from the critique of colleagues,” a “free-ranging discussion and to help scholars hone their ideas.”

8/11/17- Ross Sandler was the keynote speaker at the annual Jefferson Fordham lunch sponsored by the ABA Section on State and Local Government Law.

8/09/17- NYLS was strongly represented at the annual conference of the Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS).Anthony Crowell attended a series of dean-focused panels along with several dozen law school deans, Deborah Archer served on the panel for a workshop titled “Teaching through Injustice,” and Lisa Grumet and Frank Bress attended a number of discussions.

8/01/17- Rebecca Roiphe presented her article, “The President, the Department of Justice, and Prosecutorial Independence” at the annual Legal Ethics Schmooze at UCLA Law School.  She was among 25 invited participants, who each presented an early draft. The conference covered topics in both legal ethics and the legal profession. She also had a blog post titled “A History of Prosecutorial Independence in America” published on the American Constitution Society Blog. To read, click here.

7/29/17- From July 26-29, Mariana Hogan ran a Trial Skills program for lawyers in the District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General.  Earlier in July, she was a faculty member at a similar program for lawyers in the New York City Law Department.

7/28/17- David Schoenbrod was interviewed on the Federalist Society for Law and Public Studies podcast about his book DC Confidential. To listen to this podcast interview, click here.

7/27/17- Jacob Sherkow’s working paper with Jorge L. Contreras (Utah), “IP, Surrorgate Licensing, and Precision Medicine,” was recently selected for presentation at the inaugural Wiet Life Science Law Scholars Conference at the Beazley Institute of Health Law and Policy, Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

7/20/17- Deborah Archer appeared on the National Constitution Center’s “We the People” podcast to discuss President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. To listen to the podcast, click here, and to read the essay, click here.

7/20/17- Alan Appel spoke at the NYU Summer Institute in Taxation on the topic of “Foreign Persons Investing in US Real Estate and Other Assets: Partnership and Other Structures, Treaty Planning and Financing Strategies.”

7/19/17- Alan Appel spoke at the NYU Summer Institute in Taxation on the topic of “Case Studies for Outbound and Inbound Investments.”

6/30/17- Doni Gewirtzman interviewed by Fusion for a segment titled “Impeached? Sure. Sued in civil court? Yep. But can a sitting president be criminally prosecuted––that’s much less clear.” To watch, click here.

3/30/17- Joanne Doroshow interviewed on the Dan Mason Show on KOH-AM

3/29/17- Joanne Doroshow interviewed on “Good Mornings” on WFIN-AM

3/26/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on We the People on KCNR-AM

3/26/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on Liberty Watch on KVOI-AM

3/22/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on Al Malmberg Show on WCCO-AM

3/22/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on A.M. Baton Rouge on WBRP-FM

3/22/17- Doni Gewirtzman interviewed in “Equal Rights Amendment remains in legal limbo” on Fox5

3/21/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on KZIM Morning Newswatch on KZIM-AM

3/21/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on The Morning Show with Preston Scott on WFLA-FM

3/15/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on “Opinion Journal” Wall Street Journal Video (begins at 10:14)

3/13/17- Lenni Benson interviewed in “Brasileiros ilegais nos EUA temem cerco de Donald Trump a imigrantes

3/10/17 – David Schoenbrod interviewed on a number of radio shows for his book D.C. Confidential including “Phil Cowan Show” (KTKZ-AM), “Tom Brown Show” (WEZS-AM), “Frank Beckmann Show” (WJR-AM), “The Michele McPhee Show” (WMEX-AM), and “Mike Janocik Show” (WLCR-AM)

3/8/17 – David Schoenbrod interviewed on “Podcast: Exposing The Tricks Of D.C. Politicians, And A Note For Our Listeners”

3/8/17 – David Schoenbrod interviewed on WKRC-AM’s  “The 55KRC Morning Show”

3/7/17 – David Schoenbrod interviewed on WPHM-AM’s Morning Show with Paul Miller

2/25/17 – Michael Perlin and Heather Ellis Cucolo ‘03 keynoted the annual symposium titled “Arbitrary Injustice: Reflections on the Exercise and Abuse of Discretion in the Justice System” of the Journal of Gender, Race & Justice at the University of Iowa Law School. 

2/23/17 – Stacy-Ann Elvy served as a panelist on a session at the 2017 Center for European Policy Studies Ideas Lab, a leading think tank, in Brussels, Belgium. The panel explored the data collection, privacy and security issues raised by the internet of things. The conference is one of the main events on the Brussels’ calendar with over 100 distinguished speakers who are brought together to debate key policy issues.

2/15/17 – Ronald Filler spoke before the Chicago Bar Association’s Futures Law Committee. He chaired this Committee some 30+ years ago.

2/15/1 – David Schoenbrod had a column published in The Hill, the primary publication devoted to covering Congress, titled “To have a better, more honest Congress, change its incentives.” To read, click here.

2/15/17 – Rebecca Roiphe and Doni Gewirtzman gave a joint presentation on Executive Power in the Age of Trump as part of the Impact Center’s Impact Today lunch series.

2/6/17 – Doni Gewirtzman was interviewed on BBC World News.

2/3/17 – Richard Sherwin was interviewed on the “The Dean Obeidallah Show” by Seem Jon ’12 on Sirius Radio, discussing “3 Scenarios For The Future Of The American Justice System.” To listen, click here.

2/2/17 –Nadine Strossen spoke at a “Teleforum” sponsored by the national Federalist Society about a new book by Stuart Taylor and K.C. Johnson, The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities.

1/31/17 – Doni Gewirtzman was interviewed on CNN in “Is Trump’s travel ban legal?”

1/27/17 – Stacy-Ann Elvy presented her article “Secured Credit and Consumer Data in the Age of the Internet of Things” at the George Washington University Law School.

1/27/17 –Jacob Sherkow presented his working paper, “Cancer’s IP” to a group of scholars at the Center for Protection of Intellectual Property in Austin, Texas.

1/26/17 – Doni Gewirtzman was interviewed on CNN in “Can Trump do something illegal?” 

1/26/17 – Anthony Crowell delivered remarks for the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) 2017 Legal Recruiting Summit at New York Law School. The conference was attended by employers and law school career services professionals from around the country.

1/26/17 – Art Leonard taught a class as part of LeGaL’s annual LGBT Law Year in Review CLE. The program will cover the key federal and state court decisions and legislative developments of the past year, with some glimpses of what might be expected in 2017.

1/25/17 – Anthony Crowell, as part of his ongoing work with New York City’s Urban Fellows Program and the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS), delivered a lecture to the inaugural group of New York City Social Justice Fellows, a new program created by the New York City Council and run by DCAS, for new law graduates to work on social justice policies within City government.His lecture provided a broad overview of City government and a roadmap of how new lawyers can work strategically with agency heads and general counsels to effect meaningful and lasting change.

1/24/17 – Nadine Strossen addressed a gathering of federal judges and their law clerks at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, which was hosted by Judge Joel Slomsky ’70, speaking about constitutional law and civil liberties issues under the Trump Administration.  She also spoke at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in a program entitled,  “Is Free Speech Under Attack? To read an article about the UPenn event, click here. To listen to a podcast of the Teleforum, click here.

1/24/17 – Anthony Crowell delivered remarks at the Third Annual ADR Symposium: ADR and Diversity, organized by F. Peter Phillips, director of the ADR Dispute Resolutions Skills Program in partnership with the ABA’s Business Law Section.

1/19-21/17 – Ronald Filler spoke on a panel on “Legal Ethics and Whistleblowers” at the ABA Derivatives Law Committee Program in Naples, FL.

1/19/17 – Jacob Sherkow presented a talk on his paper, “Cancer’s IP” to the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. Also, Jake’s newest article, “Patent Law’s Reproducibility Paradox”

1/12/17 – David Schoenbrod was a panelist at an all-day conference at the Congressional Auditorium at the Capitol sponsored by the Federalist Society. The subject was Article I of the Constitution and the speakers were primarily academics and members of Congress from both parties.

1/12/17 – Nadine Strossen was interviewed by Deutsche Welle, German international public radio, about Donald Trump’s attacks on freedom of the press. To listen, click here.

1/10/17 – Nadine Strossen spoke at the University of Washington in Seattle, for a program sponsored by UW’s Race & Equity Initiative. The topic was “Speech and Counter-speech on Campus: Rights & Responsibilities.”