Arthur Leonard authored “Sessions’ New Asylum Posture & LGBTQ Refugees” – Gay City News (6/13)

Arthur Leonard authored “Citing Baker’s “Win,” Arizona Court Rejects Stationary Store’s Opt-Out Claim” – Gay City News (6/11)

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Rebecca Roiphe authored “The Life of the Law Cannot be Coded” – Jot Well (6/4)

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Richard Chused blog post “H&M v. Revok: Use of Street Art in Commercial Ad Campaigns” – Proper(ty) Thoughts (5/19)

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Arthur Leonard authored “Despite Acquittal, Man Assigned Sex Offender Registry Status”– (5/10)

Nadine Strossen authored “Calling Out ‘Hate Speech’ Too Often Invites Censorship”- Daily Beast (5/4)

Ruti Teitel authored “Corporate Liability for Extraterritorial Human Rights Violations – the US in Retreat?” – Verfassungsblog (5/2)

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Peter Phillips authored “The Mueller Inquiry: ‘Follow the Money’” – The New York Times (3/16)

David Schoenbrod authored “Trump will perpetuate bailouts by signing bank reform bill” – The Hill (3/16)

Lloyd Bonfield’s European Union Business Law: Representing Clients Doing Business in the European Union has been published by West (3/11)

Robert Blecker authored “Park Slope tragedy must become an example to deter drivers who endanger others” – Daily News (3/6)

Eva Talel authored “Legislation Roundup, 2017 Edition” – New York Law Journal (3/6)

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David Schoenbrod and Ross Sandler published, “Holding Congress Accountable: A New Deal-era proposal would produce more effective, less burdensome regulation,” in The Regulatory Review (Feb. 19, 2018).

Arthur Leonard authored “Unprecedented Ruling Favors Anti-Gay Baker” – Gay City News (2/15)

Arthur Leonard released the February editions of his podcast and newsletter, LGBT Law Notes, click here to listen and see attached.

Robert Blecker authored “Why Everyone Needs to Stop Making Fun of Curling” – The Observer (2/12)

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Robert Blecker authored “Are the Right People Being Punished for the Russian Doping Scandal?” – Observer (2/5)

Michael Perlin’s article, with NYLS Adjunct Professor Heather Ellis Cucolo ‘03, “Promoting Dignity and Preventing Shame and Humiliation by Improving the Quality and Education of Attorneys in Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Civil Commitment Cases” has been published at 28 FLA. J. L. & PUB. POL’Y 291 (2/3)

On February 2, Michael Perlin presented a paper, “ ‘Some Things are Too Hot to Touch’: Competency, the Right to Sexual Autonomy, and the Roles of Lawyers and Expert Witnesses,” at the 4th annual International Therapeutic Jurisprudence workshop, held at St. Thomas University (FL) Law School

Johanna Miller authored ’08 “The NYPD’s ‘Cult of Compliance’” – ACLU Blog (1/25)

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