David Schoenbrod authored “Wanted: Lawmakers who shoulder responsibility” – The Hill (2/12)

Robert Blecker authored “How the Russian Doping Scandal Caused a War Between World Sporting Authorities” – Observer (2/9)

Robert Blecker authored “Are the Right People Being Punished for the Russian Doping Scandal?” – Observer (2/5)

Johanna Miller authored ’08 “The NYPD’s ‘Cult of Compliance’” – ACLU Blog (1/25)

Arthur Leonard authored “Globally, A Burst of Pro-LGBTQ Rulings” – Gay City News (1/18)

David Schoenbrod authored “An antidote for our poisoned politics” – The Hill (1/17)

Robert Blecker authored “With So Little Time, Can North and South Korea Combine Olympic Teams?” – Observer (1/17)

Arthur Leonard authored “Two More LGBTQ Issues Fall Off Supreme Court Docket” – Gay City News (1/10)

Arthur Leonard authored “Ten Federal Judges Have Now Rejected Trump’s Transgender Military Ban” –Gay City News (12/26)

Arthur Leonard authored “Marriage Matters in December” –Gay City News (12/20)

David Schoenbrod authored “How to Put the representation back into taxation” – The Hill (12/19)

Arthur Leonard authored “Supreme Court Denies Review in Gay Rights Case” – Gay City News (12/12)

Arthur Leonard authored “Trans Enlistees Can Sign Up January 1, Judge Rules” – Gay City News (12/12)

Arthur Leonard authored “SCOTUS Won’t Step into Houston Benefits Case, For Now” – Gay City News (12/7)

Arthur Leonard authored “HIV Disclosure Law Upheld By Ohio High Court” – Gay City News (11/30)

Arthur Leonard authored “Trump’s Ban Military Trans Reassignment Surgery Blocked” – Gay City News (11/22)

Arthur Leonard authored “Transgender Prof Wins $1.2 Million Bias Verdict” – Gay City News (11/22)

Arthur Leonard authored “Anti-Gay Wedding Venue’s First Amendment Claims Advance” – Gay City News (11/22)

Jacob Sherkow’s article titled “Patent Protection for Microbial Technologies” was published in FEMS Microbiology Letters and is attached. It provides a brief primer on patenting microbial technologies, namely, bacteria, CRISPR gene-editing systems (indeed derived from microbiota), and viruses.

David Schoenbrod authored “Populism works, because no one trusts Washington” – Daily Record (10/24)

On October 23, David Schoenbrodco-authored a column with former Vermont Governor Howard Dean published in USA Today titled “Populism is powerful because Washington deserves a kick in the pants.”

On November 9, David Schoenbrod had a piece published in The Hill titled “Like Russia, Congress pits Americans against each other.” 

David Schoenbrod authored “Like Russia, Congress Pits Americans against each other” The Hill (11/9)

Lenni Benson co-authored a post in the Yale Journal Blog’s Notice & Comment titled “Fair Process in Name Only.”

On October 31, Art Leonard has an article published in Gay City News titled “U.S. Judge Smacks Down Trump Transgender Military Ban.

Robert Blecker authored “What Football Needs is Another Teddy Roosevelt” – Wall Street Journal (10/13)

Doni Gewirtzman authored “The Constitution: When Less Is More” – Public Books (10/11)

Richard Chused authored “5Pointz: The Anti-Rebellion Message of the Graffiti Dispute” CityLand (10/10)

Arthur Leonard authored “Mississippi’s Anti-LGBTQ Law Headed to Supreme Court” Gay City News (10/5)

Arthur Leonard authored “Bigoted Wedding Videographers Lose in Federal Court” – Gay City News (9/28)

Arthur Leonard authored “Texas’ Ex-Chief Justice Rebukes Court on Houston Benefits” – Gay City News (9/28)

Arthur Leonard authored “Arizona High Court Recognizes Co-Mom’s Rights” – Gay City News (9/28)

Claire Thomas authored “Barring Survivors of Domestic Violence from Food Security: The Unintended Consequences of 1996 Welfare and Immigration Reform” Drexel Law Review (9/19)

Michael Perlin’s article with Alison Lynch ’13 titled “ ‘Had to be Held down by Big Police’: A Therapeutic Jurisprudence Perspective on Interactions between Police and Persons with Mental Disabilities,” has been published in 43 FORDHAM URBAN L.J. 717 (2016).  

Michael Perlin’s article with Alison and Adjunct Professor Heather Ellis Cucolo ’02, “Sex, Sexuality, Sexual Offending and the Rights of Persons with Mental Disabilities,” has been published in 6 LAWS 20 (2017) (solicited as part of a special issue on Health Care Law and the Rights of Individuals with Disabilities, edited by Professor Elizabeth Pendo of St. Louis University School of Law.  

Michael Perlin’s article, “ ‘I’ve Got My Mind Made Up’: How Judicial Teleology in Cases Involving Biologically Based Evidence Violates Therapeutic Jurisprudence,” will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Cardozo Journal of Equal Rights and Social Justice.

Michael Perlin’s article titled “ ‘Who Will Judge the Many When the Game is Through?’: Considering the Profound Differences between Mental Health Courts and ‘Traditional’ Involuntary Civil Commitment Courts,” will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Seattle University Law Review 

Michael Perlin’s article, with Mehgan Gallagher ’15 titled “ ‘The Pain I Rise Above’: How International Human Rights Can Best Realize the Needs of Persons with Trauma-Related Mental Disabilities,” will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Florida Journal of International Law.  

Michael Perlin’s chapter, “Dignity and Therapeutic Jurisprudence: How We Can Best End Shame and Humiliation,” will be published in Human Dignity Discourses, Practices, Transformations: Essays on Dignity Studies (Chipamong Chowdhury et al eds., Dignity Press) (2017).

David Schoenbrod also co-authored a column published by The Hill titled “Congress created a regulatory scheme that keeps its hands clean — time for accountability.

Art Leonard published the October editions of his podcast and his newsletter both titled LGBT Law Notes. To read his newsletter, see attached and to listen to his podcast, click here.

Robert Blecker had an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal titled “What Football Needs Is Another Teddy Roosevelt.”

Deborah Archer and Richard Marsico are publishing a casebook titled Special Education Law and Practice. It is an experientially-focused casebook that also serves as a reference for attorneys who practice special education law and anyone interested in learning about the special education process. For more information, click here.

Doni Gewirtzman authored a piece for Public Books titled “The Constitution: When Less Is More.

Richard Chused authored a piece for CityLand titled “5Pointz: The Anti-Rebellion Message of the Graffiti Dispute.

Ruti Teitel’s first book Transitional Justice (2000) has just been translated and published in Complex Chinese by Business Weekly Taipei for publication by Oxford University Press.

Richard Sherwin just submitted a new piece for the Journal of Legal Education in response to an invitation to participate in an upcoming symposium on the uses of popular culture in legal education. His article is titled “Visual Literacy for the Legal Profession.”

Jacob Sherkow has a new essay, “Patent Protection for Microbial Technologies,” forthcoming in FEMS Letters, and available on SSRN. The essay explores patent protection for research tools developed from microbiology, namely, CRISPR, viruses, and antimicrobial resistant drugs.

Jacob Sherkow, along with many co-authors from around the world, published a position paper in Genome Medicine on the ethical and regulatory challenges confronting CRISPR.

Ruti Teitel’s groundbreaking book Transitional Justice has just been published by Universidad Externado, Colombia, in Spanish as Justicia Transicional. Find more information here.

Nadine Strossen’s forthcoming book, HATE: Why We Should Resist It With Free Speech, Not Censorship (Oxford University Press, 2018), received a glowing review by Ronald Collins on the legal blog Concurring Opinions. Read the review here.

Richard Sherwin’s paper, “Vico’s Providence Today,” recently appeared in the SSRN top 10 downloads for multiple lists online.

Michael Perlin’s article with Naomi Weinstein ’10, “‘Who’s Pretending to Care for Him?’ How the Endless Jail-to-Hospital-to-Street-Repeat Cycle Deprives Persons with Mental Disabilities the Right to Continuity of Care,” will be published in an upcoming issue of the Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy. On August 28 and 29, he conducted a seminar for the Georgia Office of Forensic Mental Health and presented on therapeutic jurisprudence, criminal competency, forensic report writing, the insanity defense, mental health courts, the death penalty, and the application of international human rights law to forensic facilities. On September 8 and 9, he presented a paper and a keynote at a conference co-sponsored by the National Association of Rights Protection and Advocacy and Disability Rights Maine.

Ruti Teitel contributed a chapter to a law book in Spanish, which was published this month. The book was edited by the law faculty of Universidad de Chile (University of Chile). The book’s title translates to “The Triumph of Human Rights,” and Ruti’s chapter translates to “Transitional Justice and the Peace Process in Colombia.” Read it here.

Gerald Korngold authored an article titled “A New Framework for Achieving Free Expression and Speech in the Evolving and Reconceptualized Shopping Mall of the Twenty-first Century” that will be published in volume 68 of the Case Western Reserve Law Review.

Alan Appel article “Hiding the Ball—Transparency, Tax Law and the U.S. as the World’s Favorite Tax Haven” – 75th NYU Institute on Federal Taxation (August 2017)

The third edition of Michael Perlin’s casebook titled Mental Disability Law: Cases And Materials (Carolina Academic Press) has been published.

Art Leonard had three articles published in Gay City News titled “LGBTQ Legal Groups On the Offensive,” “Court Must Decide If Gavin Grimm’s Case Is Moot,” and, “Anonymity Accorded for Legal Name, Gender Changes.”

Deborah Archer and Tamara Belinfanti’s article “We Built it and They Did Not Come: Using New Governance Theory in the Fight for Food Justice in Low-Income Communities of Color” was on SSRN’s Top Ten Download list for “Nutrition and Food” and for “Politics of Race.”

Michael Perlin’s and Heather Cucolo ’03 book mentioned “US Supreme Court to Decide Karsjens v. Piper: Part 2 of 2”  — Sexual Abuse ATSA blog (8/8)

Ari Waldman’s paper, “Designing Without Privacy,” was recently selected to be included in the inaugural Junior Faculty Forum for Law and STEM at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Lloyd Bonfield published Selden Society volume (130), the Reports of Sir Peter King, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas 1714-1722.

Art Leonard published “How Is the North Carolina HB2 Repeal a Compromise?”  in Gay City News

Jacob Sherkow published an article, “CRISPR, surrogate licensing, and scientific discovery” in the journal Science

Jacob Sherkow’s column was published in Forbes and can be read here

Rebecca Roiphe’s article“The Duty to Charge in Police Use of Excessive Force Cases,” is out in the Cleveland State Law Review (65 Cleveland St. L. Rev. 503 (2017)).

Lisa Grumet’s article “Promoting Justice from the Inside: The Counseling Role of Local Government and School District Attorneys,” from the Impact Center for Public Interest Law’s 2016 IMPACT journal, was assigned reading for New York City Social Justice Fellows in connection with their meeting with Paul Rodriguez, Acting Counsel  to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Michael Perlin’s book review of Legal Insanity and the Brain: Science, Law and European Courts (Sofia Moratti & Dennis Patterson, eds. 2016), with Alison, will be published in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books, a website that is a joint venture of Rutgers Law School and the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice (URL not yet available).

Michael Perlin has submitted the 2018 update version of his Treatise, Mental Disability Law: Civil and Criminal (3d ed.) (Lexis Law Publishing), co-authored with Heather Ellis Cucolo ’03Publication expected this fall.

Michael Perlin’s article with Alison Lynch ’13, M.A., ’15 “‘Toiling in the Danger and in the Morals of Despair:’ Risk, Security, Danger, the Constitution, and the Clinician’s Dilemma” has been published at 5 Indiana J. L. & Soc’l Equality  409 (2017).

Michael Perlin’s book with Naomi Weinstein ’09 “‘Said I, But You Have No Choice’: Why a Lawyer Must Ethically Honor a Client’s Decision about Mental Health Treatment Even if It Is Not What S/he Would Have Chosen,” has been published at 15 Cardozo  Public L., Pol’y & Ethics J. 73 (2016-2017).

Michael Perlin’s article (also with Heather), “Promoting Dignity and Preventing Shame and Humiliation by Improving the Quality and Education of Attorneys in Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Civil Commitment Cases,” was published in the Florida Journal of Law and Public Policy. (2017)

Heather Ellis Cucolo ‘03 and Michael Perlin’s paper, “ ‘Tolling For the Aching Ones Whose Wounds Cannot Be Nursed’: The Marginalization of Racial Minorities and Women in Institutional Mental Disability Law,” was published in the Journal of Gender, Race & Justice. (2017)

Michael Perlin’s chapter, “The Insanity Defense: Nine Myths That Will Not Go Away,” has been published in The Insanity Defense: Multidisciplinary Views On Its History, Trends, And Controversies 1 (Prof. Mark D. White, ed.; Praeger, 2017).

Michael Perlin’s book (with Adjunct Professor Heather Ellis Cucolo ‘03), Shaming The Constitution: The Detrimental Results Of Sexual Violent Predator Legislation, has just been published by Temple University Press.

Michael Perlin’s article “ ‘God Said to Abraham/Kill Me a Son’: Why the Insanity Defense and the Incompetency Status Are Compatible with and Required by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Basic Principles of Therapeutic Jurisprudence,” is being published at 54 AM. CRIM. L. REV. 479 (2017).

Art Leonard had an article published in Gay City News titled “Trump Action on Transgender Students Carries Contradictions.” To read, click here.

Ronald Filler co-authored an article on “Will the Recent Supreme Court Case in Salman Result in More CFTC Enforcement Actions Charging Insider Trading?” which was published in the March 2017 Issue of the Futures & Derivatives Law Review Journal.

Deborah Archer’s article “A Divergence of Values: The Importance of Student Selection Decisions in Law School Clinics” will be published in the Clinical Law Review.

Jacob Sherkow’s column, “Patent Damages in the Global Supply Chain” was published in Forbes.

Art Leonard’s article, “Trump Action on Transgender Students Carries Contradictions” was published in Gay City News.

Art Leonard’s article, “Co-Mom Loses Out Due to State’s Past Discrimination” was published in Gay City News.

David Schoenbrod’s column, “To have a better, more honest Congress, change its incentives” was published in The Hill. 

Anthony Crowell co-authored a book chapter entitled Genius Loci: How Place Can Guide Strategic Planning That Enhances Student Engagement. The chapter will be part of a forthcoming book, entitled Experiential Education in the Law School Curriculum, to be published by Carolina Academic Press this spring.

Jacob Sherkow’s column, “A Heart-Stopping Patent Injunction Stay For Sanofi” was published in Forbes Magazine. 

Art Leonard’s newsletter, “LGBT Law Notes” February edition was published in Gay City News. 

Art Leonard’s article, “How Texas Governor Hopes to Undo Marriage Equality” was published by Gay City News. 

Art Leonard’s LGBT Law 2016 Year in Review was published. 

Jacob Sherkow’s article, “Patent Law’s Reproducibility Paradox” was published in the Duke Law Journal.

Art Leonard’s article was published “Trans Employee Can Sue If Surgery Benefits Refused” in Gay City News. 

Ari Waldman’s column, Donald Trump and Steve Bannon need angry young men. They’re using Gamergate culture to get them” was published in Quartz. 

Art Leonard’s article, “Gorsuch Pushes Court Balance to the Right” was published in Gay City News. 

Jacob Sherkow’s column, “That Other Biotech Patent Interference” was published in Forbes. 

Jacob Sherkow’s article, “The rise of the ethical license” was published in Nature Biotechnology.

Art Leonard’s articles “Gay Employment Bias Goes Before Full Seventh Circuit,” “Discriminatory Birth Certificate Laws Upheld in Arkansas,” and “In Indiana, County Clerk Can’t Refuse to Issue License” were published in Gay City News. 

Art Leonard’s newsletter “LGBT Law Notes” January edition was published.

Lisa Grumet’s
Letter to the Editor “Civil Rights Under Donald Trump” was published in the New York Times.

Art Leonard’s articles “College Wrestler’s HIV Conviction Thrown Out,” “San Antonio 4 Win Declaration of Innocence” and “New Year’s Eve, 11th Hour Assault on Transgender Health” were published in Gay City News.