Lung-chu Chen

Professor of Law

Lung-chu Chen

An internationally recognized scholar of international law, human rights law, and U.S. constitutional law, Professor Lung-chu Chen has worked with a variety of government agencies, non-profit groups, and private firms throughout his distinguished career.

Professor Chen is passionately committed to fostering a global understanding of Taiwan. He formerly acted as an advisor to the President of Taiwan and is the founder of a dual-nation think tank based in Taiwan and the United States and travels frequently between the two countries. The Taiwan New Century Foundation and U.S.-based New Century Institute are dedicated to the advancement of human dignity values for Taiwan and the world community. Professor Chen is Editor-in-Chief of a quarterly journal, “New Century Think Tank Forum,” published jointly by the two think tanks. He delivered a weekly editorial comment for Formosa Television from 1998 to 2012 and is a frequent contributor to Taiwanese newspapers, especially the Liberty Times.

Professor Chen has served on the faculty of New York Law School for 36 years, teaching in the areas of international law, U.S. constitutional law, conflict of laws, human rights, and the United Nations. He previously served as Senior Research Associate and Senior Research Scholar at Yale Law School. He served on the Executive Council of the American Society of International Law and as Vice President and member of the Governing Council of the International League for Human Rights. He has served as Chairman of the Association of American Law Schools Section on International Law and President of the North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association (NATPA). He served for many years as a Director and a member of the Editorial Board of the American Society of Comparative Law and is currently a Director of the Policy Sciences Center. He was President of the Taiwanese Society of International Law, and Charter President of the Taiwan United Nations Alliance (TAIUNA), for which he now serves as Honorary President. Professor Chen is a member of the American Law Institute and previously served as chief editor of Human Rights, the official journal of the American Bar Association Section on Individual Rights and Responsibilities.

Professor Chen ranked first of 4,000 participants in Taiwan’s national examination for judgeship and other high governmental posts in 1957 and graduated first in his class from Department of Law of the National Taiwan University in 1958. He earned an LL.M. from Northwestern and from Yale, and a J.S.D. from Yale. Among his many honors are a Ford Foundation fellowship, a Yale fellowship, distinguished faculty writing awards, and best book awards in Taiwan. He has been a biographee of Who’s Who in the World.


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