Faculty/Student Presentation Day

Sixth Annual Faculty-Student Presentation Day – April 2, 2014

Welcome to New York Law School’s sixth all-day, in-house symposium, a day set aside for faculty and students to engage with each other in the process of creative and insightful work – from the application of lawyering skills to client needs to the writing of scholarly articles. You’ll have the chance to encounter a range of the perspectives of our faculty in the sessions today, but the name of the day – Faculty/Student Presentation Day – reflects our emphasis on the work of New York Law School’s students as well. In fact, as you’ll see as you look through the program, most of today’s presenters, over 50 in all, are NYLS students.

We hope you will join us for the Day’s events. Come to the panels, but not just to hear your teachers and fellow students speak – as much as we expect you’ll enjoy that. Come ready to engage with them, to make comments and ask questions, so that this Day isn’t just a day of “no classes” but a day for insight, understanding and fun!

Dean Anthony Crowell
Professor Stephen Ellmann
Professor Frank Munger

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Video Catalog

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Program Summary

First Session: 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

Advising Start-ups in Silicon Alley
Room W220
Prof. Houman Shadab, moderator
Panelists: Zach Davison, 3L; Eliot Lief, 3L; Helen Quigley, 3L; Joshua N. Stanfield, 3L

Detention in the War Against Terrorism
Room W320
Prof. Stephen Ellmann, moderator
Panelists: Lauren Conway, 2L; Michael Di Paolo, 2L; Melissa Jangl, 2L; William Kostas, 3L; Cong Li, 3L

Second Session: 10:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Reflections on Studying Law: American Business Law LL.M. Candidates Speak About Law and Lawyering
Room WA10
Prof. Lynn Su, co-moderator
Hazel Weiser, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs, co-moderator
Panelists: Roberth Angeles (Peru); Aleksandr Iovel (Ukraine); Sarai Korpacz (Nigeria); Ardita Kraja (Albania); Sampada Solapurkar (India)

Building a Disability Rights Information Center for Asia and the Pacific: How a Website Can Promote Social Justice
Room W220
Prof. Michael Perlin, moderator
Panelists: Catherine Bareeda, 2L; Katherine Davies, 2L; Stephanie Mendelsohn, 2L; Barbara Wheatle, 2L

Skills Education: New Directions
Room W320
Prof. Frank Munger, moderator
Panelists: Prof. Carol Buckler; Prof. Richard Marsico; William Lemon, 4L; Nicole Reustle, 4L

Third Session (with lunch): 12:30 – 2:15 p.m.

The Same-Sex Marriage Cases: Reflections and Perspectives on United States v. Windsor and Hollingsworth v. Perry
Room W201
Dean Anthony Crowell, moderator
Panelists: Prof. Arthur Leonard; Prof. Kris Franklin; Prof. Doni Gewirtzman; Prof. Edward Purcell; Prof. Ari Waldman

Fourth Session: 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Your Legal Education: What Should It Look Like?
Room W201
Panelists: Dean Anthony Crowell; Associate Dean Deborah Archer; Prof. Stephen Ellmann; Prof. Kris Franklin; Prof. Doni Gewirtzman; Prof. Anne Goldstein; Maria Luna, 2L; Jeffrey Meyers, 2L; Eugene Schlesinger, 2L

Information Law and Technology
Room W220
Prof. Ari Waldman, moderator
Panelists: Prof. Michael Botein; Prof. Bryan Choi; Prof. Richard Chused; Prof. Houman Shadab; Elisabeth Schiffbauer 2L

Scholarship by NYLS Students
Room W320
Prof. Michelle Zierler, moderator
Panelists: Zach Davison, 3L; Chris Ferreira, 2L; Erik Lane, 2L; Helen Quigley, 3L

From Doctrine to Digital Communication:  How the NYLS Sports Law Blog Taught Me How to Talk About the Law
Room WA10
Prof. Jodi Balsam, moderator
Panelists: Austin Cohen, 2L; Brayndi Grassi, 2L; Trevor Kilduff, 2L; Rick Meyer ’14; Bretta Oluyede, 2L; Christina Teoli, 2L; Michelle Torres, 3L

Fifth Session: 4:15 – 5:45 p.m.

Safe Passage Project presents: Passages for Children in Immigration law
Room WA10
Prof. Lenni Benson, moderator
Panelists: Prof. Melynda Barnhart; Claire Thomas ’11, Staff Attorney, Safe Passage Project; Kara Kelly (3L); Luisa Lebron (3L); Natalie Bello (3L)

Evidence Issues in Social and Mainstream Media
Room W220
Prof. Heidi Brown, moderator
Panelists: Matthew Bobrow, 2L; Chris Ferreira, 2L; Ashley Horn, 2L; Jeffrey Meyers, 2L; Hayley Pine, 2L

A Progress Report on the Clinical Year
Room W320
Prof. Frank Munger, moderator
Panelists: Prof. Stephen Ellmann, Adjunct Prof. Katherine Greenberg; Adjunct Prof. Stephen Louis; Adjunct Prof. Corinne Schiff; Erin Phillips, 3L; Samantha Schonfeld, 3L

Sixth Session (with dinner): 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Approximately 1/2 hour of this period is meant for dinner; the presentations will begin by 6:30 p.m.

Abbey Center Capstone Projects: Student Contributions to Family Law Practice
Room W202
Adjunct Prof. Lisa Grumet, moderator
Panelists: Michael Cabasso, 3L; Janine Diljohn, 4L; Mallory McGee, 2L; Sabine Rospide, 4L

European Union Competition Law: Concerted Practices by Object and ECJ Decision Making
Room W201
Kelly Weiner, Fellow, Center for International Law, moderator
Panelists: Prof. Lloyd Bonfield; Golriz Amid, 3L; Jihad Hakamy, 3L; Jan Gabriel Hisugan, 3L; David Lightstone, 3L; Malvina Mardirosyan, 3L; Ian Moriarty, 3L; John Zunin, 3L