About Us

Professor Ruti Teitel directs the Institute and collaborates with affiliated Professors Lung-Chu Chen, Frank Munger and Sadiq Reza, all of whom work with at least one Fellow, who is a third year law student.

Global Law & Justice Colloquium

In past years, Professor Teitel has taught the Global Law and Justice Colloquium, in which scholars from around the world are invited to workshop their works in progress with Professor Teitel and approximately 15 students.

Institute fellows are always included in year long meetings convened under the auspices of the Global Law and Justice Colloquium.  Students in the Colloquium get to participate in research and scholarship as it is being produced.  They engage by writing reaction papers before the class as well as by participating by engaging with leading academics and practitioners in the class sessions, as well as more informally in smaller lunches and dinners.

In 2010-11, papers discussed included: Oona Hathaway & Scott Shapiro, Outcasting: Enforcement in Domestic and International Law, 121 Yale L.J. (Draft November 3, 2010; forthcoming 2011), and Chantal Thomas, Law and Neoclassical Economic Development in Theory and Practice: Toward an Institutionalist Critique of Institutionalism, 96 Cornell L.Rev. 967

Transitional Justice Network

Together with the six to eight students of the Transitional Justice Network Project, Professor Teitel runs a transitional justice network and blog.

Global Law and Policy Roundtable

Convened annually, the Global Law and Policy Round Table, in which a dozen scholars worldwide are invited to intensively workshop their works-in-progress and exchange ideas in a private meeting over two days and more informally over lunches and dinners.

Lectures and Publications

The faculty and fellows of the Institute publish scholarship and present their research worldwide at lectures, conferences and other events in the United States and abroad.  The Institute convenes two C.V. Starr Lectures annually in collaboration with the Center for International Law.