International Economic Law Group

New York City International Economic Law Working Group

The Institute also co-directs with Professor Rob Howse of New York University Law School the NYU-NYLS International Economic Law Working Group of scholars, policymakers, judges and practitioners. During the academic year, the Working Group meets monthly to discuss issues relating to international economic law. Any public information about these meetings will be posted here as they become available.

2017-18 Events

Monday, February 26, 2018:

2018 Otto L. Walter Lecture — The NAFTA Frontier:  Multilateralism Up Against the Wall?

Prof. Barry Appleton, chaired by Prof. Ruti Teitel

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2013-14 Meetings


2012-13 Meetings

October 16, 2012:  Presentation by Prof. Gregory Shaffer, from the University of Minnesota Law School and currently Visiting Professor at Fordham University School of Law: “The Rise of Middle-Income Countries in the International Trading System.”  Also on the agenda:  Shaheed Fatima, Blackstone Chambers and Visiting Professor at NYU School of Law:  A short presentaton on Eurofinance v. Rubin and Grant v. New Cap.

2011-12 Meetings

March 27, 2012:  Professor Helene Ruiz-Fabri, Dean of the Sorbonne Law School, will discuss the recent WTO Appellate Body Report, China-Raw Materials.

February 15, 2012:   Timothy Nelson will lead a discussion on recent developments in Kiobel v.Royal Dutch Petroleum.  Prof. Tai-Heng Cheng will present the chapter on international arbitration from his book, When International Law Works: Realistic Idealism after 9-11 and the Global Recession (Oxford University Press, 2012). The chapter is posted here.  Also on the agenda:  Rob Howse and Barry Appleton will give a brief report on the recent annulment conference at Yale.

January 17, 2012:  Prof. Robert Howse provided an overview of WTO case law and related legal developments over the last year, with a special emphasis on developments with implications for other areas of international economic law, such as the investment regime.

December 6, 2011:  Presentations by Chris Brummer, Professor of Law, Georgetown Law School, “Soft Law and the Global Financial System: Rule Making in the 21st Century” (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press, 2011) and Anu Bradford, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School, “The Brussels Effect.”  Although this event is by invitation only, Prof. Bradford’s paper is posted here with the author’s permission.

October 26, 2011:  Presentation by Dr. Sungjoon Cho, Visiting Professor, Fordham Law School and Senior Trade Adviser to the Korean Government, “Globalizing Administrative Law.”  Although this event is by invitation only, the paper is posted here with the author’s permission.

September 27, 2011: Presentation by Odette Lienau, Cornell Law School,  “Rethinking Sovereign Debt: Debt and Reputation in the 20th Century.” Although this event is by invitation only, the paper is posted here with the author’s permission.