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1NYLS website Institute for Global Law and PolicyThe goal of the Transitional Justice Network is to promote global discourse among students, scholars, and professionals on issues of transitional justice. A place for discussion, where students can learn about issues in the field, scholars can link with other scholars working in similar areas, and professionals can keep up to date with trending thoughts and philosophies.




2016-2017 Events (Click  on image to expand)


October 31, 2017:  The Challenges of Negotiating Peace with Justice:  Reflections on the Current Colombian Peace Process – A Conversation with Prof. Sabine Michalowski

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October 4, 2017:  The Rise of Right-Wing Populism and Its Effect on the Israel-Palestine Conflict – A Conversation with Hassan Jabareen

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April 27, 2017:  Protecting Immigrant Rights in a Global City

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April 19, 2017:  A Conversation with Dr. Rudina Jasini

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April 5, 2017:  A Conversation with Reed Brody

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March 13, 2017: A Conversation with Joanne Mariner



February 8, 2017: A Conversation with Luis Moreno-Ocampo

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2015-2016 Events (Click  on image to expand)


April 18, 2016: A Conversation with Damian Pachter

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April 4, 2016: Book Launch:  Contested Justice

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Related Event – March 1, 2016: Current State of Affairs:  Latin America



February 29, 2016: Dr. Rudina Jasini

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January 11, 2016:  Prof. Pierre de Vos


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October 21, 2015:  Dean Penelope Andrews

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October 6, 2015:  Book Event – The Economic Accomplices to the Argentine Dictatorship

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2014-2015 Events (Click  on image to expand)

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March 30, 2015: Habib Nassar

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March 4, 2015: Hassan Jabareen

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February 17, 2015: Dr. Iavor Rangelov

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November 13, 2014: Prof. Mia Swart

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2013-2014 Events

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April 7, 2014:  Dr. Agnes Hurwitz

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March 17, 2014:  Prof. Brandon Hamber

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February 19, 2014:  Prof. Ruti Teitel


2012-2013 Events

November 21, 2013: Transitional Justice in the Arab Region: Between Complexities and Standardization, Habib Nassar
Habibi Nassar, is the Director for the Middle East and North Africa at PILnet: The Global Network for Public Interest Law. He has 15 years of experience working on human rights and transitional justice in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

November 14, 2013: Brazil’s Reckoning with Transitional Justice: Understanding the Role of Amnesty, Marcelo D. Torelly
Marcelo D. Torelly, is currently a visiting researcher at the Institute for Global Law and Policy at Harvard Law School. He has been Advisor, Brazilian Ministry of Justice on Transitional Justice issues, as well as Manager, Transitional Justice Exchange and Development Program, and has taught theory and philosophy of law at Brasilia Catholic University.

November 6, 2013: Argentina’s Human Rights Trials: Transitional Justice Revisited? Sam Ferguson
Sam Ferguson, author of the forthcoming book, “Remnants of a Dirty War,” is also currently a Visiting Fellow at the Schell Center for International Human Rights Law at Yale Law School. Prior to his appointment, he was a law clerk to the Honorable William Fletcher on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

February 7, 2013: Transitional Justice in Tunisia, Dr. Kora Andrieu
Kora Andrieu, Human Rights officer at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Tunis, Tunisia. She is the author of Transnational Justice. South Africa to Rwanda (ed. Gallimard, Paris, 2012) and holds a Ph.D. in Ethics and Political Philosophy, Paris, Sorbonne.  

February 28, 2013: Transitional Justice and the Arab Uprisings, Habib Nassar
Habib Nassar is the Director for the Middle East and North Africa at PILnet: The Global Network for Public Interest Law. He has 15 years experience working on human rights and transitional justice in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

April 16, 2013: The International Criminal Court as Global Transitional Justice? Tensions and Dilemmas, Luis Moreno Ocampo
Luis Moreno Ocampo was the First Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. He conducted investigations in seven different countries and prosecuted 30 leaders involved in atrocity crimes, including Joseph Kony, President Bashir for genocide in Darfur and Muammar Gaddafi for crimes against humanity committed in Libya.