LGBT Law Notes

 LGBT Law Notes, a publication of the Lesbian and Gay Law Association of Greater New York, reports on lesbian/gay and AIDS related legal developments. It tracks significant new legislation, reports on new court decisions, administrative rulings, and executive actions, and highlights new publications of interest. In addition, the LGBT Law Notes serve as an information exchange about new job openings in the public interest lesbian/gay rights legal field, and relay information about conferences and publication opportunities. Its focus is primarily on U.S. law, but it also reports on developments in other countries.

LGBT Law Notes are edited and chiefly written by Professor Arthur Leonard of New York Law School, author of "Sexuality and the Law: An Encyclopedia of Major Legal Cases" (Garland, 1993) and numerous articles on lesbian/gay and AIDS related legal issues, with a staff of volunteer writers consisting of lawyers, law school graduates, and current law students. LGBT Law Notes are published monthly. Please click here for Professor Leonard’s full profile.

Professor Leonard has also launched a Blog, which features reporting and commentary on law, music, films, and current events, with a special emphasis on Sexuality & the Law.

Current and Past Issues of LGBT Law Notes

2015 <em>Lesbian/Gay Law Notes</em>

1980–1999 Lesbian/Gay Law Notes

To commemorate its twentieth year, Professor Arthur Leonard of New York Law School edited a compilation of the Lesbian/Gay Law Notes from 1980 through 1999. The compilation does not include every case of significance reported during that time period, but does show the “flavor of the times” and how the Lesbian/Gay Law Notes reported some of the major landmark decisions and other legally significant events. Click here to view the compilation of Lesbian/Gay Law Notes from 1980-2000