Technology for Lawyers Working Group

Today, there are many legal, policy, ethical, and social justice issues related to technology. Lawyers need to build trust with their engineering and coding clients by being familiar with the technologies they create. And because discrimination is increasingly technologically driven (“black box” algorithms, machines learning with biased data, disparate impact in policing based on big data, privacy violations from predictive analytics, and so on), lawyers must have sufficient facility with technology to fight at the front lines of nondiscrimination battles. This working group will give the members of our community the background they need to succeed.

Upcoming Technology for Lawyers Working Group Sessions


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Past Technology for Lawyers Working Group Sessions


Technology for Lawyers Working Group: Encryption 101 with Jonathan Frankle

Wednesday, August 30, 2017, 12:45pm – 1:45pm, Board Room W204

The Innovation Center for Law and Technology held a discussion with Jonathan Frankle and Professor Ari E. Waldman on the fundamentals of encryption, anonymity, and attendant law and policy issues.