About Us

The Institute for Information Law & Policy

We are New York Law School’s center for the study of technology, innovation, and society. The Center develops and applies theories of information and communication to analyze law and policy. It also engages with the community to address real-life problems and to promote justice, equality, and new ideas.

Our doctrinal fields of study include privacy, copyright, patent, trademark, Internet law, trade secret law, entrepreneurship and related fields. The IILP also focuses on legal and policy issues in information technology, fashion, media, entertainment, publishing and associated industries. We also address social concerns related to technology and the internet, including, online harassment, cyberbullying, data mining, revenge porn, voxing, and other issues.

The goals of the IILP are as follows:

(1) to provide opportunities for New York Law School students and faculty to study the fields of intellectual property and technology law;

(2) to advance student knowledge in these fields;

(3) to provide ways to connect students and faculty to industry and practice groups;

(4) to engage in the development of the law in our areas of expertise; and

(5) to engage with the community to address gaps in the law and ensure access to justice.

Our Programs

We are excited to launch several new programs this coming year, including:

  • Innovation Fellows: Distinguished alumni will join the Innovation family as fellows who will work with us as educators and potential future employers.
  • Internet Safety: We will create an entire initiative, host conferences, and provide direct clinical service to help victims of online harassment obtain justice.
  • Master Classes: Leading practitioners from the community will teach 1 hour informative courses on recently litigated cases in their area of expertise.
  • Privacy Education: You will help educate middle school students in NYC about online privacy and how to protect themselves online. We will work together to create the largest database of easily understood privacy policies in the world.
  • Patent and Trademark Office Clinic: If you have a science background, you can join this clinic and be able to practice in front of the PTO.
  • “IP Lunch” and “Patent Law Lunch” series: We will hear from practicing lawyers, both recent graduates of NYLS and other leading attorneys, about what they do and how to get a job in the IP field.
  • “IP in the Federal Courts”: A regular series briefing the NYLS community on leading intellectual property cases journeying through the federal courts.