About Us

The Institute for Information Law & Policy

The Institute for Information Law and Policy (IILP) is New York Law School’s center for the study of technology, innovation, and civil liberties. Participants in the Institute aim not only to understand the interplay between law and technology, but also to influence its evolution with changing times. The Institute develops and applies theories of information and communication to analyze law and policy. It also engages with the community to address real-life problems and to promote justice, equality, and new ideas.

Our doctrinal fields of study include privacy, copyright, patent, trademark, Internet law, trade secret law, entrepreneurship and related fields. The IILP also focuses on legal and policy issues in information technology, fashion, media, entertainment, publishing and associated industries.

The goals of the IILP are as follows:

(1) to provide opportunities for New York Law School students and faculty to study the fields of intellectual property and technology law;

(2) to advance student knowledge in these fields;

(3) to provide ways to connect students and faculty to industry and practice groups;

(4) to engage in the development of the law in our areas of expertise; and

(5) to engage with the community to address gaps in the law and ensure access to justice.

The IILP is a locus of student-initiated work, creating connections between faculty and students and providing guidance over student work and research. It also supports faculty by providing networks and resources to advance their scholarly interests.

Students run several of the Institute’s interdisciplinary conferences and events, where new ideas are generated that translate into real-world innovation. The Institute takes full advantage of its New York location to convene people across disciplines and institutions in pursuit of its goals and to expose students to the best of the legal, technology, and design communities.

We consciously aim to create a “hot spot” for innovation – taking an approach unlike that of any other law school. The Institute prepares students for new opportunities in industry, media, technology, government, civic and policy organizations, and the legal profession

Harlan/Associates Program

The Harlan program is New York Law School’s honors program and it has been a notable success of the school. The IILP has long been the most popular center for Harlans. In order to expand the opportunities to other students, we have created an “Associates Program.” Both Harlans and Associates will have the opportunity to work with our faculty and student research fellows on IILP projects. The Harlans and Associates will have the opportunity to meet every month to discuss recent developments in intellectual property, and blog about these events. Additionally, they have access to our wide program of elective courses, as well as the opportunity to receive recognition for their handwork through our new certificate program.

Student Research Fellows

The Institute for Information Law & Policy Student Research Fellowship is a leadership position that rewards two outstanding students for their commitment to and interest in intellectual property, Internet law, technology, entrepreneurship, and privacy law with an opportunity to contribute to the field. Applicants for the position must be currently-enrolled 2L or 3L day or evening students at the time the fellowship term begins.
Fellows play a central role in managing and shaping the Institute and its programs. Fellows will work alongside the Director, Associate Director, IILP-affiliated faculty, and students to support the mission and programs of the Institute.