Open Video Conference

The Institute for Information Law & Policy and the Open Video Alliance presented the third annual Open Video Conference, a multi-day summit of thought leaders in business, academia, art, and activism to shape the future of online video.

Open video is about building a future in which everyone is empowered to make and share video.  It’s about making web video something more than “Internet TV.”  It’s about connecting video to the rest of the technologies that make up the web, and empowering a more participatory culture.  And the Open Video Conference is about helping this vision become a reality.

Will technology and public policy support free expression and broader cultural engagement through video?  Or will online video become a glorified TV-on-demand service?

New policy initiative?  New software project?  This event is designed for builders, tinkerers, makers, and doers.

OVC is a forum for technical and creative innovation in online video that transcends technical details and grapples with larger questions:

  • With so much free stuff out there, how will creators get paid?
  • Do we need to change the rules of copyright?
  • Who decides what you will watch?
  • Who knows what you watch?
  • Is online video a source for good? Or is there too much weird stuff out there?

The first two Open Video Conferences were collectively host to over 1,800 guests, including 300 workshops, panelists, and speakers. Over 8,000 viewers tuned in from home to watch the live broadcast. The events earned coverage from WIRED, New TeeVee, BBC News, Filmmakers Magazine, and The New Yorker.

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