Faculty and students affiliated with the IILP work together to address timely issues in technology and internet law, intellectual property, and information privacy.


IILP faculty and students are deeply engaged in their communities and seek to push the discussion on important questions of law and policy. Where our Alerts! series informs and educates about recent developments in the law, Working Papers offer policy proposals and advocate for a particular position on a pressing issue.

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IILP Affiliates are responsible for researching, summarizing, and analyzing recent federal and state judicial decisions in IILP-related fields, including intellectual property, privacy, and internet law.

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These papers and projects represent the culmination of student legal careers. Harlan Scholars affiliated with the IILP work closely with faculty to prepare a project based on original research. Graduating students present their work to their peers, faculty, and the legal community before the end of their final semester. We will begin publishing this projects in Spring, 2015.

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Past Publications

White Paper Series





Center for Patent Innovations Publications

Christopher Wong, Community Service: Adapting Peer Review to the Patenting Process, 4 ISJLP 31 (2008).

Christopher Wong & Jason Kreps, Collaborative Approach: Peer-to-Patent and the Open Source Movement, 1 IFOSS L. Rev. 15 (2009).

Peer To Patent 1st Annual Report
(prepared by Naomi Allen, Joanne Ingham, Bridgette Johnson, Joseph Merante, Beth Simone Noveck, William Stock, Yeen Tham, Mark Webbink & Christopher Wong)

Peer To Patent 2nd Annual Report
(prepared by Naomi Allen, Andrea Casillas, Jason Deveau-Rosen, Jason Kreps, Thomas Lemmo, Joseph Merante, Michael Murphy, Kaydi Osowski, Mark Webbink & Christopher Wong)