There are many ways to get involved with the Institute and our Faculty, both in and outside of the classroom.

Harlan/Associates Program

The Harlan program is New York Law School’s honors program and it has been a notable success of the school. The IILP has long been the most popular center for Harlans at NYLS. In order to expand the opportunities to other students, we have created an “Associates Program.” Both Harlans and Associates will have the opportunity of working with our faculty, graduate fellows and student research fellows on IILP projects. The Harlans and Associates will have the opportunity to meet every month to discuss recent developments in intellectual property, and blog about these events. Additionally, they have access to our wide program of elective courses, as well as the opportunity to contribute to IILP Public Statements. Public Statements are intended to provide a forum for discussion and argument for positions strongly held by the students on issues within topics of interest to the IILP.

IP Professional Practice Program

The IP Professional Practice Program is a oneyear program aimed at giving students a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in IP-related industries and in the firms that service them. The program includes media and entertainment law, patent law, advertising law, fashion law, and sports law.

Student blogs and journals

Since 2009, IILP has run several student-publications: a “social law journal” that combines a blog, legal resources, essays, and social media tools. Our first attempt at this, Case Clothesed, is a site aimed at fashion law and business. It has been a great success, both with the students and our audience, and has provided students with a place to demonstrate that they can read, report, and comment on legal issues that matter to the industry and profession. To date, we have launched five blogs, including: For The Rechord, focusing on music law, All Your Law Are Belong To Us, focusing on videogame law; Ad Naseam, focusing on advertising law; and, The Official Review, focusing on sports law.