There are many ways to get involved with the Institute and our Faculty, both in and outside of the classroom.

Harlan/Associates Program

The Harlan program is New York Law School’s honors program and it has been a notable success of the school. The IILP has long been the most popular center for Harlans at NYLS. In order to expand the opportunities to other students, we have created an “Associates Program.” Both Harlans and Associates will have the opportunity of working with our faculty, graduate fellows and student research fellows on IILP projects. The Harlans and Associates will have the opportunity to meet every month to discuss recent developments in intellectual property, and publish essays about these events. Additionally, they have access to our wide program of elective courses, as well as the opportunity to contribute to IILP Alerts. Alerts provide students with publication, analysis, and research opportunities and give students the skills they will need to begin their legal careers. Harlans and Associates are also the only students eligible to receive recognition for advanced study in law and technology through our certificate program.

Student Research Fellows

The Institute for Information Law & Policy Student Research Fellowship is a leadership position that rewards two outstanding students for their commitment to and interest in intellectual property, Internet law, technology, entrepreneurship, and information law with an opportunity to contribute to the field. Applicants for the position must be currently-enrolled 2L or 3L day or evening students at the time the fellowship term begins. Fellows play a central role in managing and shaping the Institute and its programs. Fellows will work alongside the Director, Associate Director, IILP-affiliated faculty, and students to support the mission and programs of the Institute.