As members of the IILP, all students–Harlans and Associates–must complete the same curricular requirements.


Required Courses

Intellectual Property, and

Any two of the following:

Copyright Law
Internet Law
Patent Law
Information Privacy Law
Trademarks and Unfair Competition


Required Experiential Capstone

All affiliated students must complete some experiential education as part of a culmination of their law and technology education. To complete the experiential capstone requirement, students must complete (1) an experiential class for credit and (2) a “Center citizenship” project outside the classroom.

For the experiential class for credit requirement, students may:

  • Participate in an IILP-affiliated clinic, or
  • Taking the course, Litigating an IP Case, or
  • Complete an IP- or privacy law-related externship placement, or
  • Write a note for law review on an IP- or privacy law-related topic.

For the outside-the-classroom experiential requirement, students may:

  • Write a white paper on a specific question of law and technology under the supervision of a faculty member, or
  • Complete a Center project or working with a community-based organization on a topic of law and technology, or
  • Work with a faculty member on a project to be determined.

Students will have the opportunity to present their work at IILP Scholars Day at the end of the Spring Semester.


Elective Courses

All affiliated students must take two of the following (in addition to the courses above):

Copyright LawInternet Law

Patent Law

Information Privacy Law

Trademarks and Unfair Competition

Art Law

Patent Litigation


Litigating an IP Case

Entertainment LawFashion Law

Media Law

Sports Law

Visual Persuasion and the Law

IP Licensing and Drafting

Taxation of Intellectual Property Transactions

Electronic Discovery

Advising Entrepreneurs


Institute Citizenship

We ask that our affiliates commit to planning or volunteering for at least one of our events, to attending at least 6 hours of IILP programming per year, and to drafting at least one client “Alert!” per semester.



The IILP is proud to inaugurate a certificate program that recognizes outstanding students who, upon graduation, have completed a rigorous course of specialized study in one of several IILP-related fields. These certificates serve as testaments to hard work, dedication, and a commitment to a career in technology, privacy, internet, or privacy law. They also show prospective employers that NYLS and IILP graduates are experts in their field and ready to work on Day 1. For more information and to see the certificates available and their requirements, click here.