2004 Adoption Policy Conference

Intercountry Adoption, the European Union, and Transnational Law

Globalization is transforming domestic law, in American and other nations around the world. Nowhere is this process more evident than in the field of adoption law. The 2004 Annual Adoption Conference focused on developments in the fields of intercountry adoption, transnational law, and European Union law. The conference also examined human rights issues in relation to intercountry adoption.

The Conference’s presentations and speakers included:

Opening Remarks

Diane B. Kunz, Executive Director, Center for Adoption Policy

Keynote Address: International Adoption, a Revolution in the Making

Adam Pertman, Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute


Robert D. Schulzinger, Chair and Commentator, The United States, the United Nations, and the European Union

Maarten Pereboom, Salisbury University, The European Union and the Place of Central and Eastern Europe in the European World

Robert D. Schulzinger, University of Colorado at Boulder, Editor, Diplomatic History, The United States and Multilateralism

Diane B. Kunz, Executive Director, Center for Adoption Policy, European Union Organic Documents and European Judicial Institutions

Diane B. Kunz, Executive Director, Center for Adoption Policy,International Adoption: The Current Legal Paradigm

Elizabeth Bartholet, Harvard Law School, The Politics of International Adoption: Halting Progress and Perennial Problems

Ethan Kapstein, INSEAD, Regulating International Adoption: The Role of the Hague Conference

Paul Dubinsky, New York Law School, The U.S. and Various Hague Conventions

Sara Dillon, Suffolk University School of Law, Making Legal Regimes for Intercountry Adoption Reflect Human Rights Principles

Elizabeth Bartholet, Chair and Commentator, The United States in the Adoption World

Rita Simon, American University, The Historical Framework of a Transformation

Debora Spar, Harvard Business School, Trading Places: International Adoption and the Regulation of Reproductive Technologies

Mary Hansen, American University, Economics of the U.S. Regulations Implementing the Hague Convention

Dr. Jane Aronson, World Wide Orphans Foundation, Medical Considerations in EU Adoption