Academic Use Restrictions
Westlaw educational passwords may only be used by law students currently enrolled at New York Law School and solely for educational purposes. This includes work for law classes, student bar journals, or other law student activities. In addition, usage is permitted when students work as research assistants for faculty members. Educational purposes do not include research conducted for a law firm, corporation, government office, or other entity (unrelated to law school) that is paying you to conduct said research or that is passing along the costs of said research to a third party. These are deemed commercial purposes. Any other use, including research for outside employers or clients, is strictly prohibited.

Law School Home page: Lawschool.westlaw.com is the virtual community where law students and faculty can access a variety of legal resources including Westlaw, the West Education Network (TWEN), Black Letter Law capsule summaries, current legal news, career services and other content from West.

TWEN (The West Education Network): Faculty web course pages.

Black’s Law Dictionary: To access the dictionary, sign into WestlawNext. In the blue menu bar at the top of the page, type in “Black’s Law Dictionary.”

Effective Research with Westlaw

Interactive Map of the Federal Court System

Interactive Map of the National Reporter System

NALP Directory of Legal Employers

Summer ID extension

Understanding Westlaw: Interactive tutorials, Brief-It, using Westlaw to research courses and Westlaw user manuals and guides.

Westcheck.com: WestCheck is an automated citation-checking software product that extracts citations from your document or a manually created citations list. WestCheck allows you to thoroughly check the accuracy of your citations by verifying them on Westlaw®, checking both case and statute citations in the KeyCite® citation research service, checking the citations of cases cited by your case with the Table of Authorities service, checking the quotations in the document on the QuoteRight service and retrieving the full text of a document on Westlaw using the Find service.