First Week Pizza Survey Results

Anyone Order a Pizza? – 2016 First Week Pizza Survey Results

For the tenth consecutive year the Mendik Library surveyed 1Ls during First Week about some of their digital inclinations. Below is a quick summary of the results.  You can see the survey questions and responses here.

In addition to telling us their favorite pizza topping (answer below), 260 members of the classes of 2020/21 responded to questions about:

  • their preferences in electronic communication;
  • their social media activity, including usage of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, Blogs and Podcasts;
  • the digital devices they owned and used, including SmartphonesTablets andEBook Readers.

Some highlights:

  • Communication
    • Email as a preferred means of electronic communication took a precipitous drop, with only 17% of the class listing it as the form of electronic communication they used most, down from last year’s 39%.
    • Text messaging is the vehicle of choice for 77% of the class.
  • Social Media
    • Although Facebook remains the dominant social networking platform for these students, at 41%, Instagram has gained ground, up to 27%.
      • The up and comer seems to be Snapchat, already the favorite of 15% of this year’s class, the first one surveyed about Snapchat.
    • Only 2% of the class—the smallest number we’ve seen since the survey’s first year—say they don’t use any social networking platform.
    • Significantly more students now access their social networking platform more than once per day, rising to 72%, more than 10 points higher than in each of the three previous years.
    • Twitter use seems to be stagnating: for the fourth consecutive year the number of students with no Twitter account hovered at the 45% level and usage among tweeters remained more or less level.
    • The number of students subscribing to or reading blogs dropped, from 40% to 34%.
    • Podcasts experienced a slight uptick with the percentage of students who downloaded or listened to 1-5 Podcasts growing from 29% to 32%, and the percentage of those who downloaded or listened to more than 5 podcasts growing from 16% to 20%.
  • Preferred Devices
    • Continuing a steady trend, the popularity of Mac laptops versus PC laptops increased to 68%.
    • Ownership of iPhones surged to 84% of the class.
    • Nearly half the class (45%) own an iPad or other tablet device and 21% own an E-Book reader.
  • E-Books
    • Along with the increasing ownership of Tablet devices, more students are taking advantage of E-Books on a variety of devices.  Only 10% indicated they had not read or viewed any E-Books.
      • E-Book usage by device type
        • Desktop or Laptop      70%
        • Kindle                          46%
        • Nook                           27%
        • Tablet                          25%
        • Smartphone                7%
    • When asked if they had used an E-Textbook for any undergraduate or graduate classes, 58% responded yes.
      • Perhaps surprisingly, when those who had used an E-Textbook were asked if they preferred it to a print textbook, only 14% replied “yes,” while 80% said “no.
  • Pizza
    • Pepperoni continues its reign as students’ favorite pizza topping, pulling in 22% of the vote but closely followed by Extra Cheese with 19%.  Mushrooms and Bacon were tied for third place with 10% each.