Circulation Policies

Convenience Features:

 1.  Courtesy Notices: 

To help students avoid overdue fines on treatises and monographs, the Library will send e-mail courtesy reminder notices shortly before the item’s due date.

  • For items whose loan period is four weeks, the notice will be sent two days before the item’s due date.
  • For items whose loan period is three days, the courtesy notice will be sent two day before the due date.
  • Courtesy notices cannot be generated for Reserve items or hourly loans.

 2. Self-Renewal of Borrowed Items: 

Students can check their Library account and self-renew items that are due at  Once the items for renewal are selected, your record will be automatically updated and the system will display the new due dates in the “status” column.

To get into your record, you will need to enter your network username and password in the Library Account log in screen (similar to what you use for the NYLS portal).

3.  Off-Site Item Request Button:  

This feature allows students to easily place an automatic request for items that are stored off-site. The “request” button will appear in the online catalog record. To request retrieval of an off-site item, click the “request” button and enter your network username and password in the account login screen. Items requested from offsite before 3:00 pm on weekdays should arrive within two business days. Items requested over the weekend should arrive by mid-week. You will be notified by e-mail when the requested item is available for pick-up from the Circulation Desk.

If you have any questions regarding borrowing rules or fines, please contact Elina Oyola, Circulation Librarian, at 212 431-2148 or by email at

When you cannot locate an item you need in the Library Catalog, you may borrow a book through Interlibrary Loan.  You may request a book at the reference desk.  If you would like an electronic copy of the request form, please contact

Interlibrary loan is a privilege that relies heavily on maintaining a good relationship with the lending libraries.  Late return of books can damage our relationship with the lending libraries.  Compliance with due dates is your responsibility.

Borrowers are responsible for any borrowing charges, overdue fines, or lost book fees charged by the lending institutions.

Questions?  Please contact:

The majority of books in the Mendik Library are research and primary source materials that may only be borrowed for short-term use. Other types of materials may be borrowed for longer periods.

Research & Primary Sources:

  1. Primary Sources and Finding Tools: Case reporters, statutes, regulations, digests, citators, indexes, serials, periodicals (unbound and bound) and other updated works such as Newsletters and Loose-Leaf Services may be borrowed for one day.
  2. Government Documents reference items may be borrowed for 3days.
  3. Reserve Collection Materials: may be borrowed for three hours. If they are charged out within three hours of the Library’s closing time, they are due within one hour of opening time on the next day that the Library is open.

Monographs & Treatises:

  1. Monographs: One or two volume works that are not updated and do not contain primary source or reference material may be borrowed for four weeks.
  2. Treatises: Updated treatises and parts of multi-volume sets, except those that are primary reference materials, may be borrowed for three days. The loan period for treatises is shorter than that of monographs because the value of a multi-volume work is diminished if some of its volumes are unavailable.

Off-Site Items:
As the catalog will indicate, some of our older monographs and treatises are stored off-site. All of these items can be easily requested for borrowing as follows: Primary sources for three days; Monographs & Treatises for four weeks. Renewal is flexible for off-site items.


  1. You will not be permitted to renew a loan:
  2. Monographs may not be renewed more than three consecutive times. Treatise volumes may be renewed only once. Materials in the categories of Primary Sources, Finding Tools, and Reserve materials may be renewed twice.
  3. The renewal period starts at the time of renewal, and is identical to the original loan period.
  4. Loans may be renewed in person or by telephone at any time during Library business hours.  Patrons can also use the self-renew option that is offered online at
  5. Please note:  Reserve materials must be returned in person to the Library Circulation Desk. They should not be placed in the remote Book Returns.
  6. Books should be returned or loans renewed prior to the due date. Books may be returned to the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor of the Library or to one of the book returns on campus. One is located at 47 Worth Street (C building) near the lockers and the other is located on the 1st floor of 185 West Broadway at the Security Desk.
  • If the maximum numbers of renewals will be exceeded.
  • If the item is overdue.


  1. If a book has been charged out, you may place a hold on the book so that when it is returned it is held for you at the Circulation Desk.  Holds cannot be placed on Reserve Collection items.
  2. You will be notified by e-mail when the item is available for pick-up.


  1. Notices of overdue loans are sent daily to your NYLS school email account.
  2. Approximately 2 days before an item is due, a courtesy reminder notice will be sent to you.
  3. Students are expected to pay overdue fines with cash, by check or by OneCard when they return their borrowed books at the Circulation Desk.


  1. A fine of 50¢ per day is charged for overdue monographs and treatise volumes. The fine accumulates until the item is returned.
  2. A fine of 50¢ per hour is charged for overdue Reserve materials. The fine accumulates for one hundred hours, to a maximum of $50 per loan.
  3. For each type of overdue loan, there is a grace period. No fine is charged for monographs returned within 7 days after their due date, and no fine is charged for treatise volumes returned within 3 days after their due date. For Reserve materials, no fine is charged if the materials are returned within 30 minutes after the time due.
  4. Fines do not accumulate on days that the Library is closed.


  1. The student is responsible for informing the Library when a borrowed book is lost. If a treatise or monograph you have borrowed remains unreturned one month after its due date, we will presume that it is lost. An item you’ve borrowed from Reserve is presumed lost ten days after its due date. In either case, the Library will send an email to your student email account for the replacement cost of the lost item.
  2. If you have lost a book you have the following choices:
  1. Purchase a replacement copy of the book you lost for the library
  2. Pay the price of the book plus a $20 processing fee.
  1. If later you find the book and return it to the Library, the replacement charges will be waived, but you will still be charged the accumulated overdue fines.
  2. All payments and transactions regarding lost books are to take place with Library staff at the Circulation Desk.