DRAGNET: Constitutions and Codes

DRAGNET stands for Database Resource Access using Google’s New Electronic Technologies. This is a Google Custom search tool, developed by librarians at the New York Law School that tracks the constitutions, administrative rules and legislative codes of 50 states and the Federal Government. You should make your search very specific because the results set is limited to 100 hits.

 Alabama Administrative Code
Alabama Code
Alabama Constitution
 Alaska Constitution
 Alaska Statutes
Arizona Revised Statutes
Arizona Constitution
Arkansas Constitution
 Arkansas Statutes
Arkansas Administrative Rules
California Codes
 California Constitution
California Office of Administrative Law
 Colorado Administrative Code
 Colorado Constitution
Connecticut Statutes
Connecticut Constitution
Connecticut Regulations
 Delaware Administrative Code
 Delaware Constitution
Delaware Statutes
 Florida Administrative Code
 Florida Constitution
Florida Statutes
Georgia Administrative Rules
Georgia Statutes
Georgia Constitution
 Hawaii Administrative Code
 Hawaii Constitution
 Hawaii Revised Statutes
 Idaho Administrative Code
 Idaho Constitution
 Idaho Statutes
 Illinois Administrative Code
 Illinois Constitution
 Illinois Statutes 
 Indiana Administrative Code
Indiana Code
Indiana Constitution
 Iowa Administrative Code
Iowa Code 
 Iowa Constitution
Kansas Regulations
Kansas Constitution
 Kansas Statutes
 Kentucky Administrative Code
Kentucky Codes
 Kentucky Constitution
 Louisiana Administrative Code
Louisiana Codes
 Louisiana Constitution
 Maine Administrative Code
 Maine Statutes
 Maine Constitution
Maryland Constitution
 Maryland Administrative Regulations 
 Maryland Statutes
 Massachusetts Administrative Code
Massachusetts Statutes
Massachusetts Constitution 
Michigan Codes 
 Michigan Constitution
Minnesota Constitution
Minnesota Codes
 Mississippi Constitution
 Missouri Constitution
Missouri Statutes
 Nebraska Constitution
 Nebraska Statutes
 Nevada Constitution
 Nevada Statutes
New Hampshire Statutes
New Hampshire Administrative Rules
New Jersey Administrative Law
New Mexico Compilation Commission
New York Administrative Rules
 New York Constitution
 New York Statutes
 North Carolina Constitution
 North Dakota Constitution

 Ohio Constitution
Oklahoma Constitution
Oregon Constitution
Oregon Administrative Rules
Pennsylvania Code
 Pennsylvania Constitution
Rhode Island Constitution
Rhode Island Administrative Rules
South Carolina Code
 South Carolina Constitution
South Dakota Statutes
Tennessee Administrative Rules
Tennessee Constitution
Texas Constitution
Texas Adminstrative Code
United States Code of Federal Regulations
United States Code
 United States Constitution
Utah Administrative Rules
Utah Constitution
Vermont Constitution
Vermont Administrative Rules
Virginia Code
 Virginia Constitution
 Washington Constitution
West Virginia Code
 Wisconsin Constitution
 Wyoming Constitution