Membership Competition


The MLP Board has decided to extend the submission date for those who have not submitted their competition material to MONDAY, AUGUST 13 at 5 p.m.


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Questions about the 2012 Membership Competition? Contact: Jaclyn Tyndorf or Ryan Lewis

Thank you for your interest in Media Law & Policy! Please look below for questions and answers concerning MLP’s membership competition.

What is MLP all about?

MLP is dedicated to the advancement and discussion of current topics in the fields of telecommunications, media, and intellectual property law. Founded more than fifteen years ago, over 2,500 readers receive Media Law & Policy including attorneys, business professionals, regulators, and professors around the world. MLP publishes two issues per year, and accepts articles from academics, professionals and regulators, as well as offering an opportunity for students to submit a note for publication. Additionally, MLP publishes in conjunction with the Council of Europe and the Media Center. MLP also hosts symposium and conferences to give professionals and academia the opportunity to debate and discuss trends and issues in the telecommunication industry.

When is the membership competition?

The membership competition for the 2012-13 year will be in early July. You will have approximately three weeks to complete the compeition after the materials are posted. Please check back for the 2012 materials soon! You will be able to access all the materials here.

Who can join MLP?

MLP is looking for dedicated, motivated, and interested first-year and second-year day students, as well as first- and second-year evening students to become Staff Editors. Membership is based solely on the Write-on Competition. GPA is not a determining factor in the decision-process.

What do you have to do in the competition?

The competition requires participates to submit a writing assignment and put 20 sources in proper Bluebook format. The writing assignment consists of a question and all the documents needed to answer the question (closed universe). MLP editors will judge submissions based on quality of analysis, writing style, and conformity to Bluebook citations. The short editing assignment consists of an unedited version of an article for participants to correct. Participants will need to edit grammar and fluidity of the article as well as the footnotes. Both of these assignments should be completed using the latest edition of the Bluebook.

Students must also include a resume and a brief statement of interest (no more than 500 words).

How will the Competition Be Graded?

Selection to MLP is based entirely on the complete application packet submitted in the competition. The application packet consists of the writing assignment, the editing assignment, a statement of interest, and a resume.

MLP uses a blind grading system to grade all both the writing assignment and the editing assignment. Students will use their final exam number and upload all material to the portal. Detailed instructions will be included with the competition materials. Graders will not have any access to the actual identity of each participant until all assignment have been graded.

Offers for membership will then be determined based on the application packet as a whole; no component is solely dispositive of membership.

I won’t be in NYC for the competition summer. Can I still participate in the competition?

Of Course! The competition is completely electronic so there is no need to be in NYC to compete. You will download the materials and email your completed packet.

Do you get credit for participating in MLP?

Participation in MLP counts for two credits towards graduation for all members who complete the basic requirements. These requirements include completion of Federal Regulation of Electronic Media (4 credits), which is offered in the fall semester; and Media Law and Policy Seminar (2 credits), which is offered in the spring semester. You must take these classes in the fall and spring immediately preceding your acceptance to MLP. There are no exceptions to this rule.

What responsibilities does a Staff Editor have in MLP?

There are two main responsibilities for staff editors: editing duties and administrative duties.

Editing duties include editing grammar, citations and format of assigned articles. Each Staff Editor is required to be familiar with the use of the Bluebook citation system. Editors are given assignments by the Senior Editors and are responsible for completing their assignment by the deadline provided.

Staff Editors are generally given two to three weeks to edit their assigned articles. A second round of edits may be necessary after review by the Senior Editors. The MLP executive board will create a publishing schedule that will allow Articles Editors enough time to complete their assignments at a reasonable pace.

The administrative duties include attending the required meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss progress, difficulties and other topics related to the production of the journal and various events in which MLP may participate. Meetings will be reasonably arranged to accommodate members’ schedules. Although there may be a conflict, it is incumbent on members unable to attend a meeting to apprise themselves of the topics that were discussed. Additionally, members will be encouraged to join a committee to help in different areas such as alumni relations, networking events and conference and symposium planning and arranging.

Why Join?

There are many reasons why you should join MLP and the ways it will enrich your law school experience and professional endeavors. Here are just a few:

MLP will refine and polish your editing and writing skills. We cannot stress enough just how crucial these foundational tools are for any professional legal career. Writing is the basis behind the legal profession and all lawyers are fluent in the Bluebook style. MLP will allow you to master the Bluebook style so that you can speak the same language and the professionals around you.

Employers look very highly upon journal experience. It is a very prestigious offer to be a member of a legal journal. Employers know the competitiveness, skill, and time-commitments behind law school journals and look favorable upon students who take-on such challenges. It is a separating factor that will distinguish yourself form the other resumes and potentially give you an edge in the competitive job market we all face today.

MLP offers students the opportunity to network with NYLS alumni and other professionals in the telecommunication industry. MLP hosts several gatherings throughout the year to bring together professionals in the industry and members of MLP. These gatherings give students the opportunity to network and interact to get advice, talk about current trends and meet potential employers. In addition, MLP hosts prestigious symposiums and brings in speakers and professionals from around the country. It is an amazing opportunity to personally interact with some of the most well respected professionals in the industry.