Easiest Question on the NYS Bar Exam: What’s for Lunch?

New York Law School to Provide “Food for Thought” to Its Exam Takers

New York, July 25, 2013 – One challenge that bar exam takers from New York Law School (NYLS) won’t have to face on July 30 and 31 is deciding “what’s for lunch?”

For the 250 NYLS graduates sitting for the bar exam, “food for thought” will reach them in the recesses of the Javits Center courtesy of their alma mater.  On exam days, Dean Anthony Crowell and other members of the administration, faculty and senior staff will offer fortification to their recent graduates, dispensing tasty box lunches to them along with sides of encouragement, inspiration and motivation (all compliments of NYLS).

Said NYLS Dean Anthony Crowell, “Taking the bar exam is one of the most intense and rigorous experiences of a lawyer’s career.  Lunch on exam days, a first for New York Law School, is an example of the school’s renewed commitment to helping our graduates successfully advance from law student to lawyer and sustaining them through the process in ways that go beyond their classroom and clinical education.”

To promote clear minds and settled stomachs on game day, NYLS offered its exam takers their choice of “brain food” in advance, including kosher and vegetarian options.  The verdict?  Turkey was the clear winner, leading with 50% of the students’ selections of sandwiches and wraps.  Veggie wrap took second place.

In addition to a sandwich or wrap, each box lunch will contain snacks and there will be plenty of fruit, water, coffee and tea, and ear plugs to help keep the students energized and focused.  All food is being prepared by CenterPlate, the exclusive caterer for the Javits Center.

About New York Law School

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