Unveiling of ‘Ascending’ by Deborah Koncelik Held ’76

On Monday, December 9, New York Law School added to its walls artwork painted by a talented artist and alumna, Deborah Koncelik Held ’76. “It makes me so proud to have my work on display here at the school where my world opened up,” said Ms. Held.

After brief introductions by Dean and President Anthony W. Crowell in which he noted the artist’s family legacy at the Law School, with relatives graduating as far back as the 1890s, Ms. Held discussed the nature of the painting and her journey from lawyer to artist.

“In my paintings I try to depict movement and energy. Using color, tone, texture, brushstroke, and composition, there should be a clash of forces on the canvas that’s not head-to-head confrontation,” said Ms. Held. “There’s nuanced torque, so it’s not static. It should be dynamic and exciting. This particular composition looks like it achieves a gravity-defying lift, which is why I call the painting ‘Ascending.’”

The painting can be seen on the third floor of the West Broadway building of the New York Law School campus.