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Democrat & Chronicle, “Hearing Scrutinizes Shaken Baby Science.”

By Gary Craig
April 17, 2014





NYLS Adjunct Adele Bernhard
Subject: Shaken Baby Case

“The opening day in a courtroom challenge to a shaken-baby syndrome conviction likely provided a template for the week to come: Experts testify about the science, then are challenged about their reliability and credibility. Bailey’s attorney, Adele Bernhard, challenged the line of questioning, saying that the trial testimony in 2002 had not included any claims that Brittney’s head suffered an impact by striking the floor.”

This news also appeared in [The Spectrum]

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Crain’s Business New York, “6 Subpoenas in NY Stock Trade Probe.”

April 16, 2014





NYLS Insider Trading symposium
Subject: Event at the law school

“An official familiar with the investigation said the New York Attorney General’s Office has issued subpoenas to six firms and sent a letter to another for details about split-second stock trading and any unfair advantages. At a New York Law School symposium last month, Mr. Schneiderman discussed some concerns.” 

This news also appeared in [Houston Chronicle] [CBS] [Mercury News] [Bloomberg BNA] [Houston Chronicle]

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Gay City News, “Is ENDA Necessary?”

By Arthur Leonard
April 15, 2014





NYLS Faculty Arthur Leonard
Subject: ENDA

Even with the marriage equality movement appearing to gain unstoppable momentum, the LGBT community has not yet won simple employment nondiscrimination protections at the federal level. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a measure barring bias in the workplace based on sexual orientation and gender identity –– which has been kicking around for two decades, after the abandonment of earlier efforts to push a broader non-discrimination measure –– won bipartisan support in the Senate last year, but Republican Speaker John Boehner has made clear he opposes any action in the House this year.”

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NY Real Estate Blog, “On Leasing to a Consulate or Diplomat.”

April 15, 2014





NYLS Adjunct Lucas Ferrara
Subject: Real Estate

Q: When leasing to a foreign country’s consulate as the lease holder, if the consulate defaults on the rent payment, will the landlord be able to evict the occupants and sue the consulate through the normal court procedure?

Answered by Lucas A. Ferrara, a real-estate attorney and professor at New York Law School

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Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog, “Interest on Damages for Improper Discretionary Distributions Payable Only from Date of Beneficiary’s Death.”

By Gerry W. Beyer
April 14, 2014





William LaPiana
Subject: Trusts

“The trustee was found liable for making improper discretionary distributions of principal to the sole life income beneficiary of the trust. Special thanks to William LaPiana (Professor of Law, New York Law School) for bringing this case to my attention.”

William LaPiana was also featured in “Disclaimer by a Beneficiary is a Transfer for Medicaid Purposes.” [Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog]

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Gay City News, “US Court Says Ohio Recognition Ban Unconstitutional on its Face.”

By Arthur Leonard
April 14, 2014





NYLS Faculty Arthur Leonard
Subject: Ohio Recognition Ban

“Having ruled in December that Ohio’s ban on recognizing same-sex marriages from other states was unconstitutional in the narrow context of recording marital status and surviving spouses on death certificates, a federal district court judge has expanded his ruling in response to a second lawsuit brought by married same-sex couples seeking recognition for purposes of their children’s birth certificates.”

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ABC7, “A Look at the Lawyer General Motors Has Hired to Help Settle Claims.”

By Jim Kiertzner
April 14, 2014





NYLS’s Center for Justice and Democracy
Subject: General Motors lawyer

“General Motors has hired Ken Feinberg to handle claims connected to the now famous cars with defective ignition switches. Feinberg’s work in the oil spill case led to not just criticism but legal action to open his contract with BP Petroleum brought by the Center for Justice and Democracy at New York Law School.”

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Gary DeWaal’s Bridging the Week April 7 to 11 and 14, 2014

By Gary DeWaal
April 14, 2014





NYLS FINRA project
Subject: FINRA

  • FINRA Reviews Efficacy of Certain Rules; and more (includes two book reviews) was one of the stories covered by Gary DeWaal’s Bridging the Week April 7 to 11 and 14, 2014.

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The National Law Journal, “Law School Focuses on Corporate Counsel.”

By Rebekah Mintzer
April 14, 2014





NYLS's Institute for In-House Counsel
Subject: Institute for In-House Counsel Conference

“New York Law School has launched an academic institute devoted to the issues facing corporate counsel. The Institute for In-House Counsel, an initiative that is the first of its kind in New York City, kicked off on April 8 with a half-day conference held on campus.”

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The Dallas Morning News, “Q&A: Death Penalty Proponent Robert Blecker.”

By Rodger Jones
April 11, 2014





NYLS Faculty Robert Blecker
Subject: The Death of Punishment

“Our Q&A is with New York Law School professor Robert Blecker, death penalty proponent and author. Based on thousands of hours inside maximum security prisons and on death rows in several states, his recently published crime-and-punishment memoir “The Death of Punishment” urges a fresh look at our criminal justice system.”

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